Zip Code Database List - US Zip Code Data Map - US Postal Code ...
United States. Includes some statistics and histories of the post office and of
the development of the ZIP (zone improvement plan).

Melissa Data
ZIP Codes, area codes, cities, states, addresses, information about non-profit
organizations, people who have contributed to political campaigns, ...

Crm, Data Quality Management, Bulk Mail, Direct Mailing Lists ...
Direct mail software and data enhancement services.

Zipdy: Free Zip Code Distance Calculator
Program for Linux to calculate the distance between two zip codes. [Open Source, GPL]


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Free ZIP Code finder - Zipoid
A ZIP Code verification, look-up and distance calculator tool.

White Pages Phone Directory with Free People Search
Search for people and businesses in the United States by name, address or phone number.

Project Vote Smart - American Government, Elections, Candidates ...
Extensive nonpartisan information on elected officials' voting records and
candidates' positions. Covers federal and state offices nationwide in the United ...

ZIP Code Finder - FREE ZIP Code Lookup
Offers ZIP Code lookup, distance and radius search.


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Info-ZIP Home Page
Function is to provide free, portable, high-quality versions of the Zip and UnZip
compressor-archiver utilities that are compatible with the DOS-based PKZIP by ...

KJL Software - FREE ZIP Code Lookup, ZIP Code Data, Area Code Data ...
Databases of US ZIP Code and Area Code information.

AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages ...
Phone numbers and addresses for persons and businesses in the United States.
Includes links to directories for other countries. - Free Zip Code Distance Search Head Quarters
ZIP code, city/state, area code lookup along with distance calculations and
population data.


Community Information by Zip Code
A guide to statistics and other data available by zip code, including population,
education, health, environment, business and politics; from California State ...

RubiStar Home
A tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics, but does not have the time
to develop them from scratch. ZIP Code maps
Offers custom ZIP Code maps for all states and counties in the United States.
Specializing in maps showing political, economic, educational, transportation, ... - World Weather - Local Weather Forecast - The ...
Features radar and satellite images and 5-day forecasts for United States locations. - The Largest Public Records Directory
Collection of free public records databases. Specializes in US records, but also
includes Canadian and Worldwide information sources.

Zip Codes Directory & Postal Search Finder
Provides search for ZIP and area codes for a city.

FreeZip - zip and unzip for free
Windows zip utility that prides itself on being small, fast and efficient.

Planet Source Code
Lets OOP programmers submit code for review by other programmers; many source
code samples to help educate beginners on many concepts; contests where ...


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