AA Online Meetings
A list of online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, including email groups, chat
rooms, and bulletin boards.

  • Internet Meetings Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on the Internet

  • Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | The schedule of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings here in the Alcoholism site Chat Room 6

  • The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous lists many of the 'real time' chat meetings available on the Internet

  • AA Serenity is a closed, women's AA e-mail meeting

  • Australian AA voice chat meeting using paltalk

  • A chat meeting for members of Alcoholics Anonymous that meets each day at 9 p.m

  • Java and/or IRC chat meetings for members of Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Live voice chat meetings every night, and much more

  • meetings each day at 10 a.m

  • EST using a parachat chat meeting room

  • All Women For Sobriety chat room meetings are run as an open forum - however each official meeting is led by a certified group moderator from WFS

    Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
    Links to AA meetings lists in all US states from

  • Meetings From, Your Guide to

  • Find an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Near You This is an index of areas which have their meeting schedules published on the Internet Open AA Meetings on the Internet
    Produces open AA real time topic meetings for alcoholics on AOL. It currently
    has over 50 meetings per week.

  • All are welcome to attend! A Flash 7 (or above) enabled web browser is required to access the meeting

  • produces open &#34facsimile&#34 AA real time topic meetings for Alcoholics on the WWW

  • It has 31 online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week and plans to add more

  • Approximately 35 to 85 people flow through the room during any one meeting

  • Average attendance per meeting is 38

  • All recovering alcoholics, or anyone with a desire to stop drinking with a Flash 7 (or above) Enabled Browser can attend the Meetings

  • In using this electronic medium, the message of recovery can be brought to those unable to physically attend meetings and shared under the protection of increased anonymity with those who would not otherwise have made contact in any other way

  • Our purpose at also includes supporting the continued recovery of those wishing to supplement their regular face to face meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in the continuation of their journey of spiritual awakening and in becoming happy and usefully whole

  • AAONLINE conducts open topic meetings online very much like face to face AA meetings

    Alcoholics Anonymous AA in (most of) New York State
    Meeting lists for northeastern and western New York. More of state is being added.
    Interactive map on /meetings/ page gives customized AA schedules.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous AA for New York State Complete meeting lists of Northeastern or Upstate NY and a small portion of Massachusetts and Vermont with links to A.A

  • meeting schedules for other parts of N.Y

  • State Easy way to find AA meetings in much of New York State SHORTCUT : Enter any CITY NAME or ZIPCODE in New York State for a meeting list centered there

  • Interactive Map-Based Meeting Lists These are customized for wherever you ask

  • World Services the 'official' web site for AA in the United States and Canada The 'AA Grapevine' magazine The monthly 'meeting in print' of Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroups, Answering Services, and Central Offices in the U.S

  • Conventional Meeting Lists This Northeastern region is sometimes referred to as Upstate New York Hudson-Mohawk-Berkshire Area Convention November 3-5, 2006 Verona, New York Central New York is GSO Area 47

  • meetings and web sites for all of the United States

  • One goal is to build a unified meeting list for all of New York State

  • This is a New York State meeting list web site


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    Alcoholics Anonymous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article about the AA includes its Twelve Step program, method of complete
    abstinance, and history.

  • program works Some AAs believe that A.A's success lies in the sense of support its members gain from attending regular meetings

  • meetings as important to their sobriety (although there are groups in A.A

  • Many members who achieved initial sobriety through AA have completed their return to life and no longer participate in meetings, although some members with 20 years or more of sobriety continue to participate

  • Attendance at one or more meetings daily for 90 days or longer

  • have attended meetings daily for the first year

  • meetings

  • meetings, presumably in an effort to acquire a new peer group of abstinent friends to reinforce the effects of treatment

  • Within A.A., this is referred to as 'staying away from slippery people and slippery places.' Contact with one's sponsor daily in order to work the steps and to discuss whatever problems one may be having in one's life, problems which may, if not addressed, lead the alcoholic to take the first drink: 'One [drink] is too many and a thousand [drinks] never enough.' Daily prayer and/or meditation, as suggested by Step 11: 'Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood him, praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out.' Daily attention to Step 10: 'Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.' Service work, which, for the newcomer, can be as uncomplicated as making coffee at meetings, helping to set up and break down tables and chairs, etc

    Alcoholics Anonymous | AA | in England, Scotland and Wales, UK
    Complete lists of every AA meeting updated monthly. Unofficial.

  • " Search the database for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in: Local Intergroup Meeting lists : Acocks Green, Bromsgrove, Chelmsley Wood, Droitwich, Edgbaston, Erdington, Halesowen, Kingstanding, Ladypool, Moseley, Nechells, Newtown, Pype Hayes, Redditch, Rubery, Selly Oak, Shirley, Solihull, Sparkbook, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, West Heath, Worcester

    Online AA Recovery Resources
    Alcoholics Anonymous information: phone numbers, meetings, and conventions.

  • Most probably the cause is that the free site that group was using has gone to a for-fee site or out of business and they've had to move their meeting/group somewhere else

  • Non-English Language AA Resources -A project to translate 'How can I locate an AA meeting?' into as many languages as possible

  • [provided by Thom R.] -Some history from the earliest days of AA The links to regional AA resources have moved Special AA Gatherings and Convention Information 2006-07 Submit the who/why/when/where/how to get more info about your upcoming gatherings of interest for those in recovery to: Online AA Meetings - an online group of recovering alcoholics, registered with OIAA (Online Intergroup AA)

  • We hold meetings much like face-to-face AA meetings, guided by an online Protocol

  • Meeting Times: M-F, 9:30 PM ET, Sa-Su, 8PM ET - Come join us at ! - Multiple global listings of online AA meetings, chats, discussion forums and contact information

  • To subscribe, email: Into the Light Group of Alcoholics This closed meeting's focus is our collective journey Into the Light--towards God as we understand God in our recoveries

    Staying Cyber - AA Meetings on the WWW, Alcoholics Anonymous ...
    Offers bulletin board style Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Each meeting runs for
    a full week to allow for lots of input.

  • Staying Cyber-an ongoing interactive AA meeting on the WWW, Te only for membership is a DESIRE to stop drinking

  • Welcome Staying Cyber is a series of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

  • Each meeting runs for a full week so that you may read or contribute at your convenience

  • Anyone who has a desire to stop drinking is welcome to share in any of the meetings

  • You will find complete instructions there on how the meetings work and how to use this Web Site

  • Staying Cyber is using a new format for the meetings as of June 6, 2004 Please click the link below for all Discussion Meeting - Weekly Discussion meeting 12 & 12 Meeting - Weekly Step & Tradition meeting Early Sobriety - Weekly New Persons Coffee Pot - General discussion, jokes, questions - Format & how the meetings work - How to contribute - 7th Tradition - Frequently Asked Questions - List or search past meetings - Links to other AA related web sites Last Updated: October 29, 2005

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    AA Live Chat Online Meeting Directory: Alcoholics Anonymous Web ...
    Hour-by-hour directory of live Alcoholics Anonymous text and voice chat meetings
    on the Web.

  • ONLINE MEETING DIRECTORY Click on a day for quick links to the meetings: / / / / / / 1 a.m 2 a.m

  • (AALiveChat does not get a commission for this referral, nor will it accept one.) Once you're logged onto AOL, click on the "KEYWORD" button in the top right corner of your screen (right below the weather symbol) and enter keyword "AAOnlineMeeting" to find those meetings

  • One of the perks of AAOnline is that the group has been on AOL for many years, and the meetings are well established

  • (AALiveChat does not get a commission for this referral, nor will it accept one.) Once you're logged onto AOL, click on the "KEYWORD" button in the top right corner of your screen (right below the weather symbol) and enter keywords "Health Chat." Click on "Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, " and then "Serenity Cafe" to find those meetings

  • One of the perks of the Serenity Cafe is that the group has been on AOL for many years, and the meetings are well established
    Meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous contact information by the Intercount Fellowship.

  • Search for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in San Francisco and Marin Counties Find important forms and other resources for your group, including our informative newsletter, The Point

  • Other Resources The service calendar includes IFB Meetings, Committee Meetings and other service meetings in San Francisco and Marin Counties View the IFB Calendar, Board meeting minutes, agendas and other information

  • Central Offices: Alameda County: 510-839-8900 Contra Costa County: 925-939-5371 Lake County: 707-995-3316 San Mateo County: 650-577-1310 Santa Clara County: 408-374-8511 Solano County: 707-643-8217 Sonoma County: 707-546-2066 Intercounty Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous 1821 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94109 24 hour Hotlines and Email Help: 415-674-1821 (from SF) 415-499-0400 (from Marin) Email: 415-674-1801 (fax) Bookstore Hours: Monday 10-7, Tuesday - Friday 10-6 Hearing impaired Call 711 and ask for 415-674-1821 Oficina Central Hispana: 415-554-8811 Translate our website: Feedback: Submit comments about our site or meeting information by

    AA Meetings, Alcoholism Signs & Treatment for Gay & Lesbian Alcoholics
    Information and guide for alcoholics. Provides "Do I Need Help?" checklist as
    well as US nationwide GLBT group meeting schedules, treatment options, ...

  • The more prevalent support options include group meetings, working one-on-one with others facing similar challenges, obtaining medical, psychological or professional counseling services, and participation in treatment centers that specialize in alcohol addiction

  • Alcoholic Recovery in the Gay & Lesbian Community Join Our E-Meeting! The Meeting in Your Email Inbox Share your journey, Introduce discussion topics, Ask for help, Learn from others, Reach out to those in need

  • These are primarily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

    "Interpreting AA (and other 12-step) Meetings" by Kayla EJ Kirkpatrick
    Helps ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters to understand the culture of
    Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » &nbsp Search Resources powered by Written Resources · · · · · · Related Books by James Woodward Interpreting AA (and other 12-step) Meetings by Kayla E.J

  • It would be difficult to learn all the rules and language of the group after just one meeting

  • This paper provides and overview of the various types of meetings, and the course of a 'typical' AA meeting: the setting, scene, participants and discourse, shared goals, sequence of events, key, channels, norms of interaction, and genre

  • Following, a meeting with the addition of a Deaf person and an interpreter is discussed focusing on the same issues

  • It is the writer's hope that the reader walks away with the realization that interpreting in a 12-step meeting is not the low-language-level task it is often perceived to be

  • According to Deaf AA members, Deaf people in recovery depend on AA meetings and the interpreted meeting the same way they would entering an emergency room

  • Research Process The writer's goal in researching 12-step meetings is to find out the truth


    Gay and Gay-Friendly AA Meetings in Boston, Massachusetts
    A selected list of gay and gay-friendly meetings.

    Northern New Jersey AA
    Alcoholics Anonymous NJGS, Area 44.

  • For meeting information updates © 2006 RUS, Inc

    The Official Site of AA Continental European Region
    Serves English speaking groups. Meeting lists, contacts, and events. By Continental
    European Region of AA.

  • Looking for meetings in Europe? the Big Book Online Please check the page above for meeting locations and times throughout Europe

  • What's New? Sept 8, 2006 Updated, Spain meetings site added to European list flyer updated Sept 1, 2006 for the Croatia Convention

  • Vilseck and Giebelstadt meeting closed in

  • Aug 25, 2006 added, meetings updated

  • Sunday meeting closes

  • meeting updated, France meeting updated, France meeting added

  • Aug 11, 2006 meeting updated, meetings updated

  • Aug 4, 2006 , meetings updated New issue! Download the, the CER Newsletter [ Home ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Copyright © 2006 Alcoholics Anonymous - Continental European Region Updated: August 11, 2006

    Fort Worth, Texas AA Meetings
    Meetings in the Fort Worth and surrounding area. Link to maps for most of them.
    How to contact the intergroup. Unofficial.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas Central Office 316 Bailey St., Suite 100 Fort Worth, Texas 76107 (817) 332-3533 Answered 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days A Week Fax (817) 332-3573 Office Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday 9am - Noon Saturday If you think you have a problem with alcohol, are an alcoholic in need of help or a meeting, or want more information about Alcoholics Anonymous, please call, any time, day or night

  • Links to Yahoo! Maps are provided only as an aid to finding a meeting, and for no other purpose

    Alcoholics Anonymous UK
    Maintained by the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Ltd.

    AA Meetings in Sonoma County
    A directory of AA meetings by the Sonoma County Intergroup Fellowship.

  • Meeting Schedule New to the area? Call the Sonoma County hotline local calls at 544-1300 or long distance at 800-224-1300 Click on a map link below to find a meeting in your area! AA World Service For questions, comments or to report a technical problem, please contact the Web Servant Contact the Newsletter Editor at Newsletter Ed >

    Alcoholics Anonymous in Georgia
    Meetings for all of Georgia arranged by district. Includes information about
    service activities and organization. By Area 16 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • We believe that there is no substitute for personal contact with other alcoholics and we strongly urge anyone with a drinking problem to attend a meeting of his or her choice, as listed in this site." This site was introduced into service on June 17, 2001 "We are not an organization in the conventional sense of the word

    Molly's Alcoholics Anonymous UK Homepage
    Lots of useful AA information. A huge list of e-mail contacts looking to make
    new AA friends in over 60 countries.


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