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    Welcome to The American Presidency
    A detailed biography written for students. Includes fact file and inaugural addresses.

  • After four years he abandoned farming and set up an unsuccessful real-estate business in St

  • Grant was not a politician, and he entered the presidency with no real comprehension of the powers and duties of his office

    IPv8 G:S Numbers and TLDs
    Listing of proposed alternate TLDs in the 128-bit DNS supported by IPv8. These TLDs
    are NOT supported by ICANN.

    The Columbia Law List - Collection/Attorneys/Attorney/Agencies/Agency
    Membership directory and referral service for collection and bankruptcy law
    attorneys, and collection agencies.


    The Unclaimed Property Page
    Information about state unclaimed property offices.

  • The government sell real estate, motor vehhicles, boats, jewelry, art, antiques, and more that have been forfeited under Federal law

  • Lists government real estate properties for sale that are sold by auction or sealed bid

  • You can also access it by modem at the Federal Real Estate Bulletin Board by having your computer dial 1-800-776-7872 or 1-202-501-6510

  • The FDIC sells the assets of failed banks (mostly real estate)

    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • 21-2), who had exercised unostentatiously his sacred ministry in New Jersey, and had been engaged for about twelve months in teaching at Burlington, was put to death in New York City, the real cause being the violent hostility of the rabble towards the Catholic name and priesthood

  • Sometimes, however, his real character was discovered, and several times he was shot at in New Jersey

    The largest of the original thirteen United States; bounded on the north by
    Tennessee and North Carolina, on the east by the Savannah River and the Atlantic ...

  • All wills, except such as are nuncupative, disposing of real or personal property, must be in writing, signed by party making same, or by some other person in his presence and by his direction, and shall be attested and subscribed in presence of testator and three or more competent witnesses

    Mount Storm
    1927 overview of the history of Mt. Storm, WV.

  • It demanded that a yearly tax be paid to rich land barons who had acquired vast areas of real estate in the colonies

  • The money he received from this source was invested in real estate at a very low figure

  • They were required to take evidence of citizens living along the stream concerning the real Potomac

  • A careful examination of the two streams hare disclosed the fact that ths one coming from the south discharged the greater volume of water, but as the North Branch occupied the widest valley, which seemed to be the natural continuation of the one thay had followed, they decided that this was the real Potomac

  • Here they pitched camp and after carefully exploring the surrounding streams and rivulets to ascertain the real source of the Potomac, on December 14, 1756, marked the spot where the Fairfax Stone now stands as the first fountain of the Potomac

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    Castles of the United States
    Castle-fan Jim is building himself a mock-medieval home. Here he gathers images
    of other imitation castles in the US.

  • We need to contact our senators, and congressmen and tell them that we need a constitutional amendment giving citizens the right to own real property without worrying about having it taken from us and transferred to someone else

    Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel ...
    Collection of hotel reviews and destination information, including vacation
    packages worldwide.

  • Write your own review Let other travelers like you know what you loved or hated! Browse Destinations | Rants & Raves The good, the bad and the ugly: Real stories from real travelers Lake Tahoe, California "...This place--so bad, there was a spontaneous support group for guests in the parking lot the day we left." Rome, Lazio "...My first trip to Italy landed me in this oasis of calm

  • Candid Photos Our users are taking photos in Cruz Bay! Here are their latest pictures: A TripAdvisor Member, Baton Rouge, LA A TripAdvisor Member, Summerfield, North Carolina Inside Pages Written By Our Members Getting started planning your trip? Read what real travelers like you have written about their hometowns and favorite cities: Last edited: July 27, 2006 According to a recent census report, Seattle is both the most highly educated and most literate city in the United States.  Some might say that...() Last edited: May 04, 2006 One of the things Cozumel is world famous for is it's beauty below the waves

    EH.Net Encyclopedia: Slavery in the United States
    Jenny B. Wahl of Carleton College describes the spread of slaveholding, its legal,
    social, and economic underpinnings, with graphs and tables of statistics.

    In-depth stock market news and commentary.

  • The Short Head accommodates hit recordings, the most popular fashions, best-selling books, and other products of a world taught to believe in the economics of scarcity based on a limited amount of retail shelf space, a limited number of television channels, and generally limited resources of all kinds.Just what are the economics of 'the Long Tail'? If so much is free, can money be made there ? Because if there is no money to be made, many would regard this as a quaint set of beliefs held by people about to come face-to-face with the real world

  • For starters, CEOs need to ensure that they really want to know what a market could reveal, such as the likelihood of missing a sales target or product launch date

  • “There was a huge craze, ” said Larry Leitzman , a Tampa-based research and marketing coordinator at Grubb & Ellis , a national real estate agency

  • Banks say they realize that women’s needs are often distinct from those of their male counterparts and they are grappling with responses

  • For their part, female financiers have become more aggressive about demanding fulfilling careers and family lives, and they say they are willing to walk away from firms that fail to meet those needs.In March 2005, Anne Hewlett , president of the Center for Work-Life Balance, co-wrote a Harvard Business Review article summarizing the findings of a private sector task force, “ The Hidden Brain Drain: Women and Minorities as Unrealized Assets .” The task force, which Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers sponsored, surveyed 2, 443 “highly qualified” women


    Nashville Business Journal: Local Business News
    Weekly newspaper featuring local business news.

    Prior to 1500
    This is a little known history of America's Frontier from discovery through the
    colonial period.

  • My only real contribution to this document is in the hours of research required to draw it all together and to present it in some historical framework in which it can be understood and appreciated

  • Who really was first, is a mystery that probably will never be solved

    The Siouan Languages Bibliography
    Searchable bibliography project aiming to collect all the linguistic and language
    related work done on the Siouan-Catawban languages.

  • His knowledge of Endnotes really helped this project become a reality

  • Lastly, I would like to thank Raymond Bucko, whose interest in this project really spurred it to completion (at least partial completion), and of course for posting it on his web site and making this bibliography available to any and all

    Making Light
    A liberal to libertarian weblog on issues of interest to a full-time science
    fiction editor and part-time musician in New York.

  • So, civil war, not only predicted by us scruffy hippies who only happened to be right about everything so far (when you have to match words against reality), but by top guys in America and Britain

  • But I don’t think we expected reality to lay on the irony with quite such a large trowel

  • No, really

    Blue Note Records
    Features reviews of the album, tour dates, e-cards, and news.

    Investing and CNBC - MSN Money
    Headline news, articles, reports, stocks and quotes, message boards, and a stock

    Transgender Law and Policy Institute: News
    Legislation and litigation news, breaking stories. Easily browsed archive of
    reports going back 3 years.

  • 418, the REAL ID Act.Immediately Call and Ask Your Representatives to vote AGAINST the REAL ID Act (H.R

  • The REAL ID Act would infringe upon civil liberties in a number of other ways, including preventing states from issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants, and limiting the groups of lawful immigrants who can obtain licenses

  • Please call your House members immediately and ask them to vote AGAINST the REAL ID Act (H.R

    The BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN interactive web site : vote early, and vote ...
    Polls for fans.


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