Free animated gifs - 3D gif animations Sevenoaks Art
3D GIF animations and graphics built by an amateur artist.

  • Sevenoaks Art, Graphics and free 3D animated gifs for web sites etc by This is a fun site and consists of original 3D animated gifs and graphics and even Paint Shop Pro tutorials by Sevenoaks Art

    Ivy's Birthday Greeting Cards to Print
    Greeting cards to make, print, fold, and mail or give to friends.

  • Your Message: (maximum of 175 characters) Your Name: (maximum of 50 characters) STEP #7: Select Your Page Background Graphic Please select a design or blank using the little Radio Button selector on the right side of the picture

  • The background graphic will display around the edges of your card

    Diganta's World: Free ASCII Art
    Mostly holiday ASCII graphics.

    Paint Shop Pro Tubes by AmeriYank's Graphics Farm
    Images available include angels, crosses, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
    animals, flowers, trains, madonna and child, and Christian art.

  • Paint Shop Pro Tubes Index Paint Shop Pro, or PSP, Tubes from AmeriYank's Graphics farm: for holidays, birthdays...any day

  • Donate $1.00 Some links below may open new windows: Find or join Webrings or Net Rings: Other AmeriYank Sites: AmeriYank's Holiday Place PSD Images Index Welcome to AmeriYank's Graphics Farm's Paint Shop Pro Tubes Index

  • -- great place to find wonderful resources for Paint Shop Pro and other graphics programs

  • Visit more graphics sites and vote for me! Cross Daily.com 1 Click Clip Art Best Clip Art Art Clipart A-Z Free Clipart Clips Ahoy! Free Graphic Land ifree Top Clipart Prev | List | Random | Next Powered by RingSurf ! [ Previous 5 Sites | Skip Previous | Previous | Next ] This RingSurf I Love Tubes Ring Net Ring owned by

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    1800+ Free Watercolor Backgrounds awesome, hand-painted that look ...
    Backgrounds designed to appear as watercolor brushstrokes.

  • We are NOT virtual watercolor fills like some computer/graphic design art programs offer either

  • Thus, I purposely allowed open areas for your own text and graphics to be inserted

    Celebrating the 4th of July with A Kids Heart
    Offers online games and puzzles, coloring pages, word games, clip art, greeting
    cards, and downloads for America's birthday.

  • printable graphics, craft, Craft Celebrate our Independence by sending an online

    ..:: WWI B 1 0 3 . 7 (The Heart of West Wisconsin) ::..
    Contemporary Christian music station in Chippewa Falls, features weekly top 30,
    concert line, and event news.

  • Don't delay, or on the Happy Birthday graphic with Tweety Bird and Sylvester

    Studio Z Mendocino - Custom Letterpress Printing & Invitations
    Offers distinguished letterpress invitations, note cards, and stationery.

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    GCNaptown.com - Good Charlotte Message Board
    Fan site containing news and a web forum.

  • Thanks everyone! Love, Mantha | 517 Views » Jul 14, 2006 - 9:15 AM - by Naptown Annual Board Awards 2006 Well here they are folks, your NABA graphics for your viewing pleasure! An absolutely massive thankyou to R E V E N G E, Punk in DRUBLIC, Matthew Sanders, HEY VANITY, summer secrets, XESTTUB, Ringo Starr and SUB ROSA for making these beautiful graphics! An extra special thankyou goes to Mrs Frederiksen for making more than her fair share when I got a little stuck! A lot of time and effort went into these graphics and they look absolutely amazing

  • Just a quick note: No more than two awards may be placed in your signature at one time, and if you choose to show off your graphic in your signature, it is INSTEAD of your regular signature, not along with

  • NABA Winners Graphics Most Obsessed Most Obsessed with Good Charlotte Most Obsessed with Joel Madden Most Obsessed with Benji Madden Most Obsessed with Paul Thomas Most Obsessed with Billy Martin Most Obsessed with a band other than GC [Please Specify which Band] Most Obsessed with a band member not in GC [Please Specify which band and which band member] Bests, Mosts, and Biggests Most Friendly Naptowner Most Helpful Naptowner Most Underrated Naptowner Naptowner Most Likely to Stalk a Celebrity [Please Specify which celebrity] Naptowner Most Likely to Still be here in 25 years Naptowner with the Cutest Pet Nicest Naptowner Funniest Naptowner Best Friends [This is not YOUR best friends, but two people who are the closest on the boards] Best Writer Best Graphic Maker Biggest Bitch | 964 Views » Jul 11, 2006 - 3:08 AM - by Naptown Annual Board Awards 2006 Thankyou to everyone who voted in round one and round too for supporting the 2006 Naptown Annual Board Awards

    CNN.com - Apple's core: The Mac turns 20 - Jan. 24, 2004

  • 'This was the product that inspired people in graphic design, and students, and other creative people

    Official Bone site with newsletter, favorite titles, creator information,
    appearances, games, links, contact information, multimedia, and store.

  • A very interesting discussion about the future of graphic novels and the sustainability of the long form comic

  • Let the Comic-Con begin! Raina Telgemeir and Dave Roman at the Scholastic/Graphics party

  • Steve Hamaker stopped by the Barnes & Noble on the way to work and saw they had 15 copies! Graphix (the graphic novel imprint of Scholastic) is releasing two newly colored BONE books a year until they complete all nine volumes

  • June 27, 2006 Filed under:, — Vijaya @ 6:43 pm Hi All Vijaya here – Just want to make a quick announcement – Cartoon Books will be re-releasing the Bone One Volume again! Below is the press release: BONE ONE VOLUME EDITION - Available Again In September 2006 (Columbus, OH - June 27, 2006) This September will see the return of one of the most popular graphic novels of recent years, the BONE: One Volume Edition

  • With the tremendous success of the full-color books (Graphix, Scholastic's Graphic Novel imprint has sold more than a million copies to date of the newly-colored BONE books), both Scholastic and Cartoon Books felt there was enough room on bookstore shelves for two versions

    Blogger Buzz
    The news about Blogger from the Blogger team at Google.


    Billy Bear's Birthday Party
    Offers printable projects, downloads, games, and an online cake baking contest.

    The Orlando Bloom Files
    Biography, filmography, pictures, multimedia, news, articles, merchandise, games
    and a Legolas paper doll.

  • Site design and original graphics by

    Welcome to Faber Music
    Biography, work list, selected discography.

    Happy Greetings
    Web-based photo albums specifically for sharing baby photos.

  • Check out our for you to send your congratulations, and more web graphics

    Sunset Angel's Christmas Graphics
    Secular and religious graphics for the season. Includes many Christmas links.

  • Here you will find tons of free, original graphics, 1000's of links, animations, my gifts to you, and whatever else I can imagine

  • Feel free to use any of my graphics, but please give me credit and link back to my site

  • - Santa, victorian, and more - including over 100 animated and non-animated bars and bullets - over 30 button styles to use for linking your pages and logos you can use to link to my site if you use my graphics 1000's of links to great Christmas sites; letters from Santa, gifts, graphics, games, fonts, fun stuff, free stuff, music, midis, kid stuff, and much more

  • - free graphics, backgrounds, and etc

  • Don't forget to check out all of my Christmas Graphics

  • If you use any of the graphics on my site, please give me credit and provide a link back to my homepage

  • | Do you want to join Unless otherwise noted, all graphics on this site created by and copywritten to:

    J. Michael Straczynski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Includes a profile and list of accomplishments.

    Clipart Guide.com - Clip Art, Stock Photos & Web Graphics
    Links to clip art from all over the web, browse or search by keyword. Almost every
    topic is covered, including animals, animated GIFs, icons, ...

  • ...a complete guide to online clipart, icons, photos, scans, and web graphics

  • They offer an overwhelming number of images ranging from snappy, colorful, modern web graphics to old, public-domain photos and b&w clipart

  • © Clipart.com - 700, 000 easy-to-use clip art images and animations - Instant Access & Unlimited Downloads © GraphicsFactory.com - Fantastic, original illustrations that are often quite humorous and always interesting

  • Created specifically for graphic designers, screen printers, sign makers, desktop publishers and web designers

  • This is where you will find christmas clip art, easter clip art, halloween clip art, thanksgiving clip art, and graphics for other holidays

  • This is where you will find more free icons than you can shake a stick at! ...tons of cartoon character icons, animals, people, lots of computer icons, symbols, web page graphics, and lots more! Of course, you will find many icons in other sections of the guide as well

    Annie's 4th of July Welcome Page
    A Christian perspective on the holiday. Learn about its history as well as what
    the Bible say about freedom and independence.

  • "4th of July Pages" by Annie: - updated 4th of July Pages in SPANISH: Other Related Pages by Annie: - Canadian Holiday Learn more about the PLEDGE at Annie's "Pledge of Allegiance" Page Annie's July Related Pages: - lists all July Holiday Pages Are you looking for 4th of July Graphics? Visit: 6/30/03 - Just received this great surprise!! What a wonderful review! Thanks Bill! Send someone a FREE Holiday Greeting From Annie's Card Shop Click above to send a Fourth of July Card to say Happy Birthday America Card!!!!! Or a The Star-spangled Banner Card! Annie's Featured Holiday Page Annie's Featured Page Copyright 1999 - 2006 Annie's Home Page

  • Source for this page is World Book Encyclopedia I thank the Lord for graphics artists without them these pages would not be the same

  • Please visit Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots for a list of their links

  • Some Graphics from VIP Graphics Club & & Graphics by Irene


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