!used car donation help National Kidney Foundation: Kidney Cars ...
Donated vehicles will help fund public education, patient and community services,
research, professional education and organ donation programs of the National ...

  • Your vehicles will pump dollars into public health education, organ donation programs and medical research to prevent kidney disease

  • I had heard about the donation program before but this was the first time I had the opportunity to use it

  • The website is easy to understand and the whole process was short and a good experience.' '…I was glad I caught one of your advertisements (either TV or radio) that said to check carefully who I was giving the car to - otherwise, I might have been 'fooled' by some of the other websites asking for car donations

    Turn your used car into a Song of Love for a sick child
    Donate your car in order to help provide original personalized songs to terminally
    ill children across the country.

  • Welcome to the Songs of Love Vehicle Donation Program TURN YOUR CAR INTO A SONG ! Help a child experience the thrill of hearing his or her very own song! 1-888-909-SONG • IRS Tax-Deductible • Free Towing • Worry and Hassle Free As featured in: • Good Housekeeping • 60 Minutes • People Magazine • The Today Show • Rosie O'Donnell • CNN • The New York Times • Parade Magazine The is a nonprofit organization providing original personalized songs to chronically and terminally ill children locally and across the country

  • to read about the New FSC Jobs Bill Pertaining to Donations of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes

  • to watch the segment Please click on the music note to fill out our convenient short form and one of our helpful car donation specialists will call you back

    Used Car Donations to the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America
    Proceeds benefit kidney and urological disease research and assistance. Campaign
    news, IRS tips, donation form and instructions, and event information provided.

  • Ask questions about how the donation will be used

    American Lung Association Vehicle Donation Program
    Accepts donations of cars to support programs in asthma management and tobacco control.

  • Your donation will support the American Lung Association's programs in asthma management and tobacco control

  • How to make a car donation


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    Caritas for Children - Car Donation Program
    Accepts cars to benefit the lives of children orphaned or living in orphanages
    in underdeveloped countries.

  • If a vehicle sells for under $500USD the donor is able to claim up to $500USD for the donation

    Donated vehicles will help the Helen Brinson Ministries non-profit organization
    in Houston, Texas to help feed and cloth the poor.

  • REMEMBER THE CHILDREN Donate Your Auto, Truck, In Houston, Texas Auto Donation Helen Brinson Ministries - a Non-Profit Organization PO Box 752373 Houston, Texas 77275 Telephone 713-991-4357 Online Donations To The Ministry Visit The Non-Profit Ministry (click flame) Donated gifts of autos and Trucks help to fund the work of this non-profit organization in Houston, Texas

  • If your donation is expected to be $5, 000, or more you will need an appraisal for tax purposes

    Donate a car to benefit the legally blind and visually impaired.

  • Donate Car to Charity Cars for Sight - Car Donation Program Free Pick-up Nationwide! Car Donations are EASY Free Pick Up Nationwide Tax Deductible No Paperwork Hassle Avoid the Hassle of Trying to Sell a Used Car Save Money on Car Bills Timeshare Donation All Other Donations Donate Car to Cars for Sight! Your car can make a difference in a child's life! It's free and easy! Call toll-free 1-888-244-0179 Live operators - 7 days a week Car Donations are EASY! How it Works You: DONATE YOUR CAR HELP RESTORE VISION WITH YOUR GIFT We: PICK UP YOUR CAR NATIONWIDE FOR FREE HANDLE ALL THE PAPERWORK (DMV paperwork, smog, etc.) ISSUE YOU A TAX RECEIPT You Save Money: YOU AVOID PAYING TO SELL IT YOURSELF Donate Your Car - Its Free & Easy! Car Donations are EASY! Free Pick Up Nationwide - When you donate your car to our charity, we come to your home or office - running or not in most cases

  • Tax Deductible - Our auto donation center provides you with all the documentation and receipt

  • We accept Cars, Boats, Trucks, Vans, RVs, Trailers and more! Car donations help fund the following programs: · Funding genetic research; clinical research and education; pediatric corneal transplantations; and outreach programs

    Auto advice: car buying, auto leasing, car insurance at Edmunds
    Articles on buying, selling, financing and leasing a vehicle. Includes links to
    buyer's guide and related services.

  • Benefits

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    Donate car to charity: CDS FUNDRAISERS make it easy
    Accepts cars, trucks, rvs, or any motorized vehicle donation for charity.

  • Donate it! You Auto Donate is a processing agent for charities searching for vehicle donations

  • Your donation helps the Charities we support, Enhance their programs, and substantially increase their resources needed to support their various programs

  • Is my donation tax deductible? All charities listed on this site are classified with the IRS as nonprofit 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations, and all donations to these nonprofit organizations are tax deductible

  • All individual tax situations are different, so please check with your tax professional to best benefit from your donation

  • How is the value of my vehicle determined? We can refer you to the which explains how the IRS requires you to determine the value of your donation or you may want to go to the to help determine the value of your donation

  • How long does it take for my donation to be picked up? We can normally pick up your vehicle within a few day

    Accepts donations of items including cars, furniture, computers, appliances,
    electronics, with free nationwide pick-up. Donations are tax deductible and benefit ...

  • Gifts for Sight Donation Program Free Pick-up Nationwide! Donations are EASY Free Pickup Nationwide Tax Deductible Fast Processing 24/7 Online Processing Help us Raise Money! Timeshare Donation Donate to Gifts for Sight! Your gift can make a difference in someone's life! It's free and easy! Car D onations are EASY! Boat D onations are EASY! Time share D onations are EASY! All Other D onations are EASY! How it Works You: DONATE YOUR ITEM HELP RESTORE VISION WITH YOUR GIFT We: HELP ARRANGE FREE PICK-UP NATIONWIDE HANDLE ALL THE WORK ISSUE YOU A TAX RECEIPT You Save Money: YOU AVOID PAYING TO SELL IT YOURSELF Donate Your Item - Its Free & Easy! D onations are EASY! Free Pickup Nationwide - When you donate to our charity, your donated item is picked up at your home or office at no cost to you! Tax Deductible - For the fair market value per the IRS - We provide you with all the documentation and receipt for your tax records

  • No Donation Hassles - Avoid confusing donation hassles - We do it all

  • Turn your Unwanted Stuff (furniture, appliances, cars, boats, timeshares, real estate, land, & much more) into a Tax Write-off - A nd help our charity! We Offer Fast & Easy Donation Processing! Donate Your Gift Today! Thank You for your help! free pick-up of your gift

    @ : : recruitABILITY : : Jobs for the disABLED. A disABILITY Job ...
    Online magazine with articles, news, chats about disabilities.

  • Simply click on the car icon above to make a charity car donation or click on the "Make a Difference" icon above to make an online donation! For information about our car charity, click now! We also accept used cars

  • We are one of the Christian charities accepting your donation online by simply clicking on the Make a Difference icon

  • Your charity car donation online will be used solely for operational costs by us

  • We also accept your car donation

  • The charity car donation that you want to make can be done by clicking on the car icon

  • disABLEDperson Inc.'s car charity program is administered by Vehicle Donation to Any Charity

  • Your automobile to charity car donation used or new will be appreciated

  • The new or used automobile to charity along with your online donation will be used by disABLEDperson Inc

  • If you are seeking guidance or would like a spiritual perspective, please take a moment and visit our For News that is Specific for People with disability and our Community-, Medical News Powered by, Time Sensitive Action Alert -, For Press Releases Concerning Disability Issues -, Mission Statement -Click Here To View IRS Letter of Exemption, Click Here Donate Car Charity If you would like to make a charity car donation to our car charity, please click on the car icon above

    Vehicle Donation - Donate your car, truck, boat, RV or other ...
    Accepts donations of used cars, boats, and trucks for charity.

  • Vehicle Donation - Donate your car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to charity! Donate your car, boat, truck, RV or other vehicle to Family Care Foundation, a non-profit classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

  • Your vehicle donation is fully tax deductible and free towing is included if necessary

  • You receive tax deductions for your vehicle donation

  • You will be supplied with the necessary paperwork to claim your for your vehicle donation

  • So call 1-800-992-2383 now , or click on the link below to donate your vehicle online: Your Vehicle Donation Will Benefit Those In Need! All car, auto, truck, RV, boat and other vehicle donations support the charity work of 501(c)(3) Family Care Foundation Privacy Policy: Your privacy is important to us

  • Under no circumstances will the information submitted on your vehicle donation form be made available to outside parties

  • The information will only be used for the purpose of completing your vehicle donation as part of the process to donate a vehicle to charity


    Car donation tips from LifeTips to donate car to charity
    Offers advice like finding IRS approved charities, the fair market value of cars,
    steps to donating cars, searching for a charity, vehicle donation programs, ...

  • 0){eval(windowLoadEvents);} window.status='Smarter, Better, Faster and Wiser!';'> Car Donation Tips Exclusively Sponsored by Donate Car to Charity Tip Search You are here: > > Car Donation Topics Car Donation Tip of the Day Car Donation Tip Newsletter Need Car Donation Tips? Fresh Tip Weekly Get Car Donation Wisdom Privacy Guaranteed Car Donation Resources Contact LifeTips If you have questions: Car Donation Editor Comments Car Donation Tips Sponsor Car Donation Tips A car donation is one of largest charitable contributions one can make

  • People give in a variety of ways - but a car donation can literally change the course of a person’s life and help them to access a variety of resources they might not have been able to reach before

  • Hot Car Topics Boat Donation: Factors to consider when you include determining the value of your boat before donating it and IRS policies and procedures on boat donation

  • Keep these guidelines in mind for the process of boat donation

  • Car Donation: Research is key when participating in a car donation program

  • Research all aspects of the organization, including whether their program makes you eligible for a tax deduction, their policies and procedures regarding large donations, such as cars and boats and more

    Red Cross Maryland - CPR First Aid AED Nurse Assistant Training ...
    Services include emergency assistance, blood donating, assistance to the US Armed
    Forces, tracing people who have lost touch with family members due to war, ...

  • Founding Member of the United Way Opportunities Inquiry Form Babysitter's Training CPR/AED First Aid Nursing Assistant Pet First Aid Sports Safety Lifeguarding Info Boy Scouts First Aid Kits Books and Guides Teaching Aids Biohazard Compliance Kits CPR Masks Contact Info Site Map Services We Provide Annual Report Our Sponsors About Our Chapter Related Links Email Us Contact Information Save The Day Corporate Donation Onsite Training Authorized Provider Save a life - Learn CPR! CPR is a vital skill

  • or Car donation program helps the Red Cross pay for local disaster relief

    Children's Charity Auto Donation - donate car, automobile donation ...
    Help fulfill the special wish of a deserving terminal child.

  • Car Donation is EASY! Use our online application! Free Pick Up - running or not

  • With, we come to your home or office! for charitable donations IRS - The Children's Wish Donation Program provides you with all the documentation for charitable tax deduction

  • All you have to do is e-mail your application, and our car donation program will take care of everything else

  • , Truck, Van, RV, Trailer, Lots and Real Estate - we even process airplane donation! Donate a used car or boat to the Children's Wish Foundation and help fulfill the special wish of a deserving child! It's easier than trying to sell a used car! When an automobile donation is pledged, we take the donor information over the telephone, handle all the documents, vehicle pick up, sale at auction and distribution of proceeds


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