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  • Tony 'The Tiger' Russo (1988) ...

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  • info: TONY THE TIGER

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  • An interview by Mark Arnold with Thurl Ravenscroft (the voice of 'Tony the Tiger', etc.) that appeared in 'Hogan's Alley, The Magazine of the Cartoon Arts' no

  • Tony the Tiger Mark Arnold Web sites: (Click 'Open' in File Download window) and I will forward it to the 50th Reunion Committee

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  • | 3 August 2005; 2:54:48 PM | : 'Cllr Alyson McGarrigle, Cabinet Member for Culture; British Olympic swimmer, Sarah Price; and Tony the Tiger are inviting everyone down to Wavelengths pool for what promises to be a Gr-r-reat day.' : 'Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, will chair VIP judges at Crossways Academy on 24 June to decide which city, represented by gifted and talented pupils from the Crossways Federation, will scoop the glittering prize of being chosen as 2012 Olympic host.' These two news item from Lewisham Council website suggest us that Steve Bullock and his closest associates want to be seen around Lewisham shaking hands and hugging babies

  • Evidently Tony the Tiger isn't the only one to show his thick skin around Lewisham this week-end

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  • Tony the Tiger has been the pitchman for this cereal since the 1951

    Mill Creek Bengals: Famous Cats Honor Roll
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  • The Esso Tiger represented Esso Oil in the mid-1960s with his trademark catch phrase 'Put a tiger in your tank' (created by Emery Smith)

  • The tiger acually had a humble beginning in Norway in the early part of the 20th century

  • In 1953, Exxon, the American parent company of Esso, launched an intensive campaign, resurrecting the tiger

  • The Esso Tiger was retired in the late 1960s but resurrected in 1972 when Esso changed its name to Exxon

  • Their ad slogan stated 'We're changing our name, but not our stripes!' In 1982, Exxon featured the live tiger in the United States, and recently he leapt into the computer age in television commercials featuring a moving car that turns into a running tiger

  • Shere Khan is the man-eating tiger from Rudyard Kipling's 'Mowgli' stories.  The story became Disney's 19th animated masterpiece, 'The Jungle Book.' Si & Am are the two mean Siamese cats from the Disney animation movie, "Lady & the Tramp." Before you leave, please be sure to visit our Snagglepuss originally appeared in 1959 as a minor character on episodes of some of Hanna-Barbara's televison cartoons

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  • ¤ — Us Tony the Tiger Secret Agents are supposed to be good at keepin' secrets, so I'm not gonna say too much about this site

  • ¤ — This is my 'panic' page, like if I'm at Tony the Tiger and my chief of staff walks in and I don't want him to know what my secret assignment is, one click and I'm here instead

    Crouching Tony, Hidden Hague
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    Pollard, Tony
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  • Wild flowers of Siskiyou County, northern California Chicory weed flower California Poppy Wild Thistle Wild Tiger Lily Milk Weed Flowers Tonys Mount Shasta and Lupine Shot graces the and at the All of the wild flowers on this site were grown or found in the mountains of California, where the winters can be harsh and snow often falls, but in spring come the most beautiful array of wild flowers

  • Wild sweet peas lupine, shasta lily, tiger lily, milkweed, all of which Mr

    Red Hot Jazz: Original Dixieland Jazz Band
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  • Handy) 5-25-1921 New York, New York Victor 18772-A (Rose / Little / Frost / Creamer / Layton) 12-30-1920 New York, New York Victor 18722-B (Max Kortlander) 1-8-1920 London, England Columbia 804 () 8-17-1917 New York, New York Aeolian Vocalion B 1206 () 2-25-1918 New York, New York Victor 18472-B () 5-19-1919 London, England Columbia 748 () 4-20-1923 New York, New York Okeh 4841 featuring Larry Shields on clarinet () 10-9-1936 New York, New York Victor 25524-A () 9-2-1936 New York, New York Victor unissued Tiger Rag () 12-30-1943 New York, New York V-Disc 214 Tiger Rag (1) () 10-20-1945 New York, New York Commodore (G)6.26170 Tiger Rag (2) () 10-20-1945 New York, New York Commodore unissued Tiger Rag () 4-6-1946 New York, New York Commodore C-610 () 11-23-1922 New York, New York Okeh 4738-B () 9-25-1936 New York, New York Victor 25460-B (J.A

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    Watching Grass Grow WEBCAM!
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    returned to lushness, over the course of two seasons.

  • Fortunately I have a Hulkin' and/or along with Tony the Tiger's It's unfortunate that I don't have any pictures from earlier; since it was REALLY brown with a lot more holes - i.e

    Memories of sailing the Eye of the Wind
    Eye of the Wind is a tall ship with many adventures under her keel. Site includes
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  • Tiger did the beginning and we managed to cover all the years right from the first voyage in 1976

  • Porter, Daniele Ravenna, Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, Fred Saunders, Bert Scheijgrond, Sue Sljivic, Debra and Tiger Timbs, Trine Torgersen, Chris Watt, WGBH Educational Foundation, Annie Wotton

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  • Greetings and welcome the incontestable authority on the Grinch Song...that little tune we heard crooned out by Thurl Ravenscoft (best known for his vocal work as Tony the Tiger) in the animated classic Dr

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    Pennsylvania. Ten acres of attractions including the Farm Food and Fun maze.
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  • Home of The Amazing Maize Maze™ Welcome to Cherry-Crest Farm where our feature attraction is a HUGE, mind-bending maze designed in a corn field of five acres! 2006 Theme -'Farm Food and Fun' Join with Tony the Tiger tm for our GR-R-EATEST maze ever! As a secret agent for the USDA your mission will be to find: The Missing Pyramid

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  • Kellogg's: Tony the Tiger, Krispie Kids, Toucan Sam, Dig'em, Corny..

    FAIR - The Commercialization of Children's Public Television
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  • Cheese? In another Wishbone announcement, we hear from 'Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, reminding you that thinking and creating are more than good, they're great!' The familiar catchphrase calls to mind Frosted Flakes' cartoon mascot Tony the Tiger--linking the sugary cereal to educational and creative play


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