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Gli Spietati: Sideways
Scheda tecnica e analisi critica del film di Alexander Payne, a cura di Stefano
Trinchero e Luca Baroncini.

  • DURATA: 123' INTERPRETI: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Sandra Oh, Virginia Madsen, Marylouise Burke, Jessica Hecht SCENEGGIATURA: A

  • Gran parte del merito e' anche degli interpreti: un perfetto Paul Giamatti, da parecchio tempo ai margini dello star system e finalmente in un ruolo in grado di riconoscergli le non comuni doti recitative, e Thomas Haden Church, che ha il grande difetto di assomigliare tremendamente ad Arnold Schwarzenegger e il pregio di non averne l'inespressivita'

  • La semplicità con la quale sono affrontate le vicende che si susseguono e il realismo con il quale i due protagonisti vengono portati sullo schermo dai due straordinari Paul Giamatti e Thomas Haden Church permettono al pubblico di non separarsi mai dalla morbida sequenza di eventi

    CineFile: Sideways - In viaggio con Jack
    Recensione del film di Alexander Payne con Paul Giamatti. A cura di Luciana Morelli.

  • Luciana Morelli, 11 Febbraio 2005: Autentico 20th Century Fox, 16 Febbraio 2005 Sideways In viaggio con Jack di Alexander Payne Miles e Jack (Paul Giamatti e Thomas Haden Church) sono amici dal liceo ma da sempre l'uno l'opposto dell'altro

  • Jack ha invece la faccia di Thomas Haden Church, immaginatevi un clone texano di Schwarzenegger da giovane ma di gran lunga più simpatico, nel ruolo che all'inizio del casting si era pensato di affidare niente meno che a George Clooney

  • Fortuna che Payne alla fine ci ha ripensato ed ha optato per Church, guadagnandone sicuramente in semplicità

  • Titolo: Sideways - In viaggio con Jack (Sideways) Regia: Alexander Payne Sceneggiatura: Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor Fotografia: Phedon Papamichael Interpreti: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, Sandra Oh, Marylouise Burke, Jessica Hecht, Missy Doty, M.C


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    CineFile: A proposito di Schmidt
    Recensione del film interpretato da Jack Nicholson, a cura di Alberto Cassani.

  • - di Alexander Payne; con Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church

    Portale dedicato alla città: eventi, indirizzi utili, e guida ai servizi.

  • Ci vuole un poeta per fare un grande vino.' AIMÈ GUIBERT Giovedì 10 agosto ore 20.45 VINO - VISIONI IN CAMPAGNA SIDEWAYS (USA 2004) regia di Alexader Payne Con: Paul Giamatti, Sandra Oh, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen 123 ’ - commedia Le vie del vino sono infinite, ma anche profumate, gustose, limpide come il cristallo di un balloon

  • Jack (Thomas Haden Church) è un attore di soap opera in procinto di sposarsi

    Scott's Movie Reviews: Sideways
    Scott Mantz analyzes the Paul Giamatti picture.

  • The Critic (click to find out !) "Daze of Wine and Roses" by Scott Mantz "Sideways" Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church Directed by Alexander Payne I'll drink to that! Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church toast their midlife crisis in "Sideways" There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever it takes to follow your dreams, but after so many years of making personal and professional sacrifices with little or no results, there comes a point in time where you just have to throw in the towel, call it a day, and move on

  • The only thing that gives his life any meaning is his passion for wine, which is why he can’t wait to take off for the wine vineyards of central California with his washed-up actor buddy Jack (Thomas Haden Church)

  • As for the rest of the cast, who better to play a washed-up actor than a real washed-up actor? No disrespect to Thomas Haden Church, but ever since TV’s “Ned and Stacey” went off the air, he’s been relegated to B-movie schlock like last year’s direct-to-video sequel “George of the Jungle 2.” Not only does he bounce back to classier fare with his inspired performance here, but he also has excellent chemistry with Giamatti

    Future Movies: Sideways
    Review by Michelle Thomas.

  • (Which is A Good Thing.) Two old college buddies, Miles (Giamatti) and Jack (Church) set off on a road trip through wine country

  • He is well-matched by Thomas Haden Church, whose craggy good looks and easy charm underpin Jack’s essential likeability, even when he’s behaving like a complete idiot

  • Read more movies from this writer: Review: Review: Review: Review: Sideways Rating: DVD Release Date: Monday, 2 May 2005 Classification: 15 Directed by: Alexander Payne Cast: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, Sandra Oh Movie Review Query Engine Includes alternative movie reviews on Internet Movie Database: Includes photographs, reviews, interviews, release dates and filmography for Sideways official site: To visit the promotional site containing trailers click Sideways Related Offers: | © 2006 Future Movies (UK)

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    IMDb: Sideways (2004)
    Cast, crew, reviews, plot summary, comments, discussion, trailers, posters and

  • Initially I was put off by Charles Hayden's Church's character crudeness and Giamatti's character's repulsiveness but that changed was I was able to look below the surface

  • By the end of the movie, I felt very sorry for Church as he was not only dumb and shallow, he was actually so empty that whatever female was before him became a mirror of his need to connect with anything that felt like caring

  • Church did a fabulous job and was incredibly believable as a has-been wannabe, desperate to hold on to his dream of the kind of good life that is bought by charm and good looks

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  • ( Pictured: Elijah Wood and Lindsay Lohan © The Weinstein Company ) Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Three of the newcomers to the Spider-Man movie franchise – Topher Grace (Venom), Thomas Haden Church (Sandman) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Gwen Stacy) – put in a surprise appearance at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con

  • Neverless, in the mini-press conference prior to wowing the standing room only Comic Con crowd, Grace, Haden Church, and Howard tried their best to give interesting answers to probing questions

  • ( Photo © Miramax Films ) New Photos and Posters: Photos from the Animated Animal Comedy, - Jay Chandrasekhar/Paul Soter - Tobey Maguire/Thomas Haden Church Thursday August 3, 2006 | Two-time Academy Award winner joined her co-star AnnaSophia Robb, director Stephen Hopkins, and producer Joel Silver in San Diego for the 2006 Comic Con

    NPR : The Winding Career of Sandra Oh
    Audio interview discussing career.

    Il mondo dei doppiatori: Luca Ward
    Informazioni sui personaggi doppiati dall'attore durante la sua carriera di doppiatore.

  • 2003 ) Blair Underwood in "Full Frontal " (Nicholas / Calvin) Christopher Reeve in "Superman" (Clark Kent / Superman, riedizione DVD ) Aaron Eckhart in "Possession - Una storia romantica" (Roland Michell) James Belushi in " L'ombra del nemico" (Harrison) Adrien Brody in " L'intrigo della collana" (Conte Nicolas de la Motte) Matt Dillon in "Beautiful girls" (Tommy) Mel Gibson in "Air America" (Gene Ryack) Bruce Greenwood in "Striscia, una zebra alla riscossa " (Nolan Walsh) Wesley Snipes in " Liberty Stands Still" (Joe) Ed Harris in "Gli intrighi del potere - Nixon" (Howard Hunt) Billy Zane in "Il silenzio dei prosciutti" (Joe Dee Foster) Thomas Haden Church in "Sideways - In viaggio con Jack " (Jack) Richard E


    Chicago Sun-Times: Sideways
    Roger Ebert's take on the film.

  • » » movie times Search for: Within: of Zip code: about us » » » » on sale now » » » | Sideways (R) Ebert: Users: Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his best friend Jack (Thomas Haden Church) on a trek of self-discovery through California's wine country in "Sideways." Sideways Roger Ebert / October 29, 2004 Cast & Credits Miles: Jack: Maya: Stephanie: Miles' mother: Marylouise Burke Victoria: Jessica Hecht Fox Searchlight Pictures presents a film directed by

    MyMovies: Sideways
    Recensione del film di Alexander Payne, a cura di Mattia Nicoletti.

  • Jack (Thomas Haden Church) è un attore di soap opera in procinto di sposarsi

    Cheng, Olivia
    Biography of the television reporter based in Edmonton, Alberta, with demo reels
    of her stories.

  • Subscribe Unsubscribe Email: Age: Comments: UPDATES & EVENTS _ Coming Soon Look for me in American Movie Classic's Broken Trail () - an epic miniseries directed by Emmy award winner Walter Hill ( Warriors, 48 Hours, HBO's Deadwood ) starring the legendary Robert Duvall ( The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, The Apostle ) and Academy Award nominee Thomas Haden Church ( Sideways, Spiderman 3 )

  • When: June 24th & 25th, 2006 on AMC "In the waning days of the Old West, veteran rancher Print Ritter (Robert Duvall) and his nephew Tom Harte (Thomas Haden Church) set out on an arduous horse drive from Oregon to Wyoming

    The New Yorker: Drinking and Driving
    Critic David Denby’s view on director Alexander Payne's "Sideways."

  • When his old college buddy Jack (Thomas Haden Church), a washed-up TV actor in Los Angeles, announces that he is finally getting married, the two set off for seven days of prenuptial wine-tasting and golf in the gold-and-green Santa Ynez Valley

  • Thomas Haden Church, from the NBC series “Wings, ” has been all too well cast as a second-rate TV actor; his Jack really is a bit of a dull fellow, but he loves Miles and believes in him, and that belief frees Miles to confront the worst in himself and to find a bottom to his self-pity

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  • Starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church, Broken is a story about two men who are driving 500 horses from Oregon to Wyoming

    Crazy for Cinema

  • GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE (1997) CAST Leslie Mann Holland Taylor John Perry Thomas Haden Church John Cleese DIRECTED BY Sam Weisman PURCHASE Soundtrack Book 'To swing or not to swing? Swing.' Time: 91 mins

  • The exact opposite of her boyfriend Lyle (Church), a lazy, money-hungry creep using Ursala as his ticket to the high life

  • One can't fault Hayden Church

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  • Based on historical documents and more than five years of research, Broken Trail is the basis for the AMC cable network’s first original production starring Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church
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  • posted by DarkFocus at Spiderman 3 villain: Sandman! Here's a first look at Spiderman 3's main villain: the Sandman, played by Thomas Haden Church

  • You might know Church from the comedy series 'Ned & Stacy' or 'Wings', but Sandman is a much less comedic character


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