The Flat-out Truth
Article profiling Charles Johnson, the president of the International Flat Earth

  • The Flat-out Truth: Earth Orbits? Moon Landings? A Fraud! Says This Prophet The idea of a spinning globe is only a conspiracy of error that Moses, Columbus, and FDR all fought..

  • Johnson, president of the International Flat Earth Research Society

  • "The earth is flat." As you stand in his front yard, it is hard to argue the point

  • It looks as flat as a pool table

  • (At least, that's NASA's story.) "You can't orbit a flat earth, " says Mr

  • "The known, inhabited world is flat

  • Just as a guess, I'd say that the dome of heaven is about 4, 000 miles away, and the stars are about as far as San Francisco is from Boston." As shown in a map published by Johnson, the known world is as circular and as flat as a phonograph record

  • Many verses of the Old Testament imply that the earth is flat, but there's more to it than that

  • He contends that sensible people all over the world, not just Bible believers, realize that the earth really is flat

  • Reasonable, intelligent people have always recognized that the earth is flat." He pauses for a sip of coffee, his eyes sparkling with animation

    Thomas L. Friedman - The New York Times
    Foreign policy and politics commentary appearing wednesday and Friday in The New
    York Times. Includes links to book reviews and interviews, biography, ...

  • Friedman talks about his new book, 'The World Is Flat, ' with Jon Stewart

    Reginald's Wonderful World of Flat-Water Toobing Home
    Devoted to the joy of floating on slow moving, flatwater, rivers on an innertube,
    focusing on rivers in the Southeastern United States.

  • Welcome to Reginald's Wonderful World of Flat-Water Toobing Presented by the Reginald Smith Toobing Foundation a non-prophet organization Home / / / / / / / / / / / / The face of the waters, in time, became a wonderful book - a book that was a dead language to the uneducated passenger, but which told its mind to me without reserve, delivering its most cherished secrets as clearly as if it uttered them with a voice

  • Getting together with your friends and family and going to the river or creek Fun for every age Non-strenuous (unless picking up a 12oz cold beverage and raising it to your lips is strenuous to you.) Relaxing Being pulled by a boat White-water rafting Anything that involves snow or cold weather Dangerous Work Expensive (There are actually folks who enjoy some or all of the above but that is NOT what this site and "Flat Water Toobing" is about

    The online newsletter of the Baha'i International Community.

  • Sixty years later, the questions that fuelled the San Francisco Conference assert themselves anew: Why have the current systems of governance failed to provide for the security, prosperity, and well-being of the world's people? The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century By Thomas L

  • Friedman Farrar, Straus and Giroux New York To come right to the main point of this review: Thomas Friedman's brilliant catch phase, book title and powerfully developed new thesis — "The World is Flat" — is yet another reaffirmation of what Bahá'u'lláh said about 150 years ago when He declared that “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” Recent issues : Click on issue for index


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    Longleaf Flat-Coated Retrievers and Golden Retrievers
    Breeder with photos of dogs.

  • What are the differences between Flat-Coats & Goldens? Are you interested in obtaining a Longleaf puppy? We use an early neurological stimulation program on all of our pups

  • Welcome To Longleaf Welcome to Longleaf's wonderful world of Golden Retrievers and Flat-Coated Retrievers

    Revolution #60, September 10, 2006
    The weekly newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party (USA). J&R Music and Computer World - Audio, Video, Digital ...
    Sells mass market audio, video, computers and digital cameras.

    Rotogear for August 30, 2006
    Lists officers, meeting place, date and time, links to district pages and Rotary
    International page, mission, projects and descriptive brochures.

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    Farms Around the World
    Science, geography, and writing project intended to teach people about farming.
    Includes sites designed by kids in different regions of the world that give ...

  • Please take a moment to view some of the following sites, they are incredible! We began this project in October by having our children do their part and send off their flat paper dolls to the farms who have decided to participate

    Located in Orlando with event rules, registration, course details, history and

    Features history of discoveries and references.

  • Then Christianity took over and thanks to the enlightened and extremely tolerant views of the catholic church, the world returned to being flat and anyone daring to argue otherwise was simply put to death.(Obviously the successive popes had never been on a boat as I am sure the vision of the world as flat was not one held by any sailor, too many sailing facts contradict it)

    God Unplugged! - How to get religion off of your back forever ...
    Describes one person's journey through reason, science and experience in searching
    for God and gives evidence for His existence.

  • What if it was a bunch a hooey and I was making myself out to be a fool? I just as well might be some nut trying to convince people the world was flat

  • Of course, my believing that “the world is flat” has no bearing on whether it really is or not


    Private School Massachusetts - Phoenix School - Massachusetts day ...
    Serves children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Includes school background
    and faculty information.

  • The Shrinking World and Phoenix’s Role The World is Flat, The World is Shrinking - Are We Ready? Everywhere someone is talking about New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman's best-selling book, The World Is Flat

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    IndicThreads -Home - Enterprise Java Software Developer Station
    Java J2EE portal for India. News, book reviews, blogs, interview, latest events,
    a Java certifications section. · the world is flat
    Persönlicher Weblog.

    Litchfield Books
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    Tom March - - ozBlog
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    Foreign Affairs - Home
    Journal of global current events, foreign policy, and international relations
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  • The One Percent Doctrine Ron Suskind The World Is Flat Thomas L

    Newmarket Racecourses - Flying the flag for British Racing
    Set in the heart of East Anglia, England, and home to The Rowley Mile is named
    after King Charles II who founded the Newmarket meetings following his ...

  • It was the original home of the Jockey Club, remains the headquarters of many national and international racing organisations and boasts two totally separate, dynamic and contrasting racecourses where some of the world's best flat racing takes place each year


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