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Nu Urban Music - Drum and Bass Vinyl, MP3 Distribution & Record ...
Distributors of d&b vinyl and CDs.

  • Dennis Brown) : Rocksteady This undercover duo are fast becoming a firm favourite with DJ’s and music lovers alike thanks to their wicked understanding of Reggae and Dub which is so dominant in their tracks

  • So we are really pleased to announce the arrival of Chronic to the Nu Urban Music family

  • (0) Viper Recordings Author: :: Posted: August 1, 2006, 1:03 pm Nu Urban Music is proud to announce the arrival of Futurebound's Viper Recordings

  • (0) World Cup 2006 Ting! Author: :: Posted: June 8, 2006, 11:22 am Nu Urban Music are proud to present the Unofficial World Cup Ting

  • (0) Nu Urban USA Author: :: Posted: March 13, 2006, 11:10 am The guys at Nu Urban Music have just launched their US Division operating out of New York

  • All three guys have been active in the US drum n bass scene for a number of years and their passion and love for the music will ensure that the stores in the US finally get the same standard of care Nu Urban Music offers its stores in the UK

  • The US division will handle all Nu Urban Music product exclusively and will be looking to build up their own US labels as well

  • So if you're a store looking to get hold of some of the hottest Jungle around, or you're looking for distribution for your label, or you're a new producer looking to get your music out contact the guys :- Nu Urban USA Corporation 649 Morgan Ave Unit 2-D Brooklyn NY 11222 USA New York Phone: +1 718 387 0536 New York Fax: +1 718 383 0537 West Coast Phone: +1 402 334 6805 West Coast Fax: +1 402 334 6897 East Coast Sales: West Coast Sales: Licensing and Chain Wholesales: (0) To view our please click here To view all our forthcoming drumandbass please click here Nu Urban Music Unit 3, Rivermead Industrial Estate Pipersway, Thatcham Berkshire, RG19 4EP, UK Phone: +44 (0) 1635 587 900 Fax: +44 (0) 1635 292 314 Email: For distribution consideration please use the above postal address for sending demos

    Taikoza Home page
    New York based organization and ensemble. History, instruments, performance
    schedule, photographs, and video.

  • Taikoza, a Japanese music and dance group, founded by, has dazzled audiences worldwide with its electrifying performances since 1995

  • Drawing from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance, and inspired by the many festivals and rhythms of Japan, Taikoza has created a repertoire incorporating a variety of musical instruments

  • In 2004 , Beginnings, Taikoza’s first album, was nominated for a Just Plain Folks Music Award

  • Bunyan; Malika Duckworth taikoza offers East winds presents its newest CD EAST WINDS ENSEMBLE THEME MUSIC FROM H

  • MYAZAKI ANIME which includes music from movies by H

  • Myazaki, Spirited Away, and Totoro and Beginnings nominated in the Asian Ethnic/Language Album Division for the Just Plain Folks 2004 Music Award - Your source for music videos, celebrity news, shows ...
    Music video network.


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    Wichita Recordings : News
    List of bands signed to them, shop, and mp3s.

  • JULY 12 London - The Legion 13 London - The Barfly 14 Southwold - Latitude Festival AUGUST 05 London - The Spitz 19.06.06 - 6 Music Help Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's 'Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth' onto theBBC 6 Music playlist

  • The band are heading over to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in the States now before coming back to Europe at the end of the month for a handful of dates

    Haxed: Haxed
    Forums for discussion on music, books, events, television, and films. Includes an
    image gallery and a list of clubs, pubs, and shops in the area. FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions list for the usenet newsgroup.

  • This is the Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ) for the Usenet Newsgroup

  • The current version of this FAQ is posted to on the 14th and 27th of each month

  • To obtain the latest copy: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions HTML: TEXT: WAIS: Weird Al Information Source HTML: TEXT: Please send any corrections or suggestions to: Marty 'Gumby' Lick FAQ Maintainer for GENERAL INFORMATION INFORMATION BY ALBUM 'WEIRD AL YANKOVIC' (Self-Titled, 1983) IN 3-D (1984) DARE TO BE STUPID (1985) POLKA PARTY (1986) EVEN WORSE (1987) UHF (1989) OFF THE DEEP END(1992) ALAPALOOZA (1993) BAD HAIR DAY (1996) RUNNING WITH SCISSORS (1999) POODLE HAT (2003) Updated: 6/4/03 'Poodle Hat', Al's 11 th studio album was released on May 20 th , 2003

  • In some cases it's just a different genre of music, and not attributable to any single artist

  • Demento, it is listed in TV Guide as 'A 'late-night party' blending comedy, music, and videos

  • Updated: July 30, 1999 If you happen to own some of Al's music on LP format, take a close look at the inner circles on the records

    BLADAM - Life, Liberty, Love and Stuff - (Adam's humble blog)
    Detailed observations and tips on everyday life, including occasional pictures,
    but no cat photos.

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    noiseloop |
    Provides IDM related news, reviews, interviews, events listings, and links.

  • hello presenting! a new online independent store devoted to best contemporary independent music! The artists and labels that most represent at this time what is known as avant garde music; from dance music, to unsuspected electronics and all its subcategories, the most edgy experimental music, the latest evolutions of pop and most brilliant hip hop

  • Don't miss it! atolladero – Mon, 2006 – 09 – 04 20:55 or to post comments – 09//2006 New Release of Gruenrekorder Label Germany Gr 040 >Fragment, Compress | Mystified OUT NOW! Gr 040// Fragment, Compress | Mystified Field recordings and collages of phonographic material 50 Copies CDR > 12EUR + shipping gruenrekorder – Tue, 2006 – 09 – 05 08:58 or to post comments – A brand new event is inviting musicians and sound-artists to perform at a London arts venue in October (confirmed)

  • ----------------------------------- YOU ARE: a sound-artist or experimental musician ----------------------------------- YOU CREATE: space grooves/ experimental terrain/ ambient journeys/ tones and drones/ minimalist electronics/ or similar ----------------------------------- YOU USE: laptops/ synthesizers/ processed instruments or voice/ circuit bent toys/ etc ----------------------------------- SS_R – Thu, 2006 – 08 – 31 16:07 or to post comments – Start: 2006-09-29 22:00 End: 2006-09-30 06:00 Town: London Süd Electronic's 6 Year Birthday Bash ! How time flies when you are having fun !

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  • Watch here only the best online news, entertainment, sports, music and information TV-channels

    Livingston Music Scene - frontpage
    Local band information, forum and gallery.

    The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a load of stuff by Joel ...
    The Guru answers all questions on any issue whatsoever. Includes shockwave games
    and links.


    David Walsh on the San Francisco International Film Festival--Part ...
    David Walsh on the San Francisco International Film Festival 1999 -- Part 4.
    A Marxist viewpoint.

  • Over three days in December 1983 director Jonathan Demme and a crew filmed the Talking Heads, a popular American musical group, in concert, out of which the film Stop Making Sense emerged

  • The beat of the music, its exquisite danceability, for one thing

  • The music is there, with its beauty, so where is the problem? Without stretching the point, I think one discerns in this music the shock felt by sensitive people to the onset of reaction in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a revolt against the cold bureaucratic rationality, thus the appeal to "stop making sense." Before the cynicism, the resignation we experience so often today, there was discomfort and unease, a sense of vague menace

  • Press conference At a press conference April 26 in San Francisco the former members of the Talking Heads spoke about conditions, past and present, in the music industry

  • She referred to the current "triumph of mediocrity." She asserted that young musicians had great difficulty getting a record deal

  • Some of those doors have now closed." Her general opinion of contemporary music? "It's not subversive enough." Drummer Chris Frantz noted how expensive it now is for a band to tour "without corporate sponsorship or support from a record company...

    Internet Weekly Report - Issue 241 - Week of 09/04/2006
    Features humor, animation, current events and special sections.

  • Jon Stewart | Datajunkie, where the heck do you get all of these old sci-fi magazines? Uh-oh! | () It must be the same half who think Condi is cool too! | 08/04/2006 This IWR Friday Jam Session features Roxy Music performing from their album featuring and

    Blog Maverick
    Maintained by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

  • Or better yet, they could make it IPOD compatible, and chop out 10gbs of the IPOD for this application and the rest could be piped in for music or back seat video

    San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA)
    The San Francisco Robotics Society of America promotes free exchange of information
    about robotics to stimulate education in the sciences, create new businesses ...

  • "On Saturdays and Sundays, NASA TV airs beginning at Noon and continuing through 3am ET." Flash Robot Entertainment Jonathon Robinson's Flash Music Video portrays the robotic Prime Directive

    BBC - Leicester Music - Summer Sundae review
    Summer Sundae 2003 review, including a brief mention of the Alabama 3.

  • The third Summer Sundae provided a feast of fantastic music over a chilled weekend WATCH and LISTEN (28K) (28k) (28K) (28K) SEE ALSO WEB LINKS The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites

  • Saturday was the hottest in Leicester since 1911 and Sunday was punctured by thunder and lightning but come rain or shine, Summer Sundae blazed a trail which kept thousands of music lovers very happy

  • It's no surprise that this pale and interesting musician is a big favourite of John Peel's

  • Both are large bands who obviously don't take themselves too seriously but still provide great live music

  • It may have been their hangovers from celebrating drummer Neil's birthday or the fact that they have recently been dropped by their label which resulted in a more downbeat performance from when I last saw them at The Musician, but the songs were still as lovely as ever

  • The Musician tent was a huge success over the whole weekend providing both shade from the scorching sun on Saturday and from the pouring rain on Sunday

  • Looking rather like quiz show contestants, the grand dames and dudes provided a heartwarming few hours of great music, great anecdotes and great spirit

    Swank and sarcastic writings for nerds.

  • Since I have a 60 Gig iPod and a 80 Gig hard drive in my iBook I end up keeping my iTunes library on my external hard drive and that means that I can't listen to much music off my notebook when I am not plugged in at home

  • It is really worth while to invest in a decent pair of headphones when you consider that these are the direct interface between what you want to listen to and your music or game

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    List of the channel names/numbers in the Sky Digital package.


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