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Layman's introduction describing how nuclear medicine works and its uses in
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  • | Popular Searches > > > > > > > Sponsored By: Subjects > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > How Nuclear Medicine Works by Table of Contents In hospitals or on hospital dramas on TV, you've probably seen patients undergoing radiation therapy for, and doctors ordering PET scans to diagnose patients

  • These are part of the medical specialty called nuclear medicine

  • Nuclear medicine uses to image the and treat disease

  • Nuclear medicine looks at both the physiology (functioning) and the anatomy of the body in establishing diagnosis and treatment

  • In this edition of, we will explain some of the techniques and terms used in nuclear medicine

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    MIR Nuclear Medicine Network Access Page
    MIR provides more than 200 cases in all areas, in both browsing and quiz form.

  • Division of Nuclear Medicine Clinical-information Teaching-file Welcome to the MIR Nuclear Medicine Teaching File If you are new to nuclear medicine, take a look at "" at the Society of Nuclear Medicine web site

  • Nuclear medicine residency positions are available for positions starting July 2006

    European Association of Nuclear Medicine
    General information about the society, as well as its events and services.

  • [ ] July 21, 2006 Successful 5th European Paediatric Nuclear Medicine Symposium The 5th European Paediatric Nuclear Medicine Symposium took place at Platja d’Aro, Spain, from 25 to 28 May 2006

    The British Nuclear Medicine Society
    The journal, Nuclear Medicine Communications, is available here, as well as the
    society newsletter, awards and details about upcoming conferences.


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    Nuclear Medicine Research Council
    Provides a topical introduction, as well as its use in treating disease and the
    production and use of radioisotopes.

  • Nuclear Medicine Research Council Welcome to the Nuclear Medicine Research Council website! Spend a few minutes gathering information that can benefit someone’s health – maybe even save a life

  • The Nuclear Medicine Research Council (NMRC) is a nonprofit organization promoting the beneficial uses of radioisotopes to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease

  • Medical research in nuclear medicine is rapidly discovering improved strategies for fighting many varieties of cancers along with heart disease, arthritis, and other diseases

  • It provides opportunities for growing understanding and partnership so that the most promising nuclear medicine technologies can be effectively delivered to the people who need it most

    University of Kansas - Nuclear Medicine
    Details about their program and equipment, radiopharamaceutics, quality control,
    radioimmunoassay and PET. Large collection of clinical and research teaching ...

    Radioisotopes in Medicine
    Stable and unstable isotopes are covered.

  • Radioisotopes in Medicine Nuclear Issues Briefing Paper 26 February 2006 Nuclear medicine uses radiation to provide diagnostic information about the functioning of a person's specific organs, or to treat them

  • Millions of nuclear medicine procedures are performed each year, and demand for radioisotopes is increasing rapidly

  • NUCLEAR MEDICINE This is a branch of medicine that uses radiation to provide information about the functioning of a person's specific organs or to treat disease

  • In developed countries (26% of world population) the frequency of diagnostic nuclear medicine is 1.9% per year, and the frequency of therapy with radioisotopes is about one tenth of this

  • Nuclear medicine was developed in the 1950s by physicians with an endocrine emphasis, initially using iodine-131 to diagnose and then treat thyroid disease

  • DIAGNOSIS Diagnostic techniques in nuclear medicine use radioactive tracers which emit gamma rays from within the body

  • Positioning of the radiation source within the body makes the fundamental difference between nuclear medicine imaging and other imaging techniques such as x-rays

  • The radioisotope most widely used in medicine is technetium-99m , employed in some 80% of all nuclear medicine procedures - 40, 000 every day

    Imaginis - Nuclear Medicine Imaging (NM)
    Provides a layman's introduction, explaining the indications, uses and how it
    works, and what to expect during the scan. Also introduces PET scans.

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging (NM) Nuclear medicine imaging (also called radionuclide scanning) is an excellent diagnostic tool because it shows not only the anatomy (structure) of an organ or body part, but the function of the organ as well

  • This additional "functional information" allows nuclear medicine to diagnose certain diseases and various medical conditions much sooner than other medical imaging examinations which provide mainly anatomic (structural) information about an organ or body part

  • Nuclear medicine can be valuable in the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of numerous medical conditions and continues to grow as a powerful medical tool

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    Harvard Medical School Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine
    Information on this program from Harvard Medical School.

    The American Board of Nuclear Medicine (ABNM)
    The Board advances the health of the public through the establishment and
    maintenance of standards of training, and education, and the qualification of ...

    Clinical Nuclear Medicine - home
    Published monthly, with free abstracts, archived articles, and supscription details.

    Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine
    About their history, branches, as well as their meetings and publications.
    Membership forms online.


    Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine
    Teaching File Cases from the Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine.

  • The Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine website has moved

    Nuclear Medicine Communications - home
    Monthly journal of the BNMS publishing research and clinical work in all areas
    of nuclear medicine. Submission guidelines and subscription details available.

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    USU Radiology Education Gateway (tm)
    Internet and Distance Learning materials for teaching Anatomy, Radiology,
    Neuroradiology, Pathology and Medical Physics.

    Nuclear Medicine on the Net
    This site features case studies and interactive case forums amongst other physician
    information resources, and gives a brief history of the topic for the ...

    Nuclear Medicine Technology Resource WebSite
    Directory of references, terminology, pathology, methodology and teaching files.

  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Resource WebSite This website began as a project to organize and annotate my personal Nuclear Medicine Technology bookmarks

  • My primary objective is to provide links directly to useful nuclear medicine and related content, not to pages with more links

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    Twenty-five cases with large images, correlated with other imaging modalities
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    Select a Nuclear Medicine procedure
    Patient information about general, pediatric and cardiac nuclear medicine, as
    well as PET scans.

    Nuclear Medicine Centre - Napoli
    Research institute of the Italian National Research Council, focusing on diagnostic
    imaging of the central nervous system.

  • Nuclear Medicine Center Napoli, ITALIA Last update January 31, 2002, when the Nuclear Medicine Center merged in Welcome Research fields, Results, Publications


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