Zdim's Morrowind Mods
Features quest and item modifications.

  • Morrowind Mods by Zdim Note: All of these mods are compatible with Morrowind v1.2.0722

  • She will give you options to tell jokes, dance the high-kick, play the drum, play the lute and sing, or juggle.' : All of the 2002 official Morrowind mods in one convenient zipfile

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  • Morrowind mods The for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind! Oblivion Mods Planet Elder Scrolls hosts

  • 13:06 PST | MORROWIND MODS by Ginge13 by Starcon by Starcon by Starcon 4:07 PST | I spend a lot of time in the Oblivion Technical Problems forum

  • Tuesday, 8 August, 2006 – Planet Elder Scrolls News 12:22 PST | MORROWIND MODS by M6n6M6(Derek) by Kellick Stormcrow by Shannon Workman by Sabregirl Monday, 7 August, 2006 – Planet Elder Scrolls News 22:14 PST | MORROWIND MODS by Faylynn by HeadlessWonder by HeadlessWonder by HeadlessWonder by HeadlessWonder by HeadlessWonder Saturday, 5 August, 2006 – Planet Elder Scrolls News 9:34 PST | by Aelius by scruggs by Naga by AlienSlof Click 'Read More' for the full listing

  • One of the favourites for an award, Oblivion is nominated in no less than 5 categories ! Show your appreciation by voting Tuesday, 1 August, 2006 – Planet Elder Scrolls News 18:06 PST | MORROWIND MODS by Phijama by Crypts Of The Dead by Denina 12:40 PST | John submitted an interesting article about Oldblivion, called About a game called 'Oldblivion'

    Game Mods
    Features clothing add-ons and character model modifications.

  • Game Mods Name Game Links Daedrafall TESII: Daggerfall Neuman's Black Leather TESIII: Morrowind Neuman's Black Leather II TESIII: Morrowind Better Bodies v2.2 TESIII: Morrowind The following links contain pictures of our Better Bodies mod for Morrowind, while it was under development

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  • MORROWIND MYTHIC MODS List Menu Updated 3 September 2006 This site is intended to provide a useful collection of suggestions, lists of plugins and utilities, links to mods and mod advice, and tools and resources for the Morrowind gamer

  • Updated! New to Morrowind mods? How they work, what utilities you need to start, how to install and manage mods without messing up your game

  • Updated! Tarnsman's thorough listing of mods that make the Morrowind gaming experience more realistic

  • Updated! The legendary comprehensive list of selected mods, many suggested by the mod community, and play tested by the author

  • Updated! Looking for mods to use with a Monk character, a Khajiit, a vampire or a Mage? Searching for that perfect house, a quiver, quality weapons and armour or a few more Playable Races? Links to those lists and more are located here

  • New! Tutorials by lochnarus, Grumpy and others - mainly those hosted at Mythic Mods Development ongoing


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    Contains modifications, third party patches, FAQ and links.

  • what is? One last thing, my mod made it to number two for a brief time on most popular voted mods

  • I can only say thank you and that I will continue to make top quality mods until the stars burn out and the universe fades..

  • I wanted to sample some of the really good mods that are coming out

  • I like to hear from folks that have played my mods

    Barabus' Morrowind Mods - Download these mods at either TESMods ...
    Contains various modifications.

  • Barabus' Morrowind Mods Download these mods at either or Morrowind Summit Barabus Fireplaces 2 I recently took a second look at Barabus' fireplaces and came to the conclusion that the set was starting to look a bit old, to say the least ! Every fireplace was given a serious makeover, some have been replaced altogether, others remodelled and some have had a new paintjob, hope you like the results

    Maurits' Morrowind Mods and More -&--&- <img src="http://www ...
    Housing and town modifications. Provides information, screenshots, and forums.

  • Maurits' Morrowind Mods and More Updates Update 30-11-2003 I'm making a new site, hosted by, so I think this page will be left alone for quite a while

    LGNPC Morrowind Mod
    Aims to replace the generic dialogue with more interesting and engaging conversations.
    Contains downloads, progress status, and team introductions.

  • We plan to release merged mods for each region when it is done, and eventually a single mod for all of Vvardenfell

  • Thanks for visiting and enjoy the mods! visitors since 01/01/2005 Copyright &copy; 2004-2005 LGNPC Team

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    Photo by - HG Morrowind Gateway
    Features a variety of modifications. Also contains splash screens.

  • Feel free to do whatever you like w/ my mods, so long as credit is given where it's due

  • See amazing sights! Combat against impossible odds! Seek out and utilize strange and powerful artifacts, unlike anything seen before! And at the end of it all, have the opportunity to become a powerful lich! The Illuminated Order - A completely new faction with over 20 quests that will take you across Tamriel and beyond, including new and never before seen mod features and character opportunities! Mods by LDones Thief Experience Overhaul-LD v1.3b - Updated 1/12/03 - 37k - Put together from a month's worth of research &amp; discussion, this mod was created in an effort to give thieves and stealth-skilled characters in Morrowind a more interesting and rewarding experience, and fixes a number of glaring imbalances in the way some of the thief-oriented systems were implemented in-game

  • Other Highlights Mod Reviews - By Zenogias - Want the low-down on the most popular or overlooked mods for Morrowind? Look no further

  • Objective, detailed reviews of Morrowind Mods are now on-line here at the HG Morrowind Gateway, courtesy of community stalwart Zenogias, including pros, cons, and information regarding mod conflicts

    Beleglos' Morrowind Mods
    Presents screenshots and downloads for two modifications.

    Morrowind Developers Society
    Open community for developers. Includes introduction, member roster, information
    about projects, a chat room and forums.

  • Morrowind-Mods is almost here Edrick 8/8/2002 7:44:02 PM PST is almost set up again

  • I for one am glad to see that Morrowind-Mods is back

    The Elder Scrolls Source - Oblivion Mods and Plugins
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  • Why am I telling you this? Well, this is a blog, and I class blogs as the mind's way of doing a go figure! Comments: 16 &brvbar; 24983KB 508KB 7270KB 1485KB 61KB 18659KB 24224KB Mods Uploaded On Thursday 14th September 2006 Posted by: on 14th September 2006 Here are the mods uploaded to TESSource on Thursday 14th September 2006: New Mods Updated Mods Comments: 0 &brvbar; Mods Uploaded On Wednesday 13th September 2006 Posted by: on 13th September 2006 Here are the mods uploaded to TESSource on Wednesday 13th September 2006: New Mods Updated Mods Comments: 0 &brvbar; Mods Uploaded On Tuesday 12th September 2006 Posted by: on 12th September 2006 Here are the mods uploaded to TESSource on Tuesday 12th September 2006: New Mods Updated Mods Comments: 0 &brvbar; Oblivion Expansion Likely! Posted by: on 12th September 2006 I just so happened to at

  • How many mods are you currently using in Oblivion? None Less than 10 Less than 25 Less than 50 Less than 100 More than 100 have been made about this poll


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  • August 2005 Morrowind: Newest Mods/Mod Upgrades & News @ Morrowind Summit Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - August 27, 2005 - 14:47 - | The charming Bryss Phoenix has just very recently joined the staff of the in the capacity of 'Mod Upload Overseer'..

  • Despite some of her 'starting pains', I'd highly encourage you to see for yourselves what the Morrowind Summit - the premium Morrowind modsite for all of your adventuring needs - has to offer!!! Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - 2nd Oblivion Fan Interview @ Official Forums (PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Kristophe @ Friday - August 26, 2005 - 16:29 - | The 2nd Oblivion fan interview has been completed, and the 'results are in' over on the official Bethesda Softworks Oblivion ..

  • TCW: 'Is there any new word on whether or not user made mods for Oblivion will be available for download via xbox live? At the time of your Gamespy interview it sounded like a 'No'

  • Morrowind: Newest Mods/Mod Upgrades & News @ Morrowind Summit Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - August 20, 2005 - 17:40 - | Well APY still hasn't gotten his new DSL connection installed (at least not at last word that I have heard of), so Bryss Phoenix is still busily updating the Morrowind Summit's database with all of the new for your epic adventuring pleasure..

    The Elder Scrolls Source - Oblivion Mods and Oblivion Plugins
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  • NAVIGATION MAIN MENU | MEMBER BAR | QUICK SEARCH QUICK JUMP NAVIGATION WELCOME TO THE TESSOURCE MODS DATABASE - SUPPORT THE SOURCE! MORROWIND (116 files) (32 files) (65 files) (6 files) (30 files) (95 files) (151 files) (141 files) (24 files) (62 files) (1 files) (35 files) (89 files) (34 files) (142 files) Total Files: 1023 OBLIVION (283 files) (94 files) (77 files) (94 files) (718 files) (34 files) (78 files) (346 files) (575 files) (350 files) (37 files) (102 files) (10 files) (78 files) (150 files) (301 files) (69 files) (76 files) (612 files) Total Files: 4084 ADVERTISING

    Leiawen's Morrowind Pages
    Offers body, weapon and clothing modifications. Also contains a tutorial.

  • I wish to keep most of my work exclusive to my own mods, especially things like The Pretty Faces Project

    Life to Morrowind
    A unreleased modification, that will add NPC schedules and third party patches.
    Includes news, information and progress status.

  • At the moment, in my mind, I have two unfinished Morrowind mods: The Unofficial Morrowind Patch, and LtM: Seyda Neen

  • With my Oblivion mods I doubt I will ever be able to spread it all over Vvardenfell, but one town is better than none

  • Oblivion is around the corner, and I have some large mods planned and designed for it, as well as some smaller ones, and I feel the need to look to the future now

  • But for now, I'll be creating mods for Morrowind

  • Anyway, if you wish to help with the project, by assisting in putting it together, donating some of your work, or even by giving us a general 'Use any of my mods',

    Elric Melnibone in Morrowind
    Presents character pictures, fan art and a few modifications.

    CosMorroWind - Les meilleurs mods de Morrowind en français
    Téléchargements de mods traduits en français pour le jeu Morrowind.

  • Ici, vous trouverez quelques mods pour Morrowind, notamment ceux que j'ai traduit moi-m&ecirc;me en VF

  • Ambiance : les mods qui modifient l'ambiance (graphisme, son) sans modifier la mani&egrave;re de jouer

  • Les mods externes, c'est parce que je traduis des mods biens (en général), mais je n'ai pas le monopole des mods biens

  • Alors voilà ma sélection d'autres mods biens

  • Nombre total de mods actuellement : 22 Mods en cours de traduction : Aucun - [Jamais] Dernières nouvelles : Le 18/06/2005 à 22:28 : On sait jamais, pour ceux qui sont encore là..

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for PC Review - PC The Elder ...
    PC version reviewed by Greg Kasavin. Also contains screen shots and a video review.

    Main Page - Oblivion Mod Wiki
    A wiki-based Oblivion modification database.

  • Featured Mods Section, also seeking editors The newest upcoming feature of this wiki is the section

  • This will be basically an extension of the Recommended Mods, displaying mods from that section

  • - Recommended Mods Section, seeking editors Well, the Wiki now has a section

  • Your job as an editor of the Recommended Mod section would be to play through mods that are suggested/recommended by others or yourself

  • To see all the mods that have been added so far, see the category

  • We also now have a section, where all of the mods that're listed have been tested, and are recommended

  • (Quite a few have reviews, too.) For the newest mods, check the log

  • Do you have ideas for new mods but can't mod yourself? Put your idea on the page


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