Literary Terms / Rhetorical Devices
Rhetorical figures that come with examples. From the Classics Department at the
University of Kentucky.

  • Division of Classics Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Literatures, & Cultures 1055 Patterson Office Tower | University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY 40506-0027 ph: 859 257 3761 | fax: 859 257 3743 | e-mail: A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples Socrates: The fact is, as we said at the beginning of our discussion, that the aspiring speaker needs no knowledge of the truth about what is right or good..

    What Do You Want to Know Today?
    Includes searches on indexes to scholarly journals, dictionaries, image archives,
    listserve archives, online translators, and Classics web search engines.

  • Rutter's Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean Search the index to Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt () Perseus Word and Phrase Search (English documents) Separate terms by space (continuous) or semi-colon (nearby)

  • Search English definitions in: Position of text (optional): Order of results (optional): Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary (Perseus) Barnes and Noble A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices A Glossary of Literary Terms Webster's Dictionary (Use * for substring searches, e.g.threat*) Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus WWWebster Thesaurus (Use * for substring searches) Bartlett's Familiar Quotations () Langenscheidt's The new English-German Dictionary Sanskrit The Internet Classics Archive (Translations) Match..

    Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
    Alphabetical list of definitions. By Jack Lynch.

  • Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms By Jack Lynch, Rutgers University Last revised 3 August 1999 Please note that this guide isn't yet ready for public viewing — I'm still working on putting it together, and there are gaps aplenty

  • I've often given only traditional definitions, although I try, when possible, to indicate that many of these terms (especially those relating to historical periods and canonicity) have come under fire

  • I give the names only because they're familiar, and may help readers of this guide hang unfamiliar terms on familiar names — and vice versa

  • I've tried from time to time to introduce a few American examples and to define terms specific to American literature, but I've not tried to extend my range any further: I stop at the borders of English-language literature

  • The writings on rhetoric and literary terms are vast

  • For starters: , A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms , 2nd ed

    Lynch, Literary Terms — Modernism
    A very brief definition of the literary term "Modernism."


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    Glossary of Literary Theory
    An index of brief explanations of critical terms. Hosted by the University of Toronto.

    A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
    Book containing definitions and examples of traditional rhetorical devices.
    By Robert A. Harris.

  • Few have abilities so much needed by the rest of the world as to be caressed on their own terms; and he that will not condescend to recommend himself by external embellishments must submit to the fate of just sentiments meanly expressed, and be ridiculed and forgotten before he is understood

    The Literary Encyclopedia
    A system of databases that provides up-to-date 2500-word profiles of literary
    authors, works and topics. Requires paid membership.

    International Dictionary of Literary Terms
    Searchable database with term, article and nomenclature indexes. Thesaurus.
    Founded by the International Comparative Literature Association, in partnership with ...

  • DITLDictionnaire International des Termes Littéraires International Dictionary of Literary Terms Managing editor: Jean-Marie Grassin Web editor: Joseph Fahey Founded in 1958 in Chapel Hill, N.C., by the Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée ( ICLA, Robert Escarpit )

  • The DITL Thesaurus provides direct access to the entire DITL lexicographical database, including those terms for which articles have not yet been submitted

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    Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms
    Definitions, with an anthology of poetry on a variety of subjects.

  • Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms A free, online poetry resource providing the famous poems by the World's most popular Poets

  • We also have sections covering the Poetry forms, terms and definitions often referred to by those interested in the subject of writing poetry

  • The poetry terms and Poetry forms will help any students of this subject

  • Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms Poetry Form - ABC poem - Ballad - Ballade - Blank verse - Burlesque - Canzone - Poetry Form - Carpe diem - Cinquain - Classicism - Couplet - Elegy - Epic - Epigram - Poetry Form - Epitaph - Epithalamium (or Epithalamion) - Free verse (also vers libre) - Haiku - Idyll, or Idyl - Lay - Limerick - Lyric - Name Poem - Narrative Poetry - Ode - Pastoral - Quatrain - Rhyme - Rhyme royal - Romanticism - Tanka -  Terza rima - Sonnet - Verse - Poetry Form Poetry Forms - ( Poetry Terms follow) The definition of poetry is a type of literature that is written in meter

  • In poetry, form is described in terms elements like rhyme, meter, and stanzaic pattern

  • The section covering Specific terms used in Poetry follows directly after the definitions of Poetry forms

  • In poetry, form is described in terms elements like rhyme, meter, and stanzaic pattern

    Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (1732-1799) webpage dedicated to the French dramatist.

    Introduction to Modern Literary Theory
    An index with brief explanations and bibliographies.

  • Key Terms: Intentional Fallacy - equating the meaning of a poem with the author's intentions

  • In terms of archetypal criticism, the color white might be associated with innocence or could signify death or the supernatural

  • Key Terms: Anima - feminine aspect - the inner feminine part of the male personality or a man's image of a woman

  • Key Terms: Unconscious - the irrational part of the psyche unavailable to a person's consciousness except through dissociated acts or dreams

  • Key Terms (note: definitions below taken from Ann B

  • Key Terms: Alterity - "lack of identification with some part of one's personality or one's community, differentness, otherness" Diaspora (dI-ASP-er-ah- "is used (without capitalization) to refer to any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands, being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments in their dispersal and culture" (Wikipedia)

  • Key Terms: Absurd - a term used to describe existence--a world without inherent meaning or truth

  • Key Terms: Dasein - simply, "being there, " or "being-in-the world" - Heidegger argued that "what is distinctive about human existence is its Dasein ('givenness'): our consciousness both projects the things of the world and at the same time is subjected to the world by the very nature of existence in the world" (Selden and Widdowson 52 - see General Resources below)

    Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
    By Jack Lynch, Rutgers University.

  • (Gideon Burton, Brigham Young) -- A superb guide to classical rhetoric, with definitions of many rhetorical terms

  • Poetry: A Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry (Harry Rusche, Emory) — Defines just a handful of terms, but in some depth, with useful examples

  • Literary Terms: A Glossary of Rhetorical Figures (UKY) — A pair of glossaries, giving brief definitions of dozens of terms

  • ( -- An extensive set of very brief definitions of terms from grammar and rhetoric

  • — Includes advice on mechanics, logic, literary terms, documentation, and other writing topics


    John Donne and Metaphysical Conceits
    Lesson plan for teaching Donne's poems. From Georgia Learning Connections.

  • 30 Topic: Reading/Literature Standard: Applies knowledge of literary terms to works of literature

  • The teacher may wish to use the literary device links to help students with the terms 'paradox, conceit, and hyperbole.' Web Resources for Step 1 Title: What is Metaphysical Poetry? URL: Annotation: This Georgetown Web page offers a detailed definition of metaphysical poetry

  • Title: Glossary of Terms URL: Annotation: Conceit, hyperbole, and paradox are all defined in this online glossary of literary terms

    Subject Guide for Canadian Literature
    Includes companions, bibliographies, and periodicals.

  • CONNECT: The concise Oxford dictionary of literary terms / Baldick

  • A dictionary of literary terms and literary theory / Cuddon

  • A glossary of literary terms / Abrams

    Terms and Definitions
    Definitions of some basic terms used in the discussion of literary theory.

  • (Hedges) Binary Opposition A pair of terms differentiated by their opposition to one another

  • It is not only that every description is somewhat "biased, " but also that the very terms used to describe something reflect power relations

    Glossary of Terms
    Definitions of key words in the discussion of literary theory.

  • They propose a third model, the "experientialist myth, " which describes the world by meansof shared experiences; at the heart of this theory is the claim that weunderstand one another by creating and sharing conceptual metaphors which allow us to understand unfamiliar concepts in terms of familiar ones

  • RHETORIC - In ancient Greece and Rome, the artof using language to persuade or influence others; in medieval scholasticism, the rules followed by a writer or speaker who wished to express him or herselfeloquently; in modern common usage, speech or writing expressed in termsintended to persuade

  • Most such terms are usedto mean whatever the writer chooses it to mean

  • Twentieth-century critics, however, have dismissed this trope as toocrude to account for the full complexity of poetic experience: "Apprehensionin terms of one of the senses is described in terms of, or compared with, one of the others; this has been called synaesthesia, and is clearly sometimeseffective

    Russian Literature Resource Guide
    Literary encyclopedias, major works, journals and bibliographies from Duke University.

  • Part One of this guide lists research tools of use to students of all types of literature, including general dictionaries of literary terms, encyclopedias, and indices for book reviews and biographical information on authors

  • ed.) Cross referenced essays on major critical methods, literary terms and concepts

  • LOCATION: Lilly Reference -- CALL NUMBER: 803 B177, C744, 2001 LOCATION: Perkins Reference -- CALL NUMBER: 803 C744, 1990 Contains brief entries for foreign and English terms used in general literary study

  • LOCATION: Perkins -- CALL NUMBER: 306.014 B872, C968, 1999 A dictionary of key terms in cultural studies

  • LOCATION: Perkins Reference -- CALL NUMBER: 803 E56, 1998 The table of contents consists of an alphabetical list of entries and a list of entries by category: authors, works, scholars and movements, and concepts and terms

  • LOCATION: Perkins Reference -- CALL NUMBER: 803 H294, 1997 Concise definitions for literary terms, genres, and movements, with references to Russian literature, organized alphabetically

  • LOCATION: Perkins -- CALL NUMBER: 803 H288, H236, 2000 LOCATION: Perkins Reference Desk -- CALL NUMBER: 803 H288, H236, 2000 Alphabetical listing of over two thousand terms and facts in literature, linguistics, rhetoric, criticism, printing, bookselling, and information technology

    English Exercises Online
    Interactive exercises at all levels.

  • Chapters 7 - 10 Here is an exercise with the Literary Terms you are supposed to be able to use during your oral exams! We can use prefixes to give words the opposite meanings and make antonyms

  • Rhetorical & Literary Terms Here is an exercise to help you remember the Figures and Tropes that I asked you to learn

  • Don't forget that these are applicable to the study of (almost) any literature in (almost) any language! Here is another exercise, but this time for the Literary Terms you are supposed to be able to use during your oral exams! Both of the following use the same text, but in a different way

    Wikipedia - Russian Language
    A collaboratively edited article covering classification, geographic distribution,
    writing system, sounds, grammar, vocabulary and history of the language.

  • According to the in, Russian is classified as a level III language in terms of learning difficulty for native English speakers, requiring approximately 780 hours of immersion instruction to achieve intermediate fluency

    Letrs' QuickGuides: Robert Musil
    Introduction to Robert Musil literary remains database (PEP).

  • The result of each search, of either type, is a number of pages together with their descriptions containing the search terms

  • After a Volltextsuche , the lines containing instances of the search terms are marked with a right-pointing triangle in the left hand margin and the first instance on each manuscript page will be aligned with the top of the screen when you shift to that page; to find the next mark, and consequently the next hit on that page, use [Alt-M] or the mouse

  • You may link two or more search criteria and terms with 'und' (and), 'oder' (or) and 'nicht' (not)

  • '[Spc]' represents a space.) Adjacency searching [Ctrl-v] may be used to limit the distance between two search terms

  • Verweis denotes references to specific manuscripts; Musil's complicated reference coding system has been standardized to facilitate the use of meaningful search terms

  • After a search your Referenzliste will contain only those pages which contain the terms and match the criteria from your previous search, the others will have been deleted

  • In preparing this list we have tried to locate the terms in a standard computer dictionary or a general German-English dictionary


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