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Warner Bros. Online: Kids
Includes interactive stories, games, original online features, Classic Looney
Tunes cartoons, and specials for upcoming and current movies, such as Pokemon, ...

  • Check out the latest WB movies, featuring Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo and the Looney Tunes, plus TV shows such as Static Shock, Xiaolin Showdown, Mucha Lucha, What’s New, Scooby-Doo and Baby Looney Tunes and many more cool cartoons, games and sweepstakes

  • The WB Fun Stuff page offers games from Kids’ WB and Looney Tunes, including Rude ‘Tude Taz! Other Features: Kids' WB Cartoon Network Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban games Pepe Le Pew's Love Run Looney Tunes Get Animated Giveaway Sweepstakes Mucha Lucha Build Your Own Wrestler Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Game JavaScript is required to visit this site

    The official Warner Brothers site. Trading cards, show schedule, character
    biographies, and games.

  • Electrifying guests: Lil' Romeo & Superman The NEW 'Static Shock' For previews, click here Lil' Romeo and, The Man of Steel with Static Shock! Electrifying NEW GAME! Sky Surf with Static Shock Play NOW, click here How fast..

  • can YOU fly? Play the GAME! Season 3 on Kids'WB: High-voltage NEW episodes feature Gotham Girls, Batman and the Justice League! Join electrifying teen super hero Static Shock for all-new Season 3 adventures on Kids'WB! Electrifying teen super hero Static Shock has a new crime-fighting partner in Season 3 on Kids'WB! High-voltage NEW episodes - Season 3 on Kids' WB! Electrifying Season 3 action on Kids'WB! Join the electrifying super hero on Kids' WB! Play the Static Shock Trivia Game! Hey, STATIC fans: To peep out scenes from the electrifying new season, you gotta show us what you know! If you can answer the following questions correctly, you'll get a funky fresh STATIC SHOCK Sneak Peek

  • PLAY NOW PLAY the STATIC SHOCK Sky Surfing Game! You have 60 seconds to get Static through the course

    Family Screen Scene Home
    Reviews, previews, and highlights of television, movies, DVDs, and videos.

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    Kids WB Presents Pokémon 3: The Movie (2001): Veronica Taylor ...
    Detailed review of the film and nationwide showtimes.

  • First off, I should make a distinction between Pokémon the trading-card game and Pokémon the animation juggernaut

  • I've always been down with the card game, which, like all RPG's fosters intuitive and analytic thinking, imagination and creativity

    CNN - Pokémon banished from another playground - October 5, 1999

  • They're based on the Japanese 'pocket monster' games and television show

  • Pokémon parent Nintendo has sold more than six million games in the United States in a single year

  • Part of that success may be because the games and television series seem to appeal to both boys and girls

  • Some parents say they find their younglings' day-trading obsession with Pokémon to be a disturbingly materialist venture that encourages competition and an endless drive to acquire more cards, games, stuffed animals, key chains, collector books and other paraphernalia

  • We see no reason to expect a different result in this case.' The National Parenting Center sees Pokémon in a positive light, awarding the game its seal of approval

  • And the future looks bright for the lucrative phenomenon, with two more Pokémon games on the way -- the first arriving this month -- and anticipation mounting for next month's opening of the film

    CNN - Review: 'Pokémon: The First Movie' -- cheesy kid stuff ...

  • But there's now an indecipherable film to accompany the indecipherable card game that's sucking up your child's brain cells like a dollar-generated cranial whirlpool

  • Through a series of card games -- or Nintendo battles, if that's what you're into -- you train the monsters to become more and more powerful

    Animaniacs Voice Artists Live
    Transcript of a chat with Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille. [America

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    Photo by :: News & Updates
    Teen Titans fansite for the animated series on Cartoon Network. Includes news,
    contests, schedule, show information, merchandise, and forums.

  • This panel, moderated by journalist Jon Burlingame (Variety), will feature video clips, audio clips, and insider info about their upcoming projects

  • For Titan fans attending Comic-Con, these panels can't be missed! Happy July 4th! (Titans crew art, G4 podcasts TT game review, and 'Legion' preview on TV!) Posted by on July 4, 2006 @ 11:12 pm EST Happy 4th of July, everyone! Teen Titans character designer Brianne Drouhard has put up a production drawing of Beast Boy's (from episode 'Revolution') on her blog for the occasion! Give them a look, let Brianne know what you think, then go blow stuff up in celebration of Independence Day

  • Some more Titans art: Johane Matte, artist for the Teen Titans console game, dug up she did during the game's production

  • Those playing the game may find them in the unlockables gallery, along with much more

  • If you still don't have the game, ! For fans, it's alot to miss out on

  • In more game news, reports that games channel G4 has put up a podcast for their Teen Titans console game review by X-Play

  • As a special bonus, the DVD includes the Postopia cereal promo, ! This half-length episode was woefully missing from past DVD releases, but now fans who missed it during its promotional run will get their chance! There'll also be a 'Robin's Underworld Race Challenge' feature, most likely an interactive DVD game

    WB 43 - WNYS, Syracuse
    Get entertainment, weather, and community information. It's the Frog Network in
    Syracuse, NY.

    Kids Domain - PC Freeware sorted by age
    Free software and screensavers organised by age group.

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    Time for Kids | Specials | RL Stine, author
    Terrifying tale-teller reveals what inspired him to write and offers tips for
    aspiring authors.

  • KID WB GAME ? - RL Stine
    Features a profile of the writer, reviews of his works, and an interview.

    Toon Zone - Your Source for Toon News!
    Daily updated animation, cartoons and comics-related entertainment news, reviews,
    and DVD details. Serving the fan and professional community since 1997.

    Hobbs Public Library - Kids' Page
    Lots of great links to kid's resources on the Web.

  • It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject - alphabetical listing of kids sites on the web - web search for kids by librarians - a site for and about kids - the web guide for kids! Also features games, jokes, news, sports, reference, and more   - permanent exhibition of the rarest, most interesting, or significant items relating to the history of the United States - interactive wildlife and conservation site featuring games, quizzes, fact sheets, stories, teacher resources, and other cool stuff - collections include more than two million works of art, spanning more than 5, 000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present - The US national zoo is supported by the federal government and administered by the Smithsonian Institution - find out about killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, gorillas, lions, manatees and more

  • Info on setting up a tropical saltwater aquarium - games and puzzles about campfire safety and forest fire prevention - dedicated to understanding the natural world and our place in it - online exhibits and visitor information - online extension of a museum exhibit, is a collaboration by Nearlife, Inc

    Kevin Michael Richardson
    Filmography, TV credits, and other details.

    Beth Broderick at
    Article, filmography, contact address, links and pictures.

    The Critical Eye | Paul Dini
    By Emru Townsend. [The Critical Eye] "What it's like to have the job every Batfan
    dreams of."

    Linkasaurus ® - Official Kids Sites
    A collection of official sites of interest to kids - toys, games, movies, TV
    networks, sports, museums, and organizations.

  • Press Ctrl-D Now! Mail link suggestions to ! Spotlight Fun Site: Discovery Internet Fun & Searching TV Learning Reference Science Fun Space Books & Reading News & Magazines Zoos & Aquariums Museums Government Organizations & Groups Fun Stuff Comics, Cartoons & Characters Toys & Games Computers & Video Games Toy Stores & Companies Food & Drinks Desserts & Candy Amusement Parks Circuses Fun Companies Entertainment Celebrities - Movies & TV Celebrities - Music Celebrities - Sports Movies TV Shows TV Networks Kids' Sports Leagues Sports Leagues Sporting Events Olympic Organizations NOTE TO PARENTS : We have provided the following '' (web sites authorized, created or operated by the organization, company or entity) for your child's fun and enjoyment

    Red 12's Kids Page
    Information about Josef. Includes game and educational links.

  • MY COOL LIST OF AWESOME LINKS Send my page to someone, click on the gear above! Thanks! Get all the help you need -Educational Shareware Games to download BONUS.COM The SuperSite For Kids!™ 1, 500+ Entertaining and Educational Activities! : Great Lego Stuff : Fun : fun and exciting : Build your own race track

  • : golf, air rescue, bowling : lots of neat stuff : All the Great PBS shows : WB, Visit the Frog : See rare tigers and lions : Learn about endangered tigers, play games, write poetry


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