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Chefs battle Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and Masaharu Morimoto on the Food Network.
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  • $19.95 $19.95 $14.95 Related Shows • • Based upon the format of the Japanese cult sensation, Iron Chef America carries on the legend of Kitchen Stadium and the famed 'secret ingredient.' Each week, world-class chefs battle the legendary Iron Chefs of America: Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora

    Food Network : Cooking, Recipe Collections, Party Ideas, Quick ...
    Includes cooking and wine guides, and recipes. Provides information and schedule
    of television shows featuring celebrity chefs, cooking instruction and ...

    Chef Masaharu Morimoto
    Official site of Masaharu Morimoto, Iron Chef Japanese. Promotes his knives and
    beer, provides biography and appearance schedule, and briefly describes his ...

    the Darken Hollow - Fandom - Iron Chef - Reverse Engineered Recipes
    Collection of fans' best guesses at recipes cooked on the program.

  • I do not claim to be a chef, nor do I think that I am in any way a match for the kind of professionals who appear on 'Iron Chef' each week

  • I have, however, been fascinated by their dishes -both Challengers and Iron Chefs alike- and have attempted a few of them from time to time

  • Please feel free to commenting on them and even offering your suggestions as to my interpretations! The contents of this page are in no way an attempt to infringe upon the rights of Fuji Television, any of the Iron Chefs nor any of the Challengers

  • Great forums, an interactive story, scheduling info and great news! He's insane and he loves 'Iron Chef'

  • This is a fun home page by self-described 'Iron Chef Kentucky'

  • Check it out! Another fan of 'Iron Chef', but this one *is* a Chef and posts various recipes and techniques to the web...! Master Link Index | This page and it's contents are ©Copyright 1996 - 2002 No re-production or alteration is allowed without direct, written permission

  • info: IRON CHEF

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    Iron Chef
    Fan site offers FAQ, trivia, chef biographies, and summaries of favorite episodes.

    Iron Chef Geocaching
    Listing of logged and placed geocaches. Includes news for the Santa Cruz area.

  • Iron Chef Geocaching I've moved the location of this website from one directory to another - Food Central - News - 'Iron Chef' brings cooking ...

    QQQ - Iron Chef Kono ato
    Fan site has video clips of episodes and related commercials, plus summaries of
    episodes never shown on the Food Network.

  • The Menu About - - Who's Who? - - - Shin (new) Tetsujin Special Battles 2001 - 2000 - Millenium Cup 1999 - - - - 1996 - Extraordinary Battles 1996 - - 1997 - 1999 - - - - - Video Clips - - - Commercial - Commercial - Commercial - - Iron Chef Books - Special Stuff! - - - Back to Anime - - since 05/20/99 Iron Chef, where drama, cooking, and food fanaticism combine to form the battle cooking show

  • 04/14/20002 - This is the Iron Chef in New York aka Morimoto Retrospective Battle

  • Just a few spoiler shots 04/08/01 - The 1996, 3 hour Beijing Special is by far the most elaborate production of Iron Chef

  • 02/20/01 - Kaga appears in two vintage 1996 commercials for a Iron Chef's grand sponsor, Nissan

  • Follow the link to 01/17/01 - Tiery Unges is best known as the Black chef who marches into KS in the FTV IC prologue

  • Special thanks to Iron Chef Reporter (ICR) for giving us the scoop on Iron Chef for years on end

  • ICR gave sense to moments in Iron Chef where it made no sense to us and helped us enjoy Iron Chef to it's fullest

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    FoodTV : Home Page
    Recipes, program schedule and capsules, and chef biographies from the Canadian version.

  • August 12, 2006 ||||||||| 7:00 PM EST Kitchen Equipped  (CC)   7:30 PM EST Chef at Large  (CC)   8:00 PM EST Barefoot Contessa  (CC)   8:30 PM EST Licence to Grill  (CC)   9:00 PM EST Good Eats  (CC)     Rob Rainford On Cooking With Corona Are you a foodie, or know someone who is? Planning a wedding? Opening a restaurant? Have picky eaters in the family? Find out about current opportunities and how you could be on a Food Network show

  • You don’t have to have a lavish kitchen tool budget to cook like a professional chef

    FoodTV : 404
    A truly traditional recipe for Lasagna Bolognese from one of the Food TV Canada
    hosts, Christine Cushing.

    Restaurant by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Stephen Starr. See photos of the
    restaurant, browse the current menu, get directions.

    Taste of Omaha - Mid-America Expositions
    Annual exposition featuring a wide selection of area restaurants, live entertainment
    and events. Free admission.

  • Presented by Chef Paul Capel, T-Bone Grill House

  • You’ve seen Iron Chef on television, now see live demonstrations and learn techniques, recipes and ideas used in the process

  • 1 :00 PM Iron Chef Metro Competition -- Flight 1 -- Battle Duck 3 :00 PM Iron Chef Metro Competition -- Flight 2 -- Battle Hangar Steak 5:00 PM Iron Chef Metro Competition -- Flight 3 -- Battle Pork Chop 7:00 PM Iron Chef Metro Competition -- Flight 4 -- Battle Trout 7:3 0 PM Iron Chef Metro Competition -- WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT SUNDAY, JUNE 11th 1:00 PM Coffee Tasting -- Presented by Daren Kizlin of MJ JAVA Fine Roasted Coffee Taste over 20 different blends and varieties of coffee

  • 3 :00 PM Italian Sauces -- Paul Pellerito, Head chef / owner of Faro’s Ristorante & Market will demonstrate his cooking techniques on a variety of different pasta sauces


    Iron "Q" Sauces
    Barbecue and hot sauces, marinades and dry rubs, and gift baskets.

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    IGN Babes: Pics and Interviews
    Facts about the Croatian model, as well as selected photographs.

    Trevor Chan's Restaurant Empire for PC Review - PC Trevor Chan's ...
    [7.7/10] By Bob Colayco. "...[D]espite a slightly flawed interface and presentation,
    provides an enjoyable and deep strategy experience."

  • The popular Food Network show Iron Chef has been a cult hit in the United States for years, offering viewers entertaining cooking battles between some of the world's top chefs

  • Restaurant Empire comes with two gameplay modes: a sandbox mode and an 18-scenario campaign that follows the adventures of a young chef, Armand LeBoeuf, who has just graduated from cooking school

  • Armand begins the game managing a restaurant formerly run by his uncle Michel, also an expert chef, and he sets out to expand his operation to include several restaurants in three cities (Paris, Rome, and Los Angeles)

  • You'll need to hire general staff for each restaurant, like servers, captains, kitchen porters, and, of course, chefs

  • Each chef in the game has different levels of skill in different areas, such as appetizers, main courses, and soups

  • As your chefs practice making certain dishes, they'll gain more skill points in that particular category of cuisine and the specific dish, which also affects the overall quality of the food

  • It's even possible to assign a specific chef in the kitchen to be the only one to prepare certain dishes, in order to make him or her improve at certain recipes more quickly

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  • Stay tuned! Spenger's Crabby Chef Festival “Iron Chef” Style Cook-Off Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto hosted the Fifth Annual The Crabby Chef Competition 2005 on Sunday, Oct

  • The 20-minute “iron Chef” cook-off featured top East Bay chefs from Cafe Venezia, Diablo Valley College/Culinary Arts Program, Pleasanton Hotel, McCormick’s & Kuleto’s, Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto and the Walnut Creek Yacht Club

  • The colorful culinary competition culminated with a “Crabby Chef” being chosen

    The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS
    Home page of the first US team to compete in the Scrapheap Challenge (Junkyard
    Wars in the US) engineering competition TV show. Teaches kids that engineering is ...

  • Crash gets credit for 90% of the Survivor Comparison and 10% of the Iron Chef comparison

  • DP gets credit for 90% of the Iron Chef comparison and 10% of the Survivor Comparison

    Inside Education - Welcome
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  • Book your fall field trips It's not Iron's Iron Science Teacher! Calling all science teachers: enter Alberta Ingenuity's Iron Science Teacher

  • The event follows a format similar to the famous "Iron Chef" television series with four teams of teachers presenting interdisciplinary lessons built around a secret ingredient

    Melbourne Anime Festival | MANIFEST 2006
    Annual convention in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Lastly, we'd just like to mention that the date for the T-shirt, AMV and Iron Chef competitions have now been extended till the 31st of August, so get working on those submissions! Fanfic Competition Now Open | 1/06/06 We would like to announce the opening of the Fanfic competition where you can enter the great stories you've created, based on the anime you love

  • A very exciting piece of news is the opening of the Iron Chef AMV competition for entries

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