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The Hindu Group of Publications
Leading national daily newspaper, from Chennai, also available on line here with
links to sister publicat...

The Hindu Universe
A comprehensive website with links to Hindu culture, religion, temples and pilgrimages.

Hindu directory, with links to resources on ashrams, teachers, events, publications,
philosophy, deities,...

ReligiousTolerance.org: Hinduism
Features an overview, and briefs on chief deities, sacred texts, beliefs, and
the caste system.


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Wikipedia - Induismo
Articoli della libera enciclopedia, che accetta contributi editoriali dagli utenti.

Wikipedia: Hinduism
Article on the origins, scriptures, and philosophy of Hinduism.

BBC Religion and Ethics: Hinduism
Features an overview, history, beliefs, list of holy days, and customs.

En internetudstilling om hinduismen i praksis med et diasgalleri samt en lang
række nyttige informationer.


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Hindu Kids Universe
Contains prayers, festivals, customs and culture through pictorial descriptions,
and a forum for kids...

Banaras Hindu University
Promotes the study of the Hindu shastras and Sanskrit literature, with learning
and research in arts...

Vishwa Hindu Parishad
This organization is dedicated to serving the interests of Hinduism world wide.

Hindu Unity - Soldiers of Hindutva! Awake Hindus!
Many articles critical of Islam as a threat to Hinduism and Christianity.
Extensive list of related...


The Hindu Books Universe
Complete text of Hindu books online.

Hindu Image Gallery
Image gallery of Hindu deities.

The Hindu: Sci Tech
Weekly section of India's national newspaper offers news and features.

Hindu Philosophy
About the history, pre suppositions, epistemic concerns, language and schools of
Hindu philosophy.

Hindu Puja and Bhajans
A collection of Hindu pujas and bhajans. Includes articles on the pujas.

Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion
Companion site to accompany an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.
Features an overview...

Modern Day Hinduism
A site full of new information about Hinduism. Features links to other religious sites.

Sacred-texts: Vedas
The full text of all four Vedas in English, as well as the text of the Rig Veda
in Sanskrit, and many...


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