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IMDb: Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
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  • Cledus Snow/'Snowman' ...

  • Waynette Snow ...

  • Georgia State Trooper Also Known As: Bandit, Bandit (Europe)  Runtime: 96 min Country: Language: Color: (Technicolor) Sound Mix: Certification: / / / / (re-rating) / (original rating) / / (original rating) / (video rating) (1987) / / Trivia: The dog chosen for Snowman's pet was picked by, chiefly because he refused to obey commands

  • | 12 out of 19 people found the following comment useful:- Smokey bacon! , 9 June 2003 Author: from UK "Snowman what's your 20, you got your ears on, comeback? We got a Smokey convoy on our tail moving eastbound and down, with the peddle to the metal and the thing to the floor"

  • sorry, sidekick Snowman loaded up the truck with the brew..

    IMDb: Jule Styne
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  • Styne / Julie Styne Filmography as: , - filmography () () () () () () () () (2005) (writer: "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!") (2004) (writer: "Don't Rain on My Parade", "Let Me Entertain You") (2004) (writer: "Let Me Entertain You") - (2004) TV Episode (writer: "Rose's Turn") (2003) (writer: "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ") ..

  • aka Sotto il sole della Toscana (Italy) (2003) (music: "Let Me Entertain You") (2002) (music: "My Own Morning" (1967)) (2001) (writer: "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow") (2001) (writer: "SPARKLING DIAMONDS (Medley)", "HINDI SAD DIAMONDS (Medley)") (2001) (writer: "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend") (2001) (writer: "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend") ..

  • aka Wedding Planner - verliebt, verlobt, verplant (Germany) (2000) (writer: "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow") (2000) (writer: "The Late Late Show") (2000) (writer: "Just in time") (2000) (writer: "Bye Bye Baby", "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend") ..

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    Hey HON! The Bawlamerese Lexicon
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  • Fries) Klumya...Rouse's new city in Harrod Canny Sarn...siren Screet...My friend Izzy live right down the screet from me.(submitted by Rich Scheper) Semlem...neighborhood convience store Slong..another way to say goodbye Slop Machine...one-armed bandit Smour...what's the matter with you? Sneet...'That't neat!' Snay...Snow Snoo Few?...What's new with you? Sore...drainage area under streets sow-South(submitted by Alex) Spaars..Sparrows(Downa Point, Spaars Point, that is)(submitted by Bob Sollod) Starfame...a synthetic packing material Tal...towel, as in hanme a tal, hon

    Jeff Lenosky
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  • Jeff December 9, 2005 Checking in Winter's here for good, yesterday we got 9 inches of snow and due to the weather forcast, it doesn't look like it will be going away anytime soon

  • Not too much else to report, just waiting for the snow to finish melting and my shoulder to feel a little better

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  • [ | 38 reply(s) | ] Snowmobile Fanatics Server Project Posted By: erick on June 15 2006 at 9:36:09 PM Hello all, We are in the process of changing some things around here in the near future

  • of torque, how about a 1500cc triple that puts out 320 H.P and 200 ft lbs of torque and weighs 110 lbs!! When will we see a 4-stroke engine that puts out that kind of H.P (naturally aspirated) and only weighs 110 lbs?? So a 4-stroke may get better milage and be more 'reliable', if thats what your looking for, you should have bought a golf cart, not a snowmobile!! When it comes to snowmobiles and snowmobiling I think the REAL technology advances (weight & horsepower) in regards to what is important for MOST snowmobilers has been made with 2-strokes not 4-strokes!! Posted By: - 18 Replies They're calling for snow on saturday night and sunday morning for us!!!! 2 inches!!!im so pumpedits not like were gonna be able to ride but atleast its snow lol Posted By: - 10 Replies I am in the process if upgrading my gauges on the 440 to 03' white/black guages

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  • :P | my kids are awesome! [11 Jan 2006| 10:41am ] [ mood | refreshed ] I took my kids on their first snowboarding trip yesterday

  • They all were so cute ('whoa, is THAT snow?! oh my gosh, it IS snow!')

  • Please visit! :) | I can't wait to go back to mammoth [27 Dec 2005| 01:50pm ] [ mood | lazy ] HELP, I'm sinking!Oh well, might as well make a snow angel while I'm at it

    Oh My Glasses
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    I-Mockery: Jack Frost
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  • by: There are movies about snowmen who come to life through magic so that they can play with all of the happy little children and then there's Jack Frost

  • Jack Frost is a movie about a snowman - a mutant killer snowman to be exact

  • A-Pix Entertainment sent us some promotional hologram cards that showed Jack Frost "the happy snowman" turning into Jack Frost "the psycho snowman with razor-blade teeth." (I still have those holograms actually, and it's a good thing too, cuz they were too cheap to reproduce them for the eventual DVD release of the film.) As you can imagine, I was already sold on the film being one of the greatest horror-comedies of our time

  • Shortly after the killer snowman version of Jack Frost came out, Michael Keaton's happy "Jack Frost" family movie came out

  • Just imagine the faces of the kids as they watch the happy snowman killing people left and right all because the parents assumed what they rented was a family movie

  • It all starts in Snowmonton..

  • But now he's been caught in the town of Snowmonton, also known as "The Snowman Capitol of the Midwest" - even though the place doesn't really exist

    Greatest Films - The Shining (1980)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film.

  • [The title of the film was inspired by the refrain in the Plastic Ono Band's song by John Lennon, 'Instant Karma, ' from the chorus: 'We all shine on.'] As in many of his films, director Kubrick explores the dimensions of the genre to create the ultimate horror film of a man going mad, aspiring writer Jack Torrance (Nicholson), while serving as an off-season caretaker of an isolated, snowbound resort (the Overlook) with his family: wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and son Danny (Danny Lloyd)

  • Stunning scenic views of the Colorado Rockies are presented with magnificent aerial photography - the camera flies in close to the surface of an immense lake in the lap of snow-covered mountains

  • [On the soundtrack, one can faintly detect the sound of a boy's tricycle going over the rug-covered hardwood floor of a hotel - a foreshadowing of what's to come.] When the vehicle reaches the summit in the magnificent, but isolated mountain region - there is a beautiful, snow-covered crest that dwarfs a vast, sprawling hotel below it

  • General Manager Ullman explains that the regular season runs from 'May 15 to October 30th and then we close down completely until the following May' - a period of six months when the deserted, off-season, snow-bound hotel is closed and inaccessible during the brutal, terrifying winter weather

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