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  • Gourmet herbs, spices, essential oils, potpourri, green tea : Gourmet Herbs, Spices, Tea, Essential Oils, Potpourri

  • The highest quality culinary herbs and spices, green teas and other bulk teas products, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, seeds, botanicals, essential oils, spice blends, potpourri ingredients and fragrance oils all at wholesale prices

    Herbs and Spices
    Outline of a numbers of spices with graphics of each.

  • COMMUNITY SITE SOURCES SPECIALS HERBS & SPICES: Click on the name for a picture

  • Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use Berries of the allspice tree Pimenta dioica Like a mix of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon Freshly ground Virtually anything, from salads to desserts Seeds of the anise plant Pimpinella anisum Sweet, similar to licorice Dried seeds As flavoring in cookies, candies and pastries; also in poultry dishes Leaves and stems of the basil plant Ocimum basilicum vars Pungent, somewhat sweet Fresh Tomato dishes, with eggplant, for pesto, in Thai and Vietnamese foods, addition to salads and many cooked vegetables Leaves of the sweet bay tree Laurus nobilis Mild Dried In soups, stews and tomato sauces, and in shellfish boils

  • Pungent, somewhat hot Dried, freshly ground As condiment, in any dish you wish to make mildly hot Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use BORAGE Leaves and flowers of the borage plant Borago officinalis Mild Fresh Flowers as garnish or in salads; leaves in salads or in herbal tea mixtures

  • Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use Dried, ground chili peppers Capiscum annum Spicy, hot (heat depends on variety of chili pepper used) Ground In chili or other spicy dishes Leaves of the chive plant, a member of the Allium family Sharp, onion or garlic flavor Fresh; frozen if fresh not available Garnish, blended with soft cheeses, added to salads Leaves of the coriander plant Coriandrum sativum Spicy, sweet or hot Fresh In Middle Eastern, southeast Asian, Chines, Latin American and Spanish cuisines; common ingredient in Mexican salsas

    The Spice House - Bulk Spices Herbs & Spice Gifts Online
    Merchants of spices and herbs. Includes recipes, and history.

    Welcome to In Harmony Herbs & Spices
    Certified organically grown or harvested from the wild herbs, seeds, and extracts.
    Also offers spices and teas.

  • We specialize in organic and wildcrafted herbs, teas and essential oils! In Harmony Herbs and Spices offers over 300 varieties of bulk medicinal herbs, spices and beverage teas, most of which are certified organically grown or ethically harvested from the wild

  • 'One of the ten best herb shops in the country.' - Self Magazine Site Menu Coming Soon! View our and We accept the following Credit Cards Contact Information: E-Mail: In Harmony Herbs & Spices P.O

  • In Harmony Herbs and Spices supports


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    Wellingtons Herbs and Spices Home Page
    Herbs and Spices for culinary and medicinal purposes, teas, and jewelry.

  • 10am-4pm & Sunday 11:30am-4pm Carolyn and Frederick, owners of Wellington's Herbs and Spices welcome you to our country store, the beautiful herb and flower gardens and our recently established website

  • We believe that fumigated imported herbs and spices and ground spices containing significant quantities of inert material do not belong in your shopping cart and have intercepted these shopping challenges on your behalf

  • We grow many of our herbs in our fertile Catskill mountain gardens and some of the spices in our balmy Caribbean garden

  • ft country store for garden products, antiques, collectibles, teas, herb and spice products, dried flowers and magnificent Eastwind Silver Company jewelry

    Screaming Seeds Herbs and Spices
    Offers 9 especially made blends ready to add to your cooking.

  • Screaming Seeds Spice Co

  • passionately creates fresh and heavenly to seduce your tastebuds in the fragrant world of spices and cooking! Choose from 12 deliciously fresh in the range, all freshly roasted, crushed and blended - the full range are conveniently 'ready to add' to your cooking

  • Screaming are made from whole spices that are locally & globally grown, we specialize in producing, and seasonings that are : 100 PURE & NATURAL ..

  • We are also proud to produce GM FREE spice blends! If you are looking for, then you've definitely come to the right place! Be sure to check out our list of combinations

    Welcome to Thai Herbs & Spices Home Page
    Offers herbs and spices used in Thai cuisine, along with related DVDs and videos.

    Suttons Bay Trading Company Spices - Spices, Herbs & Spice Blends
    Provides a selection of over 200 different spices, herbs, and spice blends from
    around the world.

  • SPICES BY SUTTONS BAY SPICES **Home of Heartland Farms, Amish Pantry and Suttons Bay Labels** Welcome to our on-line catalog of spices, herbs, seasonings, flavorings and other gourmet cooking products from Suttons Bay Trading Company! We offer a large selection of the highest quality spices, spice blends, seasonings, hot sauces, sausage supplies and seasoning, popcorn and cooking supplies

  • Our custom-made spice blends are an infusion of our knowledge, experience, quality and pride

  • Benefits

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    Bulk Herbs, Bulk Spices and Herbal Teas - Monterey Bay Spice Company
    Herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, potpourri supplies and recipes, gelatin capsules.

  • Welcome! Thank you for visiting Monterey Bay Spice Co

  • We are a leading supplier of over 400 high quality, spices and herbal teas

  • And unlike other herb companies we personally mill, sift and clean all of our herbs, spices and teas

  • In addition to our herb and spice selection we also offer an excellent contract packaging service for other tea companies

  • Some of our tea projects include packaging green teas, bath teas, and various spices

  • Monterey Bay Spice Company has been providing high quality bulk herbs, spices, and herbal teas for over ten years

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    A Pinch Of Homepage cooking with herbs and spices
    Creative information and recipes about culinary herbs and spices.

  • Make the most of culinary herbs and spices

  • Find quick links to the pages in which you are most interested along with our favorite stuff, where to buy herbs, metric conversions and more! NAME THAT SPICE CONTEST Identify this spice and win! Send us an e-mail with the correct common or botanical name of the spice in the photo and you will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of our A Pinch Of...Blends salt-free seasoning

  • Can I substitute oregano instead of the curry powder or use another spice or herb? A: You can substitute any herb you want for curry powder but you aren't going to get the same flavor, of course

  • Here's a fun food site that takes you around the world with spices and other delights

  • Find out what's new, what's popular and what's cooking at the Spices of India.com website

  • Serving the United Kingdom with a wide variety of authentic spices, condiments and lots more

  • By the time you get all her herbs together, you're exhausted." --Paul Lynde MONTHLY e-mail updates let you know what's new at this site as well as herb and spice news and the latest on the home office garden

    Coyote Moon Herbs & Spices
    Organic herbal products including teas, supplements, tinctures and oils, and
    topical treatments. Also offers potpourri and animal products.

    Curries, Spices, Herbs, Chillies, Hot Sauces and Salsas
    Offers a range of spices for the creative cook. Also provides "Easy Peasy" curry
    packs with recipes. UK based.

  • The Spice of Life 191 Rosemount Place Aberdeen AB25 2XP Spices, Herbs, Curries, Chillies, Seasonings and Hot Salsas from Each "Easy Peasy Curry" contains hand blended spices and comes complete with an easy to follow recipe guide

  • Prefer to make your own? Please take a look through our vast selection of Choose from the beginners korma to the curry lovers vindaloo! Allspice to Zedoary Root and much more in-between

  • Prices are shown in GBP (£) | Copyright The Spice of Life 2006© Company Registration No

  • SC293781 PAJA Foods Ltd t/a The Spice of Life


    Down East Spice Blends - Gourmet Herbs and Spices
    Offers a variety of gourmet spices, seasoning blends, and dip mixes.

  • The Way Spice Should Be! Let us take care of all of your Seasoning needs

  • Search Site for: Contact Information: Down East Spice Blends 9 Pleasant Street

  • Copyright © 2005 Down East Spice Blends Last modified: Friday May 05, 2006 08:35 AM -0700

    The Epicentre Exotic Spices
    Consists of information on spices, regional cuisines and recipes, with sales of
    spice collections.

  • , African and Middle Eastern Spice Blends: American Spice Blends: Asian Blends: British Blends: Classic French Herb and Spice Blends: , Indian Masalas: , Web theepicentre.com

    MySpicer.com - wholesale, bulk and discount spices, herbs and ...
    Offers dried spices, herbs, chiles, mushrooms, vegetables, and ingredients for
    Asian, Mediterranean, Southwestern, and Mexican dishes.

  • MySpicer.com provides over 200 herbs, spices, chiles, dried vegetables, rices, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and custom spice blends for purchase online with rapid delivery throughout the United States

  • MySpicer.com also provides spice blend matching services - send us a sample of your blend and we will create a matching spice blend

  • Some of our products include: herbs, spices, spice blends, pink peppercorn, green peppercorn, mace, chervil, saffron, tarragon, chives, cardamon, kosher, herb, chile, whole chile, ancho, habanero, tepin, chipotle, basmati rice, blue corn meal, mushroom, chanterelle, lobster mushroom, oyster mushroom, porcini, portabella, shitake, wood ear, jamaican jerk, thai spice, tellicherry peppercorn, fagara peppercorn, habanero powder, green chile powder, dried vegetable, spinach powder, tomato powder

  • Fresh dried spices

  • Rare spices

  • Spices in bulk

    Tea Herb and Spice Store - UK Shop selling teas, coffees, herbs ...
    Specialises in selling teas, herbs, and spices. On-line ordering facility.

  • A great UK store selling Teas, Herbs and Spices We specialise in supplying quality Teas and culinary Herbs & Spices, throughout the UK, across Europe and worldwide.

  • Even if you can't find it on the site, we can usually supply all types of teas, herbs and spices via special order within 2 weeks, just mail us with your request

  • Quick Links News Ordering from this site has been temporarily suspended Site Map &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp For great original Paintings and Photographs from around the world, take a look at Copyright The Tea Herb and Spice Store 2004

    Steenbergs Organic Pepper and Spice
    UK shopping and information resource for organic spices and herbs.

  • Welcome At Steenbergs Organic, we are passionate about the wonderful tastes, heady smells and glorious colours of organic peppers and organic spices

  • Steenbergs also provide bulk organic spices and loose leaf teas for cafes, caterers and food producers

  • Choose from over 160 organic spices, herbs, blends, salts and loose leaf tea

  • The Steenbergs range includes everything from succulent organic vanilla (freshly flown in from Madagascar) to Steenbergs Organic new organic and FAIRTRADE flavoured sugars and FAIRTRADE organic spices

  • Steenbergs provides organic spices, herbs, blends and salts to complement every cook in a variety of stylish packaging to suit all needs

  • At Steenbergs Organic, we are passionate about sourcing many of our organic spices and herbs direct from producers for freshness and provenance and blend all our blends ourselves in North Yorkshire

  • As well as freshness and provenance, Steenbergs remains committed to ethically buying and were proud to be the first to launch the UK's first spice range carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark

  • As well as organic spices, Steenbergs Organic has a range of premium organic and loose leaf teas - four of which carry the FAIRTRADE Mark

    Oregon Spice Company - freshest quality herbs, spices and organic ...
    Processor and importer of herbs, spices and seasonings from around the world.
    Product listing and contact details.

  • Oregon Spice Company, established in 1980, is dedicated to supplying its customers only the freshest, highest quality herbs and spices from around the world

  • With over 500 different herbs, spices and seasonings, Oregon Spice supplies food processors, manufacturers, gourmet specialists & health food stores throughout North America

  • Please see our expanded offering of Certified Organic spices at the organic product link below

  • Jarrett Street, Portland, Oregon 97230 E-Mail Sales: kevin@oregonspice.com Technical Services: jennifer@oregonspice.com Webmaster : jeff@oregonspice.com Links - Page with good spice information, publications, and technical data

  • magazines Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages - Extensive dictionary and indices on spices - very impressive

  • Send mail to jeff@oregonspice.com with questions or comments about this web site

    Salt-N-Peppers Plus.com- Gourmet Herbs and Spices, Spice Racks ...
    Provider of spices and blends. Also offers spice and tea accessories and a periodic

  • Brandywine Drive Tucson, Arizona 85730-4842 Toll Free: 877-286-9774 Fax: 520-296-1152 Shipping Provided by Welcome to Salt-N-Peppers Plus, your experts in gourmet herbs and spices

  • We feature a wide variety of spice racks, pepper mills, gourmet sauces and kitchen accessories to outfit your specific needs

  • Featuring over 120 gourmet spices & seasonings from around the world you are sure to find what your palate desires

  • Looking for a spice rack that delivers class and elegance...() Step inside here to explore the sensational line of Peppermills we have to offer...() Salt-n-Peppers Plus.com offers many kitchen products and accessories in a wide range of styles and prices from top manufacturers...() Need refills for your spice rack...() A service of This site is a member of A linked list of Chile websites - - - - - or a complete of The Ring Of Fire members If you discover problems with any of sites, please notify the A service of This site is a member of A linked list of BBQ websites - - - - - or a complete of The Smoke Ring members If you discover problems with any of sites, please notify the NOTE: This web site is updated frequently

  • Olde Thompson spice racks offer quality, style, dependability and value that is unmatched by any other spice rack manufacture..

    Morris J. Golombeck, Inc., Herb & Spice Co. Importer and Exporter ...
    Importer, exporter, and processor of spices, seeds and herbs. Product listing
    and services offered. US.

  • Established 1931 Members American Spice Trade Association HOME IMPORT EXPORT Key importer and exporter world wide of quality spices, seeds, herbs and seasonings since 1931 STOCK Fully stocked warehouse of "Spices in Bulk" for immediate shipment or long term contracting PRICING Competitive pricing based on daily updated world market information QUALITY Frequent inventory turnover insures a constant supply of fresh product More Services Cold Storage Facility Cleaning and Processing facilities on site Innovative research and development creating products for specific needs Years of valuable knowledge passed on through three generations Hablamos EspaƱol Corporate Beliefs A good product for a fair price Do business honestly and ethically Our customers success is the most important ingredient to our success Blending quality and value to our customer's product will enhance their business and consequently ours 960 FRANKLIN AVENUE BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11225 Tel


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