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  • Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use Berries of the allspice tree Pimenta dioica Like a mix of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon Freshly ground Virtually anything, from salads to desserts Seeds of the anise plant Pimpinella anisum Sweet, similar to licorice Dried seeds As flavoring in cookies, candies and pastries; also in poultry dishes Leaves and stems of the basil plant Ocimum basilicum vars Pungent, somewhat sweet Fresh Tomato dishes, with eggplant, for pesto, in Thai and Vietnamese foods, addition to salads and many cooked vegetables Leaves of the sweet bay tree Laurus nobilis Mild Dried In soups, stews and tomato sauces, and in shellfish boils

  • Pungent, somewhat hot Dried, freshly ground As condiment, in any dish you wish to make mildly hot Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use BORAGE Leaves and flowers of the borage plant Borago officinalis Mild Fresh Flowers as garnish or in salads; leaves in salads or in herbal tea mixtures

  • Herb or Spice Source Flavor Best Used Cooking Use Dried, ground chili peppers Capiscum annum Spicy, hot (heat depends on variety of chili pepper used) Ground In chili or other spicy dishes Leaves of the chive plant, a member of the Allium family Sharp, onion or garlic flavor Fresh; frozen if fresh not available Garnish, blended with soft cheeses, added to salads Leaves of the coriander plant Coriandrum sativum Spicy, sweet or hot Fresh In Middle Eastern, southeast Asian, Chines, Latin American and Spanish cuisines; common ingredient in Mexican salsas

    Atlantic Spice Company
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    Whittingtons The Australian Herb, Spice & Mustard Company
    Supplier of herbs, spices and seasonings to the Australian and overseas markets.
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    Hai Soon Leong Sdn Bhd
    Distributor and exporter of dried vegetables and other grocery products. Products,
    profile and contacts. Located in Taman Taming Jaya.

  • Grocery Products Distributor of flavoured vegetable oils, dried marine products, dehydrated vegetables, herb spice blends HSL is a grocery products distributor and supplier

  • We distribute dried marine products, flavoured vegetable oil, dehydrated vegetables and herb spice blends

  • HSL grocery products distributor for dried marine products, flavoured vegetable oil dehydrated vegetables and herb spice blends for local & export market

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  • A great UK store selling Teas, Herbs and Spices We specialise in supplying quality Teas and culinary Herbs & Spices, throughout the UK, across Europe and worldwide.

  • Even if you can't find it on the site, we can usually supply all types of teas, herbs and spices via special order within 2 weeks, just mail us with your request

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  • Monterey Bay Spice Company has been providing high quality bulk herbs, spices, and herbal teas for over ten years

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  • Established 1931 Members American Spice Trade Association HOME IMPORT EXPORT Key importer and exporter world wide of quality spices, seeds, herbs and seasonings since 1931 STOCK Fully stocked warehouse of "Spices in Bulk" for immediate shipment or long term contracting PRICING Competitive pricing based on daily updated world market information QUALITY Frequent inventory turnover insures a constant supply of fresh product More Services Cold Storage Facility Cleaning and Processing facilities on site Innovative research and development creating products for specific needs Years of valuable knowledge passed on through three generations Hablamos Español Corporate Beliefs A good product for a fair price Do business honestly and ethically Our customers success is the most important ingredient to our success Blending quality and value to our customer's product will enhance their business and consequently ours 960 FRANKLIN AVENUE BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11225 Tel

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    Growing, Harvesting, and Using Culinary Herbs
    Ohio State University offers general herb information and lists several useful

  • Culinary herbs are different from spices

  • Generally, culinary herbs are fresh or dried leaves while spices are seeds, roots, fruits, flowers, and bark

  • Culinary herbs usually have a mild flavor while spices tend to have a stronger, pungent flavor

  • However, the terms herb and spice are artificial categories

  • Several common spices are cinnamon sticks, aniseeds, and ginger roots

    A Pinch Of Homepage cooking with herbs and spices
    Creative information and recipes about culinary herbs and spices.

  • Make the most of culinary herbs and spices

  • Find quick links to the pages in which you are most interested along with our favorite stuff, where to buy herbs, metric conversions and more! NAME THAT SPICE CONTEST Identify this spice and win! Send us an e-mail with the correct common or botanical name of the spice in the photo and you will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of our A Pinch Of...Blends salt-free seasoning

  • Can I substitute oregano instead of the curry powder or use another spice or herb? A: You can substitute any herb you want for curry powder but you aren't going to get the same flavor, of course

  • Here's a fun food site that takes you around the world with spices and other delights

  • Find out what's new, what's popular and what's cooking at the Spices of India.com website

  • Serving the United Kingdom with a wide variety of authentic spices, condiments and lots more

  • By the time you get all her herbs together, you're exhausted." --Paul Lynde MONTHLY e-mail updates let you know what's new at this site as well as herb and spice news and the latest on the home office garden

    Lucky Black Cat Spice Co.
    Custom-blended dry spice rubs and seasoning blends, specializing in Dark Fire
    Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Recipes for Jerk chicken and pork.

  • THE LUCKY BLACK CAT SPICE COMPANY Hand-crafted dry rubs, seasoning blends and dip mixes

  • All our blends are made in small batches using only the finest quality herbs and spices, to ensure the freshest product possible

  • Hand-Crafted Spice Rubs & Seasoning Blends: DARK FIRE JAMAICAN JERK SPICE RUB AND MARINADE A traditional Caribbean Jerk Seasoning blend of exotic spices: Jamaican allspice, thyme, ground habanero peppers, onion, salt, turbinado sugar & tropical spices

  • IKO-IKO New Orleans-Style Spice Rub & Dip Mix - You will love this! An awesome Creole blend with garlic, paprika, celery seed, hot peppers and a touch of lemon

  • You will receive updates on new products, recipes, retail locations and each month we will highlight an herb, spice or blend featuring history, recipes and tips on use

  • DARK FIRE EXTRA HOT JAMAICAN JERK - A hotter version of our Jerk Seasoning is coming, for the extreme heat seeker, all the flavor of our best selling spice blend, double the habanero

  • BARBEQUE SPICE STEAK RUB - paprika, garlic, black pepper, cayenne, chilies, oregano, mustard, onion powder...Spice rub for steaks, chops, ribs and more

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  • MySpicer.com provides over 200 herbs, spices, chiles, dried vegetables, rices, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and custom spice blends for purchase online with rapid delivery throughout the United States

  • MySpicer.com also provides spice blend matching services - send us a sample of your blend and we will create a matching spice blend

  • Some of our products include: herbs, spices, spice blends, pink peppercorn, green peppercorn, mace, chervil, saffron, tarragon, chives, cardamon, kosher, herb, chile, whole chile, ancho, habanero, tepin, chipotle, basmati rice, blue corn meal, mushroom, chanterelle, lobster mushroom, oyster mushroom, porcini, portabella, shitake, wood ear, jamaican jerk, thai spice, tellicherry peppercorn, fagara peppercorn, habanero powder, green chile powder, dried vegetable, spinach powder, tomato powder

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    The Land of Liberty
    Vases, bowls, custom made pens and pencils, and peppermills made from rare woods.

    The Epicentre
    Consists of information on spices, regional cuisines and recipes, with sales of
    spice collections.

  • , African and Middle Eastern Spice Blends: American Spice Blends: Asian Blends: British Blends: Classic French Herb and Spice Blends: , Indian Masalas: , Web theepicentre.com

    Herbie's Spices: The Ultimate Spice Experience
    Australian vendor of culinary herbs and spices.

  • by Ian Hemphill A 3 hour easy to follow introduction to spices including mouth watering recipes with a handy 12 page recipe booklet included

  • Let Herbie take you on an exciting journey of discovery into the exotic world of spices

  • Price : $39.95 LOOKING FOR NO ADDED SALT SPICE BLENDS? Frequently customers ask which of our spice blends contain no added salt

  • You may also to view a list of our herb and spice blends that contain no added salt

  • by Ian Hemphil l The culmination of a life's work, Spice Notes is Ian Hemphill's de finitive guide to culinary herbs and spices

  • If you are ordering online just leave your special message in the ' Order Note / Gift Card ' section as you complete your order, and I will write it in your copy of Spice Notes

  • Price : $39.50 [] We stock the largest range of culinary Herbs & Spices in the Southern Hemisphere Looking for a particular Herb or Spice ? Search through our sorted A -> Z and purchase online

  • Featured Spices & Blends Ras el Hanout is a classic blend used in Moroccan cooking

  • The name means ‘top of the shop’ or the very best spice blend that a spice merchant (Souk) has to offer

    Gayles Thyme Herb and Spice Shoppe
    Herbs, spices and sundry items.

  • Gayle's Thyme Herb and Spice Shoppe Shoppe Hours Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat from 10 am to 5 pm Thurs from 10 am to 6 pm Closed Sun, Mon & most Major Holidays Call for Summer hours and Vacation closings   Directions to Gayle's From I-91 North or South take Exit 47E Rte 190 East

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  • SAME DAY SHIPPING: Herb and spice orders are shipped FREIGHT FREE (continental U.S

  • Herb and spice in-stock rates are high

  • Most use this herb or spice as a tea instead of powder

  • We offer four ways to order herb and spice

  • Secure Web Site Select herb and spice

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  • This allows us to offer the lowest possible prices on herb and spice

  • GUARANTEED: If not completely satisfied with any item, contact us for a complete refund of the herb or spice

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    Culinary Café
    Includes a recipe index, a recipe request bulletin board, a spice encyclopedia,
    a chat room, and hints and tips.

    Pharmasaat - herb,seeds,medicinal,spice,dye,fibre,plants of ...
    Saatgutproduktion für Arzneipflanzen und Gewürzpflanzen, Saatgut aus kontrolliert
    ökologischem Anbau.

    Organic Herbs Spices
    A wide selection of bulk herbs and spices.


  • Send an email Dried Herbs and Spices Certified Organic Herbs and Spices Herb and Spice Sprouting Seeds Custom Ground Herb and Spice Powder Certified Organic Herb and Spice Sprouting Seeds Bulk dried herb and spice products are packaged in air-tight USDA/FDA approved polypropylene bags - 1 lb

  • Powdered Herbs & Spices are custom ground per order and double bagged to perfect freshness

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC HERBS & SPICES Taylor's Organic Gardens has been a long-time leader in providing the finest herbs and spices and continues to have the largest selection of Certified Organic Herbs and Spices

  • All of our organic herbs and spices are certified by Quality Assurance International, an internationally respected third-party certifier


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