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  • Halloween Party Ideas: Decorations [] HAPPY HALLOWEEN [] GREAT PARTY IDEAS: Monster Footprints With a magic marker, draw a footprint in a big sponge

  • When people walk in the wet, slimy string will brush across their foreheads and scare them! Body Parts This is a good decoration for a dimly lit room at party time

  • Invite your guests to touch your brain! Body Parts This is a good decoration for a dimly lit room at party time

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  • Create a Costume Find a Costume for Everyone! Adult Halloween Costumes, Teen Costumes, Toddler Halloween Costumes, Plus Size Costumes - even Costumes for Your Pet! Haunted House Fear-Gear Every kind of Haunted House Supply, Halloween Props, Lighting, Cob Web Machines, Life Size Replicas, Plus All Kinds of Halloween Decorations

    Create Your Own Ghostly Decorations
    First person accounts of Halloween party decorations that worked.

  • Another girl says: My favorite Halloween decoration is to make a dummy to scare people

  • are witches (pagans) and I thought I'd give you one of our decorations: Take some white blank paper and some black blank paper, cut them into thin strips about 2 inches then make a ring and glue it

  • I do absolutely crazy decorations, like seven foot tall paper mache creeps, life size crazy clowns, grim reapers, and hags

  • When it's really quiet, scream, then jump up and pull the string! Submitted by: Alexi, 13, California Your Halloween Decorating Ideas Wanted! Made a great Halloween decoration? Got some cool tips on how to create a scary, fun environment? Submit your decoration idea right here! Your First Name: Age: Country or State: Here's how to create my Halloween decoration: : Submissions: You give us the right to edit this submission, use it online, in special books or wherever we choose

  • Thanks for sharing your ghostly decoration with the girls of the world! Questions? Please read our

    A Girl's World: Halloween Spooktacular
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  • Or if you know some one who could be paired with a person who goes to another school invite them! Jessica, 12, Alabama Lets, see (lots of food coloring) Get lots of craft stuff & make grapes into eyeballs Take a food pen & draw eyes on the grapes Get a tape of scary sounds & have lots of decorations

  • People tend to have a better time when there isn't tension in the air!! Another good ice breaker is to leave a few disposable cameras lying around the room/house/whatever so people can snap a few photos if they don't have anything to do (remember, more than one, or else people will fight over them!!) Jessica, 13, California If you have any old moldy food lying around the house, try using it as a Halloween decoration

  • Next, put glowing decorations on the walls and spider webs everywhere (on the ceilings, doors, every place you can.) Then, put pumpkins with lights in them all over the room ( after all, you want the room dark) 3

  • Jessica, 9, Pennsylvania My Halloween tip is to have some fun while you get read for the party! While setting up all the decorations, just have some fun

  • Dalia, 8, Lebanon To plan the perfect Halloween party, *Firstly find a good place to hold your party (ask your parents permission first) and take into consideration how many people you're planning to invite *Then you can set to work on planning the details like if it's going to be a fancy dress party or a disco etc *You can then plan what decorations you're going to put up (bear in mind the cost) *If you're going to have food, try and make your own creations like biscuits and sweets with a Halloween theme *After that you can start planning who you're going to invite (remember you should have adult supervision just incase anything goes wrong)


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  • Locate Halloween decoration and meet big time Halloween decorators who wait all year to decorate their yard and home for the Halloween season

  • These are serious Halloween decorations

  • Be sure to visit our as well which includes a wide selection of pirate-related merchandise including costumes, decorations and accessories for Halloween fun or an upcoming pirate party

  • Free tips about Halloween costumes, decorations and Halloween party ideas

    King's Inexpensive Halloween Ideas
    Effective decorations and prop ideas people can make for practically nothing.

  • We lost all of the Halloween decorations listed on this site which for years we have created and posted for your enjoyment and use

  • This website shows you how to make great decorations all by yourself, and with little cost involved

  • Decoration Photo Gallery Skeleton riding on an old plastic swing horse

  • : How the decorations looked collectively in my living room

  • From Halloween 2003; Scan down below for decoration pictures : I played the role of a 'victim' this year

  • MILK JUG HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS Empty and clean a one-gallon milk jug

  • PLEXIGLASS DEAD GUY Make simple that looks really great and is one of the best decorations I have ever made

  • So any decoration does not need to be 'perfect' to work

  • In the dark this is one of the most effective decorations I have ever made

  • Photo of this great looking decoration coming very soon! - Fortune Teller - For parties this is a real hit with smaller children ages 12 and under

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    Halloween Activities
    Collection of teacher-submitted ideas for observing Halloween in the classroom.

  • Grades K-2 A fun and creative way to make some great classroom decorations...ghosts! Submitted by: Marie Hlavin HlavinM@email-removed, a kindergarten teacher

  • Grades Any A creative decoration that doesn't involve pumpkin guts! Submitted by: Txtchr@email-removed A collection of spookey stories for young goblins

  • Grades 2+ A creative lesson that allows you to teach adjectives using a pumpkin! Submitted by: Grades Any A fun and easy classroom decoration

  • Submitted by: Txtchr@email-removed Grades Any A great door decoration for your classroom

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  • New York Costumes Featured - Costume Accessories & Special Props Halloween Adventure has costumes, accessories, wigs, hats, decorations, gags and masks for adults, children and everyone in between

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  • Halloween Decorations Decorating ideas for Halloween

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  • So, let's get to this year's menu of menace: Costumes and Decoration THOROUGHLY EXPANDED! From the ridiculous to the sublime, spandex on parade

    Costume tips plus a section on making basic facial Halloween makeup.

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  • Send a to a friend online! Decoration Idea...

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  • Also, find great Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults! Stumped on what to do for costumes, decoration, and pumpkins this Halloween? Check out our Halloween slide shows and find plenty of good ideas to get your home ready for Halloween! With all the pumpkins you'll be carving and costumes you'll be making, chances are you and your family will build up quite an appetite

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  • You now have a "goofy green ghost wearing green glasses." Juice Can Monster added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown Need: One clean frozen juice can per puppet, Construction paper or fabric for body, Glue, Felt or paper strips for arms and legs, Buttons, feathers, fabric, glitter, paper, and other assorted decorations

  • Set out the rest of your decorations and watch as your children create some interesting characters

  • Halloween Candy Holder added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown Need: Large Can, white paint, orange paint, black paint or a black marker, hammer and Nail (Adult Only), String Directions: This is a great craft that the children can use to go trick or treating with, or you can use it as a decoration, and more

  • Now you have a great holiday decoration that you can actually use


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