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  • You’ll need 4 to 6 medium-sized mangoes for this recipe

  • Monday August 7, 2006 | Shrimp and asparagus are stir-fried with chili peppers and finished with a flavorful sauce in this stir-fry recipe

  • This recipe for was submitted by Steve, who writes that it goes very nicely with (gwo ba)

  • Then, try out the following easy stir-fry recipes: Thursday August 3, 2006 | Beef is marinated in honey and soy sauce, then stir-fried with bell peppers in an oyster-flavored sauce

  • A reader gives this recipe for 4.5 out of 5 stars, calling it 'a simple and brilliant dish.' Tuesday August 1, 2006 | They may not celebrate with chocolate and flowers, but the Chinese have a day devoted to love

  • Learn more about the legend behind this romantic day and choose from among several romantic menus for two, all featuring romantic “foods of love.” Monday July 31, 2006 | Ever wonder how Chinese restaurants make stir-fried beef turn out so tender? Cookbook author Deh-Ta Hsiung writes that the secret is to 'use an inexpensive cut of beef, marinate in a special marinade, and finish off with oyster sauce.' Chinese enhance the savory flavor in this recipe

    Kerala recipes, Kerala cooking, South Indian recipes, North Indian ...
    Kerala and other South Indian recipes contributed by visitors.

  • Kerala Recipes Spider Kerala Recipes are contributed by our visitors

  • If you have any interesting recipes that don't appear below, please it to SpiderKerala recipe section

  • Veg-curries recipe Rice-varieties recipe Chicken recipe Lamb recipe Fish recipe Desserts recipe Snacks recipe Soups recipe Pickles recipe Egg recipe Chutneys recipe Beef recipe Other recipe |

    Curry Recipes, Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka, Vindaloo, Madras ...
    Recipes for traditional and novel Indian curries.

  • Curry Recipes and Curry Powders Welcome to Welcome to, your one stop resource for making great Indian restaurant curries at home

  • Latest recipe added 16th Feb Serve with rum and raisin ice cream The curry recipes, spicy recipes and cooking tips and hints are all provided free of charge

  • We will be adding new curry recipes every week so please check back regularly

  • Here you can find curry recipes for all your favourite Indian Restaurant Curries as well as traditional curry recipes and some novel ideas for great tasting curries

  • Readers curry recipes always welcomed! Check out the recipe for Irish Coffee - a great way to finish a curry meal! If you would like to submit a curry recipe, information or have links please email If you would like to be added to the regular recipe and information bulletin Click here for We have curry recipes from the mildest chicken korma to the hottest King Prawn Jalfrazi or Lamb Phall

    Learn Thai Cooking - - deep knowledge of Thai food
    Includes tips and techniques, recipes, ingredient descriptions, background
    articles, and list of local markets and restaurants.

  • Thai Recipes Gang Gai Chicken and Thai eggplant in red curry Nam Budoo Song Kreung Traditional southern Thai sauce served with rice and many veggies

  • Goong Ob Woonsen Shrimp baked in garlic, pepper, cilantro and clear noodles Pla Rad Prig Whole fish pan fried and served with spicy tamarind sauce Favorite Thai Recipes New to Thai food? Discover

  • Find easy (or more challenging) recipes that you like

  • Thai Food Near You: Zip (fastest) or City State The Pad Thai Recipe You Love ..

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    Stuart's Chinese Recipes
    More than sixty recipes, contributed by internet users.

  • Welcome to Stuart's Chinese Recipes If you are looking for a page that you can get good Chinese recipes from, then you've just found it.Similarly, if you've got a Chinese recipe you'd like to share with the rest of the internet, this is also the page for you

    Uncle Ben's - Instant & Long Grain Rice Recipes - Wild, White ...
    Manufacturer of 10 varieties of frozen rice bowels.

    Stash Tea: Yamamotoyama 1690 Nori Seaweed Recipes
    Sushi rice and numerous seaweed roll filling recipes, including vegetables, lemon
    shrimp, and Mexican breakfast rolls.

  • | Yamamotoyama 1690 Nori Seaweed Recipes Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome

    Rice Recipe Index
    Personal collection of recipes such as almond rice pilaf, breakfast rice, rice
    pilaf with pecans, or spanish rice.

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    Favourite Dinner Co-op recipes
    Presents recipes beloved of the Pittsburgh food-lovers' group called the Dinner
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  • This page contains recipes that co-opers have loved..

    Indian Vegetarian Recipes
    A cookbook author's site that has recipes from the book, nutrition information,
    pictures, and cooking class details.

  • Indian Vegetarian Recipes Welcome to, your source for Indian Vegetarian Cooking

  • Enjoy these Indian vegetarian recipes with pictures from the cookbook, by Sunetra N

    Iranian/Persian Recipes
    More than a hundred recipes, including some from Rosa Montazemi's cookbook "Honar-e
    Aashpazi" (Art of Cooking).

  • Iranian/Persian Recipes Welcome to the largest collection of Iranian/Persian recipes on the internet

  • Our collection contains 110 authentic recipes for tasty Iranian dishes

  • All the recipes on this site have been compiled together as an e-book which can be purchased at a very reasonable price

  • by Khayyam (translated by Edward Fitzgerald; translation edited by ) Source: Rosa Montazemi's comprehensive cookbook: Honar-e Aashpazi or Art of Cooking (published over 30 times in Iran) was consulted in preparation of some of the recipes

    Mauritian cuisine, recipes from Mauritius
    Large collection of recipes and information on Mauritian cooking offered by
    Madeleine Philippe.

  • Recipes from Mauritius by Madeleine Philippe The most versatile cuisine in the world Philippe OnLine Guests Recipes © 2003 Madeleine Philippe Article reproduced from Week End Scope Magazine (Mauritius) The eating habits of the Mauritians inevitably reflect the ethnic diversity of its people: Creole rougailles, Indian curries, Muslim bryanis, Chinese sweet-and-sour pork, French delicate dishes, English bacon and eggs, .....

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    Chinese Recipes Directory - Real and Healthy Chinese Food Cooking ...
    About a hundred healthy Chinese recipes with cooking tips. Also has a free recipe

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    Indian Recipes from Rumela's Web
    Recipes for biryani, chutney, pulao, and curries, and South Indian section.

  • Indian Recipes from Rumela's Web > > Indian Recipe BIRYANI: RAITA: CHUTNEY: PULAO: SOUTH INDIAN: MIXED DISH: BREAD: SOUP: BENGALI DISH: SWEETS: COOKIES: Pearl Subramanian, Punam Kar, Banerjee K, Sirisha Dhar, Arun S

  • Kharat, Monika Sircar, Arun Nag, Arvind Murty, Sudipta Singha, Nurul Hasan Want to add your Recipe ? to send .....

    Thai Recipes Kitchen /
    Ninety recipes, in seven categories from

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    FOOD: Recipes
    Recipes from Korea, Hawaii, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

  • RECIPES: If you wish to listen to some Korean pop music while viewing the page, make a selection below

  • SELECTED RECIPES KOREAN RECIPES: Cassarole Dishes Rice Dishes Meat and Poultry Dishes Soups Rice Cake Pork Bulgogi Kalbi (Ribs) Chapchae Kimchi Side Dishes HAWAIIAN RECIPES: Kalua Pig Chicken Long Rice Poke from Hari Kojima's Kitchen CHINESE RECIPES: Egg Foo Yung JAPANESE RECIPES: Tempura -- Sweet Potato -- String Beans & Carrots Shabu shabu FILIPINO RECIPES HAOLE-STYLE RECIPES Stew Corned Beef Chicken Hamburger Casseroles Sandwiches RICE DISHES TOFU DISHES SALADS SAUCES AND DRESSINGS SOUPS SEE Miso Soups (Japanese) PUPUS Boiled Peanuts BREAKFAST Eggs French Toast II

  • KITCHEN PAGES -- A Hawaiian's opinion of Korean food hassles and eating on the economy -- Links to Korean & Hawaiian Recipes Sites -- Mail Order Catalog Food sites III

  • MISCELLANEOUS -- Got a suggestion or recipe? Send it to us here

  • It's darn near impossible to mess this recipe up...and the result is a soup that is a real treat

  • The following recipe is from The Korean Cookbook , Judy Hyun, 1996 (Fourth printing)

  • This site is a MUST visit for any of the local favorite recipes

    African cooking and recipes
    Links to recipes from all over the continent.

  • | GUIDE | FORUMS | NEWS African Cooking & Recipes Recipes | About African Cooking It is generally the women of Sub-Saharan Africa who do most of the work related to food

  • Common Ingredients for Traditional African Food (where available) Vegetables Yams Okra Watermelon Cassava Groundnuts Black-eyed Peas Cabbage Maize - corn Groundnuts Sweet Potatoes Meats Chicken Pork Beef Fish of local varieties Spices Garlic Melegueta pepper - West African (substitute use cardamon) cloves black peppercorns cardamom nutmeg turmeric pilau mix curry powder Other Lemons Rice Recipes Explore the delicious and varied cusines of Africa and learn how to prepare traditional African dishes

  • Ethiopian How a Dinner is Served in Ethiopia Doro Alicha - mild Ethiopian chicken dish Doro Wat - A spicy Ethiopian chicken dish Tibs Wet - A very spicy (and fatty!) meat dish from Ethiopia - A very simple recipe for injera, the pancake-spongy bread that accompanies Ethiopian food

    rice recipes from FATFREE.COM: The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
    Over 75 low fat vegetarian recipes for rice and wild rice.

    Astray Recipes: Indonesian
    More than 150 recipes.

  • 246 recipes found while searching for 'Indonesian': · · · · By Léon Brocard / Last updated August 2006

    All Vietnamese Recipes and Cuisine - The perfect introduction to ...
    Introducing the world of Vietnamese cooking.

  • A Perfect Introduction to the World of Vietnamese Recipes and Cuisines The Gateway to the culinary experience of Vietnamese recipes and cooking

  • * Latest Update * Recipes Articles Vietnamese Influences Vietnamese cuisine, while distinctive, has elements in common with both the Chinese and Thai cooking

  • More than 1, 200 Vietnamese Recipes & Cuisines Famous for its lively, fresh flavors and artfully composed meals, Vietnamese food and cooking is the true 'light cuisine' of Asia

  • And with the widespread popularity of Asian recipes and foods, locating ingredients is not a challenge as most supermarkets carry such basics as fresh ginger and spring onions, lemongrass and chilies, even coconut milk and Asian noodles

  • * Recipe For The Month * Hue Stuffed Pancake Recipe - Serves 4 5 tablespoon 2 55 g Pancake batter 85 g 1/4 3 125 ml Pancake Filling 7.5 g 1 clove 15 ml 125 ml 145 g 85 g 30 g 30 g 1/4 1/4 Oil (for frying) Eggs Seasoned flour Rice flour Salt Eggs, beaten Coconut milk Ginger, chopped Garlic, chopped Soy sauce White sauce Crabmeat Mushrooms, chopped Green onions (scallions), chopped Bean sprouts Salt Pepper Method : Combine rice flour, coconut milk, 3 eggs and salt to make a pancake batter


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