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  • To serve, have the rice ready at the table and pour the shrimp and vegetables over

  • You could also serve the shrimp over cooked white rice

    Iranian/Persian Recipes
    More than a hundred recipes, including some from Rosa Montazemi's cookbook "Honar-e
    Aashpazi" (Art of Cooking).

  • All the recipes on this site have been compiled together as an e-book which can be purchased at a very reasonable price

  • For locals only: the following stores may be able to supply the more unusual ingredients: Waheed supermarket at 1 Vale Parade in Kingston Vale Atif supermarket on Walton Road in Woking Reza supermarket on High Street Kensington in London : a rich soup with rice, herbs, meat, sugar, and lime juice : a very rich soup made with various herbs, rice, meat, ....

  • : a rich soup made with wheat, spinach, peas, beans and lentils : a rich soup made with various herbs, rice, meat and prunes : a very rich soup made with rice, various herbs, meat and pomegranate paste : made with rice, herbs, meat and tomato paste : with turnip, rice, meat, split peas, mint, and turmeric : with reshteh (similar in shape to spaghetti), kashk (thick whey), herbs, ..

    Indian Vegetarian Recipes
    A cookbook author's site that has recipes from the book, nutrition information,
    pictures, and cooking class details.

    Congee (Rice Porridge) for Breakfast
    Commentary on this food from the Orient and recipe for kao dtom moo.

  • Adventures in Thai Cooking & Travel Enjoy Congee (Rice Porridge) -> -> -> The Thai Congee (Rice Porridge) Search Site Congee (Rice Porridge) for Breakfast by Kasma Loha-unchit Copyright © 2000 Kasma Loha-unchit Cooking Classes Recipe: (Kao Dtom Moo) A Steaming Bowl of Rice Congee Revitalizes the Body at Breakfast and During Times of Illness Students frequently ask me what foods are typically consumed for breakfast in the Orient

  • When I was growing up, leftovers from the evening before plus one or two simple, newly cooked dishes served with rice made a satisfying morning meal before the family headed off for school and office

  • Breakfast may also be any of a wide range of noodle soups, stir-fried noodles, curry over rice, fried rice and other savory one-dish concoctions

  • On the cultural tours I lead to Thailand every winter, I delight in the endless choices available for breakfast at fast-food rice and noodle shops that do a bustling business in the early light of the morning

  • One of my favorite breakfasts is spicy basil chicken over rice topped with a crisped fried egg

  • But if I had to name just one food most closely associated with breakfast, the most likely candidate would probably be rice congee


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    Kerala recipes, Kerala cooking, South Indian recipes, North Indian ...
    Kerala and other South Indian recipes contributed by visitors.

  • Veg-curries recipe Rice-varieties recipe Chicken recipe Lamb recipe Fish recipe Desserts recipe Snacks recipe Soups recipe Pickles recipe Egg recipe Chutneys recipe Beef recipe Other recipe |

    Favourite Dinner Co-op recipes
    Presents recipes beloved of the Pittsburgh food-lovers' group called the Dinner
    Co-op. They also have a cookbook which can be downloaded free here in several ...

    Indian Recipes : Vegetarian Recipes from India
    Collection of traditional Indian dishes. Online recalculations of ingredient
    quantities required for four to twelve servings.

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    Chicken Recipes & Chicken Curry Recipes from India : Indian Non ...
    Features a collection of Indian chicken recipes with customizable servings.

    African cooking and recipes
    Links to recipes from all over the continent.

  • Common Ingredients for Traditional African Food (where available) Vegetables Yams Okra Watermelon Cassava Groundnuts Black-eyed Peas Cabbage Maize - corn Groundnuts Sweet Potatoes Meats Chicken Pork Beef Fish of local varieties Spices Garlic Melegueta pepper - West African (substitute use cardamon) cloves black peppercorns cardamom nutmeg turmeric pilau mix curry powder Other Lemons Rice Recipes Explore the delicious and varied cusines of Africa and learn how to prepare traditional African dishes

    Muoi Khuntilanont Thai Food Recipes
    Large number of original Thai recipes from professional chef Muoi Khuntilanont.

  • - Seafood salad, shrimp soup, chicken stew, spicy stir fried beef, spicy pork and of course with pickled vegetables and rice to go with it !! - Hot yellow fish curry

  • - stir fried rice and pineapple - Rice soup with shrimp

  • - Red prok with rice

  • - Chicken and rice

  • - This is a simple vegetarian style dish, that in this case is cooked in an electric rice steamer

    Learn Thai Cooking - - deep knowledge of Thai food
    Includes tips and techniques, recipes, ingredient descriptions, background
    articles, and list of local markets and restaurants.

  • Thai Recipes Gang Gai Chicken and Thai eggplant in red curry Nam Budoo Song Kreung Traditional southern Thai sauce served with rice and many veggies

  • How to buy a rice cooker

  • 2/27/06 New Articles Here's a couple new articles about rice cookers and losing weight with Thai eating principles


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    Thai Recipes Kitchen /
    Ninety recipes, in seven categories from

  • Main course Rice & Noodles New: American-Thai / Asian Vegetarian (not completely vegetarian, some of these use fish sauce--please note) - Asian Food and Recipes Online
    Chinese, Japanese and Asian cuisines. Foods include miso soup, tofu, rice, sauces,
    and assorted ramen noodles.

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    Mauritian cuisine, recipes from Mauritius
    Large collection of recipes and information on Mauritian cooking offered by
    Madeleine Philippe.

    Bengali Recipe - Bangla Ranna Collection
    Collection of, and quick reference to numerous sites featuring Bengali Recipes.
    Also has a user added section.

    All Vietnamese Recipes and Cuisine - The perfect introduction to ...
    Introducing the world of Vietnamese cooking.

  • Abundant fresh herbs and greens, delicate soups and stir-fries, and well-seasoned grilled foods served on, or with, rice or noodles are the mainstays of the Vietnamese delicacies

  • Even the beloved sweets for snacks or desserts are often based on fresh fruits served with sweetened rice or tapioca

  • While the Vietnamese cuisine relies on fresh vegetables, subtle seasonings and rice, Vietnamese cooking also reflects its Chinese and French influences and it has numerous regional difference; in the south, look for plentiful fresh seafood and in the colder north, you'll find slightly heartier meals with beef

  • Dinners customarily call for a soup, probably a platter of leafy greens accompanied by rice papers and a dipping sauce, seafood or grilled meats or poultry, a vegetable stir-fry, and rice or noodles in some form - with hot tea as the preferred beverage

  • * Foods Commonly Used * The topical monsoon climate of most of Vietnam, the land and the freshwater and inshore fishing contribute to bring the Vietnamese staples to the table: rice, nuoc mam, fish, fruits and vegetables, pork and poultry

  • Rice is the most important food, present at all main meals but close in use and importance is the condiment added to most dishes at all times: nuoc mam


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