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  • High Fidelity (2000) HIGH FIDELITY John Cusack Iben Hjejle Rated 1 hr 53 mins On DVD Directed by Stephen Frears Compare prices for High Fidelity merchandise (New) (Used) NUMBERS : $3, 280, 000 CONSENSUS The deft hand of director Stephen Frears and strong performances by the ensemble cast combine to tell an entertaining story with a rock-solid soundtrack

  • SYNOPSIS A male-perspective confessional about being an adult--but not acting like one--HIGH FIDELITY is the story of Rob Gordon (John Cusack), the thirtysomething owner of Championship Vinyl, a record store in the suburbs of Chicago

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  • If you like High Fidelity, the following films may interest you • • • • • • • • • • Sections for High Fidelity • at Rotten Tomatoes The real-life 1947 murder of a Hollywood starlet is the inspiration Brian De Palma's ', ' starring, and

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  • | HIGH FIDELITY Director : Stephen Frears Cast : John Cusack, Jack Black, Lisa Bonet, Iben Hjejle, Todd Louiso, Joan Cusack, Tim Robbins (Universal, 2000) Rated: PG-13 by P

  • High Fidelity is an adaption of the 1995 book of the same name by Nick Hornby, which means one can view it and consider how literature can (and cannot) be adapted to film

  • The movie High Fidelity tells the so-far life story of mid-30s Rob Burton (John Cusack), the music-addicted, obsessively list-making owner of a low-rent record store called Championship Vinyl

  • High Fidelity is entertaining

  • His encounters with his co-workers Barry (Jack Black, yelling with relish) and Dick (Todd Louiso, magnificently awkward) are comic highlights

  • While High Fidelity still has great appeal to a particular audience, the film broadens its potential audience with a more balanced treatment of the women in the story

  • High Fidelity insists that pop matters

  • Finally, High Fidelity is worth seeing because it is a piece of pop culture that continues the cycle

  • (Another confession: I have recommended this book to a few young women.) It is to the credit of all those involved in the making of the film High Fidelity that invitations to see this funny and charming film are likely to be loaded with expectations


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  • Other John Cusack Starrers (Counting since 1986; Supporting roles not counted.) Rank Title Total Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters / Average Release 1 Grosse Pointe Blank $28, 029, 208 1, 242 $6, 870, 397 1, 227 $5, 599 4/11/97 2 High Fidelity $27, 177, 449 1, 231 $6, 429, 107 1, 183 $5, 435 3/31/00 3 Midnight in the Garden..

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  • and within that world, there is High Fidelity

  • There's an odd twist to the world of music collecting (for the lack of a better word), and that's the attitudes of people who specialize in it, such as those who run a tiny specialty store like Championship Vinyl in High Fidelity..

  • Such is the situation around the world that inspires the comedy in High Fidelity

  • Not everyone is going to care for High Fidelity

  • High Fidelity works because it's about a subculture (music fanatics) and an age (early 30's) that are mix well together, giving us a story we've not seen before, and comedy and lessons worth seeing

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  • | Friday September 15 2006 Sponsored Links Tickets Vitamins | : : : High Fidelity Buy the DVD: Sponsored Links: High Fidelity Very rarely does a movie come along where you can truly get inside the minds of the characters

  • I'd venture to say John Cusack is a member of the new class of legends, and his honest and lovable performance in High Fidelity proves it

  • This role in High Fidelity was moving

  • High Fidelity is something to not only be watched, but listened to and heard

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