Doc Holiday's Power Plant Studios
Music and video recording studio in Hampton, VA featuring 96 tracks of fully
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  • Producer's & Writers include: Doc Holiday, Dr

  • GOBAL RECORDS It's Finished!!!! "Finally" Directed By Doc Holiday, Produced By The Power Plant Studios & Doc Holiday Productions

  • Langs "Shadow Land") Doc Holiday Multi award winning record producer with 13 International "Telly Awards" for music videos and 21 First round GRAMMY entries) and cameo appearances by Anthony Mirabile, Cindy Bragg & James Silk

  • GOBAL RECORDS BUY THE CD/DVD COMBO BUY THE CD ONLY BUY THE DVD ONLY BUY IT NOW (1) Big Al Downing "Payin' My Dues" (Live Version), (2) Narvel Felts "Funny How Time Slips Away", (3) Temple Adams "Cold, Cold, Night", (4)Doc Holiday "You Fight Like A Girl", (5) Valerie Hall "Kiss Up Time", (6) Richard Scott "Unanswered", (7) Doc Holiday "Get In The Car", (8) Thurston*Jefferson "She's A Little Bit Crazy", (9) Johnny Fung "I Know A Man", (10) Anthony Mirabile "The Summer Wind" (11) Nelly Amore "My Man In Heaven" BUY IT NOW THE CONCERT DVD OF THE CENTURY NASHVILLE, Tenn

    Doc Holiday
    Bietet einen Überblick über das Unternehmen, die Automatenaufstellung und den
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    Realm Records
    Nationally distributed music of a variety of genres, including Americana, Adult
    Contemporary, Metal,...

  • REALM RECORDS INTERNATIONAL--AVAILABLE IN ALL MAJOR RETAIL STORES Welcome to Realm Records, home of Telly Winning and Grammy nominated artists such as Hank Williams, Jr., Big Al Downing, Doug Kershaw, Doc Holiday, Narvel Felts, The Herman's Hermits, and Brett "Doc" Williams

  • NEWS: Realm is proud to announce the release of the Doc Holiday classic "The Rhythm Of My Heart"

  • NEWS: Doc Holiday's latest CD/Album is near completion and will soon be released by Realm

  • Get more information on the legendary Doc Holiday

  • Featuring Big Al Downing, Bente' Boe, Doc Holiday, Jon Washington of the Fortunes, Brett Williams, Jessica Rogers, Eric Kurtz, Kwest, Dwayne Crowner, Sekshun 8, and more

  • NO W AVAILABLE: "The Grammys, The Tellys And Mega Records: The Best Of, Volume 1." Releases on this album include Hank Williams, Jr., Doug Kershaw, Fats Domino, Doc Holiday, The Herman's Hermits, Big Al Downing, Brett Williams, Narvel Felts, Jon Washington of The Fortunes, and Red Hawk and Nino Reyos

    John Henry Holliday
    History of famous resident of Lowndes County, Georgia.

  • May 1887 Doc holiday went to Glenwood Springs, CO for health reasons

  • info: DOC HOLIDAY

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    Agriturismo Tarantola
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    Reviewer: Jason Lambert [8.3/10] "The story is not that straightforward and will
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  • Set in 1941, special investigator Doc Holiday is assigned the case of Rustin Parr

  • Doc Holiday was a character in Nocturne, which was also a scary adventure game that used the same graphics engine

  • This is the first of three Blair Witch titles hitting the shelves this holiday season, but the only one made by Terminal Reality

  • A 'must buy' this holiday season

    Files Barrel Horses
    Offers training for horses and riders, and horses for sale. Located in Carbon
    Hill, Alabama.

  • Give us a call to find your next winner! Files Barrel Horses Carbon Hill, AL 205-924-8927 205-435-2966 Cell E-mail: Files Barrel Horses Trainers of Speedy "Doc" Holiday Congratulations Liz Pinkston and Speedy "Doc" Holiday on winning the 2005 NFR aggregate average! * 3rd in WPRA 2004 NFR Go-round winner

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    Game Over Online
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    Messiah Mastiffs
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    Gamespy - Review
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  • Platforms Console Handheld Sections Resources Planet Sites Get Games Subscriptions Contact Us Most Popular Video Games Lowest Price Lowest Price Lowest Price Lowest Price Lowest Price Powered By Blair Witch Volume One: Rustin Parr Terminal Reality shows off their latest Nocturne engine modifications with a solid, suspensful, and ultimately satisfying budget title By - Doc Holiday's assistant and uh..

  • Blair Witch Volume One: Rustin Parr (henceforth referred to as 'Blair Witch') puts you in the shoes of Doc Holiday, a cast member from the original Nocturne

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  • Situated at the foot of the Castagneto Carducci hill 3 km from the local beach, the holiday accommodation consists of comfortable apartments in two country houses which have a swimming pool and ample green areas

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  • The release of this game coincides not only with the spookiest holiday on the books, but also the release of the movie Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows

  • You play Doc Holiday, the woman who invented all the cool weapons The Stranger used in Nocturne

  • It's 1941, and both Holiday and Stranger are still working for Spookhouse, the secret government agency charged with investigating and destroying paranormal threats in the United States

  • After a ridiculous training exercise, Holiday and Stranger are assigned to head to Burkittsville, Maryland where a strange hermit named Rustin Parr has just been convicted of torturing and killing seven children

  • Holiday insists that her new equipment can detect unseen ghosts, so she heads up to the town by herself

  • It is interesting to see Holiday take the spotlight, since I thought she did not get enough play in Nocturne

  • Holiday does not notice and the game does not play it up much, so it's just plain creepy

  • Holiday keeps a 'to do' list that basically tells the player everything to do in order to advance the game

  • As soon as I got outside, a cutscene triggered where Holiday in a monologue says something like, 'With the sheriff gone, I better hurry over and talk to the deputy.' Well, no duh


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