Bike Tires Direct
Offer clincher and tubular tires, as well as tubes and pumps.

  • Information Wednesday, August 09, 2006 Welcome to Your source for discount bikes, components and accessories Looking for the best cycling products at the best prices around ? That's what is all about

    Discount Tires and Wheels – Tire Rack
    Large inventory of after market wheels and tires available for all makes and models.
    Also carries suspension, shocks and struts.

    ATV Direct
    ATV tires, light truck tires, motorcycle tires, winches, ramps, riding apparel
    and accessories.

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    Automobile Links
    Comprehensive list of automotive web site links.


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    Discount Hand Tools, Discount Power Tools, Over 40000 tools
    Includes hand and power, survival, pneumatic, rotary lasers and leveling systems.

  • Introducing the proven reliability and industrial strength of the Quincy Compressor Air Master Series Carbide-Tipped Masonry Tools, Brazed-Carbide Hole Saws & Metal-Cutting Fluids Ringers Mechanics Gloves The Leader in Designing and Manufacturing Service Tools for the Automotive A/C Industry Unique, Low-Cost Laser Tools - RoboLaser, RoboVector, RoboSquare and the NEW Rotating Laser System Direct Drive Lubricated and Oilless Portable Compressors, Also Stationary Compressors NEW The world's leading manufacturer of quality measuring wheels Advanced Pipetool Technologies, Collins Pipe Threading Machines, Bending Machines, Cable Pulling, Drain cleaning.| New Product! Pipe and cable locators

    VWvortex Web Site
    Extensive news and resources for all makes and models of VW and Audi cars.

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    Utah Auto Connection
    Directory of auto related businesses. Includes new and used auto dealers, vehicle
    service and insurance.

  • | Visit our page to find 1000's of listed vehicles, Car Dealers Inventory with direct links, Classified Ads & Coupons

    Auto Racing Daily
    Local and national coverage of most types of auto racing. Links to full coverage
    sites, series' homepages, press releases and schedules.

  • “I don’t see the challenge.” Schumacher refused to answer direct questions on whether he would miss his old foe Montoya

  • Benefits

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    Covers the late model General Motors V8 engine on LS2, LS1-LS6 internal, LT-LT4
    modifications, PCM diagnostics and tuning, injection, forced induction, ...

    Sparkle Auto
    Offers professional grade car care supplies and auto detailing products.

  • To see exclusive discounted prices for the complete Meguiar's detailing product line click a category below for a direct link to some of most popular Meguiar's products: SALE $179.95 (conc) SPRAYWAY These prices are exclusive only to! Not only have we made a wide selection of the Sprayway auto detailing products available to our customers at deep discount pricing
    Offers mountain bikes and components through an on-line store.

    Precision Tandems
    On line catalog, hard to find tandem parts and accessories, tandem dealer.


    Hubcap Haven
    Sells new and used hubcaps and wheel covers. Contact information, hours, online

  • Please browse our full, online catalog, however, keep in mind that you can always contact us direct

    Artifice DesignWorkshop
    Design oriented 3D modeling, rendering, and walk through software for architects
    spatial designers. A few 3D models to download.

  • Robust support for industry standard formats like DWG, VRML, 3DMF, PICT, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, and of course the old standby DXF means that drawings and models will go directly between your CAD software and DesignWorkshop, in either direction

  • Fast to learn, and fast to use, DesignWorkshop is your quickest path to profiting from architectural 3D graphics, whether you start with 2D CAD drawings, and then zap them into DesignWorkshop to pop them into 3D for rendering, or whether you prefer to design with a live 3D model, and then zap out the plans, sections, and elevations for notes, dimensions, and detailing in your production drafting environment, DesignWorkshop is the tool that will make 3D profitable for you - finally! - or we'll take it back.* For the ultimate presentation, DesignWorkshop also integrates smoothly with all the major high-end CAD, rendering, and animation software, including Art*lantis, Lightscape, LightWorks, and Radiance, which are recommended, sold, and supported directly by Artifice, as well as AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Viz, Electric Image, Strata Studio Pro, Infini-D, KPT Bryce, Caligari Truespace, and so on

  • The unique DesignWorkshop modeling environment is based on a live 3D crosshair, so you can model in real perspective space, using easy click-and-drag direct-manipulation editing to create, resize, and reshape walls, roofs, openings, etc

    The Student Survival Kit Coupon Book
    Offers free coupons for businesses and restaurants near area campuses.

  • Nearly a quarter of a million printed copies of our coupon book are distributed through college bookstores and by direct mail each year in the Pacific Northwest

  • Direct Mail: In homes/apts/dorms 9/25/06

  • Direct Mail/UO Bookstore: Available 9/25/06

    USAirport Parking
    Off-site shuttle parking for Denver International Airport, includes discount
    coupon, rates and payment, frequent parking discounts, and other available ...

  • We direct you to an available parking space (no 'parking space hunt'), meet you at YOUR car door (It's BETTER than valet parking! You don't give up your keys, but you don't have to lug your bags), offer luggage assistance, provide for return from , and take you to curbside check-in for YOUR airline! Our shuttles leave for DIA every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day

  • See our page for specific driving directions to DIA and USA irport PARKING

    New Teen Drivers
    Advice and tips from a fellow teen and new driver.

  • Thanks for stopping by--Ryan and Eileen Buckholtz Get a 10% discount on Teen Defensive Driving Course with link below visitors get 10% discount for online courses and in car training at Drivers Ed Direct with link below

  • The skid car was very frustrating, but I did learn that while in a skid, it’s a delicate balance of light braking, using the gas, and steering in the direction you want to go, that will lead to recovery

    The Negawatt Revolution - Solving the CO-2 Problem
    Keynote address by Amory Lovins at the Green Energy Conference Montreal 1989.
    Estimated that three quarters of the electricity used in the United States at that ...

  • Therefore saving electricity is more financially rewarding than saving direct fuels

  • In addition, electricity has enormous capital leverage because central electric systems -- the whole systems -- are about 100 times as capital intensive as the traditional direct fuel systems (you know, Texas and Louisiana and Alberta oil and gas -- the sorts of things on which our economies were built)

  • That is partly because electricity is much more heavily subsidized than direct fuels -- roughly eleven to one in the United States

  • electricity goes to lighting directly

  • However, that fraction becomes a quarter when you count the indirect space conditioning effects of the lighting

  • Instead of a third layer of glass in the middle, it has only a 50-micron polyester film, with high-tech coatings on it that let visible light come through but reflect infrared in either direction

  • Such a window, in most North American climates, will gain more heat than it loses, even in winter, facing in any direction, including North, because the diffuse skylight plus the light bouncing off the snow gives more energy coming into the house than the window loses

    National Towing Alliance
    Granby, Massachusetts, United States international towing and roadside assistance
    locating services across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

    I/O Port Racing Supplies
    Offers books, camera mounts, decals, lubricants, tools and safety equipment.

  • AMB makes the Personal TranX260 Direct Powered Transponder and the Personal TranX260 Rechargeable Transponder that will provide a signal to your track's timing system


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