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  • The cd includes 6 clean edits! Brand new and not available anywhere else until mid-September! virus367 (26 Jul 2006) LP - $9.00 - coming soon | LUDICRA Fex Urbis, Lex Orbis 'Fex Urbis, Lex Orbis' is Latin for 'dregs of the city, law of the earth'- a phrase from Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables.' While the pop culture machine managed to make a hit Broadway musical out of it, Ludicra's emotional and seemingly humanistic approach to black metal seems strangely more faithful to Hugo's vision

  • Musically, everyone seems to agree that Ludicra is a one-of-a-kind band: their complex instrumentation and untraditional songwriting transcend the typical bounds of black metal, incorporating elements of crust, avant-rock and death metal

  • The music is more basement rock than acoustic this time around

  • Dick, while the music roars along with the blunt force of bands like Brujeria, Pantera, and Sepultura

  • himself, and so many more! Also included are bonus performances by his beloved band The Evaporators, who released in 2004! All Region Compatible and Brand New! virus349 (2006) PANSY DIVISION The Essential Pansy Division Pansy Division, one of the first openly gay punk bands in history, commemorates their fifteenth year together with 'The Essential Pansy Division.' This cd/dvd is a tidy summation of PD's groundbreaking career thus far, perfect for the uninitiated or the consummate fan who wants all the hits on one convenient disc and a dvd with a ton of great music videos and live performances from their Green Day tour, Italian television, and more! Brand new! virus343 (2006) AKIMBO Forging Steel and Laying Stone This 12-song epic completes Akimbo's dominance over Northwest rock/hardcore! Like some rock-n-roll heathens intent on gathering cities and scenes under their rule, Akimbo tours relentlessly

    Review: Dead or Alive 3 for Xbox on
    "Minor audio issues aside, DoA3 nails its Xbox debut and firmly establishes itself
    as the best home console fighting game of 2001." Reviewed by Tokyo Drifter.

  • What kind of music do you listen to most often? Pop (Fergie, All-American Rejects, Gwen etc.) Alternative (Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, AFI etc.) Rock (NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Audioslave etc.) Urban (50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, The Game, etc.) Other THE GAMEPROS FREE NEWSLETTERS Sign up now to receive weekly or daily updates on your favorite games, stories, and more! GamePro Weekly ProNews (daily) Cheats (weekly) Xbox 360 (weekly) PS3 (weekly) Wii (weekly) GameCube (weekly) PC/Online (weekly) Xbox (weekly) PS2 (weekly) PSP (weekly) DS (weekly) Sports (weekly) | News Strategies Features Downloads Buy Now Publisher : Developer : Release Date : Genre : Number of Players : 4 ESRB Rating : 66 screen shots GRAPHICS: 5.0 SOUND: 4.0 CONTROL: 4.5 FUN FACTOR AVG USER SCORE AVG CRITIC SCORE Review: Dead or Alive 3 Review by TOKYODRIFTER | 11/15/2001 | 10:16:14 AM PST | Is Dead or Alive 3 the fighting game of the year or just a shallow showpiece for the Xbox? The answer's inside

  • The rest of the background music is well done, but not quite the caliber that will prompt a petition for a domestic soundtrack release

    Review: Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore for PS2 on
    "For fighting enthusiasts, DOA2 Hardcore is the first must have game for the
    PlayStation 2. End of story." Reviewed by Tokyo Drifter.

  • The game's audio is simply awesome with great stage music and well-done Japanese voices


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    Dead or Alive 3 Review - Xbox
    "Believe it or not, the water in DoA3 is more realistic than the water in "Wave
    Race: Blue Storm."" Rated 8.5/10 by Louis Bedigian.

  • Dead or Alive 3's soundtrack is comprised of techno music that is actually good! Not that techno music is bad or anything, but for a while there I had given up on the genre

  • Most of the tunes are accented with a hint of classical music, similar in style to Tekken 3, only better - Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Review - Xbox ...
    [9.2/10] "If you like volleyball, gorgeous girls in swimsuits and great casino
    games, this game is a dream come true." Reviewed by Nick Valentino.

  • Once the girl accepts the gift (you’ll know because musical notes appear above their heads) keeping them as your partner means you’ll have to keep winning matches

  • Sound: 8.0 Depending on your musical tastes, some might not find the pre-teen pop hits of Christina Aguilera or B-Witched all too pleasing to the ears

  • That’s not to say that the music is bad; there are some great reggae music by Big Mountain or Bob Marley himself and great original instrumental pieces that play for you in the casino

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  • 'I always thought there should be a site like this, it makes a lot of sense and keeps us in the know.' - Anonymous Click to Enter As of September 5, 2006 this website lists 7509 famous (and semi-famous) people from various walks of life - entertainment, politics, sports, music, law, ..

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    The Armchair Empire - Xbox Reviews: Dead or Alive 3
    Score: 9.5/10, Written by Lee Cieniawa.

  • Enter E-Mail Address Below: Subscribe | Unsubscribe Dead or Alive 3 Score: 9.5/10 Pros : -Unbelievable graphics -Great multiplayer Tag Battle and Team Battle modes -Aerosmith musical contribution Cons : -Relatively easy and short Story Mode -No weapons available for battling -Falls short of pre-release hype as best fighting game ever Related Links : "The only thing missing from the fighting aspect of DOA3 is the ability to incorporate any type of weaponry into your attack scheme." You may have heard all the hype surrounding Dead or Alive 3 before its release in conjunction with the Xbox release

  • Music is better than average, with most of the tunage provided in the individual levels having a distinctly techno-house sound

    The Armchair Empire - Dreamcast Reviews: Dead or Alive 2 (DOA2)
    Rated 9/10 by Mr. Nash.

  • Music is standard arcade fair, but fits the game well

    XBOX XBOX Reviews: Dead or Alive 3 Review
    "It won't win any medals for a perfectly balanced cast or an innovative control
    scheme, and it certainly won't be a tourney fighter, but it's still one of those ...

  • Not ho-hum as in catchy tunes, but ho-hum as in unmemorable, boring background music, that does as the name says -stay in the background

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  • The music got to me, making me recall all my days when I was young and watched the original movies countlessly

  • I can't wait for that game to be released, its simple awesome.-Music of the moment: Aqua Teen Hunger Force -Link of the moment: Come out and play Monday May 8, 2006 9:09 AM I think I'm down to the last mission in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

  • I probably won't continue the subscription, its just a small interlude to pass the time.-Music of the moment: Chrono Trigger -Link of the moment: Empires Wednesday April 5, 2006 3:03 PM Well we managed to Cliff down here and we had a very drunken Wrestlemania

  • -Music of the moment: Dynasty Warriors -Link of the moment: Wrestlemania Fading Fast Wednesday March 29, 2006 2:49 PM So I finally beat Tales of Legendia, fun little game

  • -Music of the moment: Valkyrie Profile OST -Link of the moment: Dead or Alive Monday February 27, 2006 9:47 AM I just rock at not making posts

  • You can replace the music in the game with music streamed from MP3s stored on your computer

  • -Music of the moment: Dead or Alive 4 Soundtrack -Link of the moment: Put your gamertag here too

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    CCG: Dead or Alive 2 Cheats
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  • It'll contain new music, credits from every Dead or Alive Development team and Website Banners from fan websites

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    IGN: Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore Review
    "Stone me for heresy if you like (excuse me while I duck and cover), but I'll
    always prefer DOA's speed, balance, character design, and levels, even if Tekken ...

  • The most interesting DOA experience, though, was when I experimented with different sorts of music, trying to see whether a certain rhythm meant a better survival record

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  • Posted on: 08.07.06 - 2:58 am 2K Sports, announced today that independent rock music pioneer Sub Pop Records, among other record labels, will provide music tracks from its diverse catalog for NHL 2K7

    The Holiness Movement: Dead or Alive?
    A negative evaluation of the current state of the movement in traditional holiness
    churches, concluding with a positive outlook for the future of the holiness ...

  • We need to face the music

  • We were delighted that our music, support groups and encouraging talks were popular with the world

    DreamLogic: Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha
    Review of Takashi Miike's film.


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