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William Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra
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  • Our worser thoughts heavens mend! Alexas- come, his fortune, his fortune! O, let him marry a woman that cannot go, sweet Isis, I beseech thee! And let her die too, and give him a worse! And let worse follow worse, till the worst of all follow him laughing to his grave, fiftyfold a cuckold! Good Isis, hear me this prayer, though thou deny me a matter of more weight; good Isis, I beseech thee! IRAS

  • Dear goddess, hear that prayer of the people! For, as it is a heartbreaking to see a handsome man loose-wiv'd, so it is a deadly sorrow to behold a foul knave uncuckolded

  • Lo now, if it lay in their hands to make me a cuckold, they would make themselves whores but they'ld do't! Enter CLEOPATRA ENOBARBUS

    From Raymond H. Thompson's "Interviews with Authors of Modern Arthurian Literature".

  • There is an underlying sadness in my book because in the end Arthur Cornish becomes the magnanimous cuckold alluded to in the opera

  • RT: Did you have in mind a link here between Arthur as a magnanimous cuckold and also as a magnanimous donor to the arts and culture? Is he being cuckolded by the artistic community too? RD: To some extent, because I've often observed how very difficult it is to give anything to the public

    Better Living through Software
    Joshua Allen's blog, covering issues such as the semantic web and Internet programming.

    Chicago (2002)
    Synopsis, cast and crew overview, user comments, links, and promotional information.

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    A Scandal in Paris (1946)
    Cast, crew and reviews from the Internet Movie Database.

    Salvatore Martirano studied composition with Herbert Elwell at ...
    Detailed biography and study of various works on the self-titled memorial recording
    from New World Records.

    CNN - Salon review: 'Face-Time' - January 7, 1999

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: What's a cuckold in love to do? 'Face-Time' by Erik Tarloff Crown Review by (SALON) -- One of the marketing hooks for the new political novel 'Face-Time' will likely come in the form of a question, asked with a coyly arched eyebrow and a teasing lilt to the voice: Is it a roman à clef or isn't it? 'Face-Time, ' the tale of a young presidential speech writer whose fetching girlfriend strikes up an affair with the president, was written by first-time novelist Erik Tarloff

  • Like his cuckolded protagonist, Ben, Tarloff is a presidential wordsmith -- he's contributed to speeches made by President and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and others

  • Can't live with her, can't live without her: What's a cuckold in love to do? Ben eventually gives Gretchen a him-or-me ultimatum, but not before torturing himself to distraction over his personal and professional conflicts -- and not before he's approached by British newspaperman Chris Partridge, hot on the story of a torrid presidential affair

    AIDS Exhibition
    Online exhibition from the Monash University Library Rare Book Collection that
    displays material from two AIDS-related books and ephemera.

  • Moral standards declined: the cuckold was reviled, the seducer admired

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    English 434 Assignments
    By Dr. Desmet, spring 1997.

  • He mocks Benvolio with cuckold's horns and has his enemies pursued and physically tortured by demons

    Molière, Moliere
    Moliere plays in new English language adaptations. Classic theatrical comedies
    reimagined for contemporary audiences.

    Her Protection for Women by Jane Anger
    The first feminist tract printed in English which was ascribed to a woman.

  • But, least they should running flip and break their pates, the Gods provident of their welfare, let a pair of tooters on their foreheads, to keep it from the ground, for doubtless so stood the case with Menalus, he running abroad as a Smel-sinoeke, got the habit of a Cuckold, of whom thus shall go my verdict

  • Deceitful men with guile must be repaid, And blows for blows who renders not again? The man that is of Cuckolds lot afraid, From Lechery he ought for to refrain, Else shall he have the plague he does forlorn: and ought (perforce constrained to wear the horn.) The Greek, Acteons badge did wear, they say, And worthy too, he loved the smock so well, That every man may be a Bull I pray, Which loves to follow lust (his game) so well, For by that means poor women shall have peace and want these jarres (?)

    Tales and Novels of J. de La Fontaine — Complete by Jean de La ...
    Versified tales with a moral, plus a sketch of de La Fontaine's life; e-text at
    the Gutenberg project.

  • de La Fontaine — Complete Contents La Fontaine's life -- Preface -- Joconde -- The Cudgelled and Contented Cuckold -- The Husband Confessor -- The Cobbler -- The Peasant and His Angry Lord -- The Muleteer -- The Servant Girl Justified -- The Three Gossips' Wager -- The Old Man's Calendar -- The Avaricious Wife and Tricking Gallant -- The Jealous Husband -- The Gascon Punished -- The Princess Betrothed to the King of Garba -- The Magick Cup -- The Falcon -- The Little Dog -- The Eel Pie -- The Magnificent -- The Ephesian Matron -- Belphegor -- The Little Bell -- The Glutton -- The Two Friends -- The Country Justice Alice Sick -- The Kiss Returned -- Sister Jane -- An Imitation of Anacreon -- Another Imitation of Anacreon -- Preface To The Second Book -- Friar Philip's Geese -- Richard Minutolo -- The Monks of Catalonia -- The Cradle -- St


    [EMLS 4.3 (January, 1999): 5.1-22] The Centre of Attention ...
    An article written by Andrew P. Williams and published in Early Modern Literary
    Studies 4:3 (January 1999).

  • What Hobbes called 'common conversation' is represented on the Restoration comic stage as a closely knit, but limited theatrical society of dramatic character types whose members, the rake, the witty woman, the cuckold, and the fop, constitute the basic social unit

    EMLS 8.2 (September, 2002]: 22.1-12 Review of Eastward Ho!
    David Nicol reviews Eastward Ho!

    Arabian Nights
    A much condensed version of some stories from the Arabian Nights, by Diane Thompson.

  • Shahzaman is cuckolded by his wife B

  • Shahrayar is cuckolded by his wife

  • They travel until they meet the Jinni (demon) who keeps his wife locked up in a glass chest, yet she still manages to cuckold him


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