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CNN - Will Y2K bug allow prisoners to escape from jails? - January ...

  • MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE Reviews & in-depth info at Let's editors help you in 12 languages News Radio Q: What year 2000 services is Unisys Corp.providing? A: Unisys is handling the remediation on our OffenderTracking Information System [OTIS] and our foodservice system, which cover more than 10 millioncombined lines of Cobol code

  • OTIShas been around since the late '70s

  • Q: What's the worst-case scenario if OTIS fails? A: Release orders are generated by the computer

    The Political Graveyard: Rockland County, NY
    Information on the political history, cemeteries and memorial sites in the county.

  • Grune Suffern: Otis H

    The Political Graveyard: Chenango County, NY
    Information on the political history, cemeteries and memorial sites in the county.

  • Frederic Benedict - Joseph Letson - Otis Thompson - George C


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    ICQ K-9 Police List
    Helping in communication between Police & Military K-9 personnel.

    Remembering Jacques Derrida
    The University of California at Irvine rebutts the New York Times obituary of
    the Frencc philosopher. Articles and thousands of signatures.

    Suicide Page in Fuller Up, Dead Musician Directory
    Musicians who took their own lives.

  • Criss spent periods playing with Johnny Otis, Gerald Wilson, and Billy Eckstine (1950-51) and was with Stan Kenton in 1955

    Norwich, Connecticut CT, city profile (New London County) - hotels ...
    Community profile.

  • Jobs Libraries Libraries in Norwich include Otis Library ..

  • Benefits

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    The Valley Observed: San Fernando Valley history and sense of place
    Photographs and adapted content from Kevin Roderick's book about the history,
    lore and literature of the San Fernando Valley. Also provides Valley-related links ...

  • The hill there, first planted with exotic trees by long-ago Times owner Harrison Gray Otis then ranched by Edgar Rice Burroughs of Tarzan fame, is being developed beyond recognition

    A highly accessible version of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rest
    of the Amendments. Takes advantage of modern browsers but can be used text ...

    Southeastern Languages
    Article by Jack B.Martin on languages spoken in the Southeast of the United
    States, linguistic situation in the past and now.

    Tiny Toon Adventures Reference Guide
    Reference Guide.


    Intelligence: Diversity
    Contains resources about possible reasons for the difference in intelligence,
    taking into consideration many factors.

    Taylors Castle | Taylors genealogy, Taylor genealogy, Moses Taylor ...
    Ancestors and descendents of Moses Taylor Sr. Includes information on DNA project,
    Coat of Arms, photographs, and copies of marriage certificates.

  • Continental Congress, Original 13 States, War of 1812, In 1761, James Otis declared man has natural rights, no King can infringe

  • A few of the important people of his time: George Washington, John and Quincy Adams, Sam Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, James Otis, Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, Patrick Henry, John C

    Maine Birth Certificate, Death Record, Marriage license and other ...
    Information about where to write for copies of vital records (eg birth and death
    certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees) from the State of Maine.

    Tuning & temperament bibliography
    Huge list of print books, magazines, and journal articles on tuning systems.

    The Story of the Philippines
    Written in 1898 by Murat Halstead, American war correspondent and historian of
    the US expedition to the Philippines, with interviews with Emilio Aguinaldo and ...

  • Indebtedness for kind consideration in this work is gratefully acknowledged to Major-General Merritt, commanding the Philippine Expedition; Major-General Otis, who succeeds to the duties of military and civil administration in the conquered capital of the islands; Admiral George Dewey, who improved, with statesmanship, his unparalleled victory in the first week of the war with Spain, and raised the immense questions before us; General F.V

  • Why the Boys Had a Spell of Homesickness--Disadvantages of the Tropics--Admiral Dewey and His Happy Men--How Our Soldiers Passed the Time on the Ships--General Merritt's Headquarters--What Is Public Property--The Manila Water Supply--England Our Friend--Major-General Otis, General Meritt's Successor CHAPTER XIII

    John A. Wyeth (John Allan), 1845-1922. With Sabre and Scalpel; the ...
    "With sabre and scalpel; the Autobiography of a Soldier and Surgeon", Memoirs of
    doctor and Confederate soldier John Allan Wyeth. Full scanned text, part of a ...

    German Lutheran Church Book, 1863 to 1981, Peppertown, Salt Creek ...
    Church and cemetery records 1850 to 1981 documenting more than 1400 individuals
    in and around Peppertown, Salt Creek Township, Franklin County, translated from ...

    Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis
    Annotated HTML. 981K.


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