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Licensed character toys and plush animals. Also playsets for kids.

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    care bears galore
    Images, coloring pages, icons, animated gifs, and information on where to purchase
    related items.

    The ChildFun Family Website
    Parenting advice, free kids crafts, product and book reviews, family articles,
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  • Enjoy some wild and funny activities inspired by Disney's all-new movie Brother Bear 2 (The Moose Are On The Loose) including backpack tags, activity pages, door hangers, Nita's River Game and more! Who says parenting can't be fun? Google ChildFun Powered by | POPULAR SEARCHES SEARCH FOR: Home : Community : Holidays : Activity Themes : Family & Home : Fun : advertisements Featured Themes and Activities Complete Themes List | What's Hot Right Now our sponsors Complete Coloring Page List Nature | Characters | Holidays | Religious | Animals | People, Education, Misc

    Monthly Themes For Toddlers & Preschoolers, Preschool Curriculum ...
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  • Daycare Products New Purchase Items Information Area Preschool Samples To View & Down Load $$ Save Money Kids R Learning Fun Preschool Curriculum Need Help? Have Questions? Click the icon above to chat to a live operator Or call (800) 591- 4135 Preschool Curriculum Includes Daily Lessons Plans View Some Examples Click the links below to view examples Preschool Curriculum Includes Printable Pages Printable games, coloring pages, activity calendars and weekly theme posters

  • Click the 'month' below to View 'Some Of The' Printable Pages May July Preschool Curriculum Includes Weekly Posters Fun Preschool Curriculum Each month of curriculum purchased includes four weeks of daily lesson plans , which is broken down into four weekly themes; such as bird week, dinosaur week, apple week

  • To see which four weeks of themes you will receive You will also receive four activity calendars - one for each week of curriculum activities, four curriculum posters - one for each week of themed curriculum, and printable pages which includes the printable games, craft patterns, coloring pages, work sheets and activities for each month of curriculum purchased


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    Cartoons of the Eighties
    This Ring is for all sites dealing with cartoons that aired in the eighties.
    200+ sites.

  • Look at the 1980's in a new and different way!!! Some of it's just silly!!! ~*Plus, many COOL 'just for fun' pages, including: You know you're a child of the 80's if...and 80s Dress up-Mix up! devoted to the early '80s Happy Days animated series which had the voices of Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, and Donny Most

    Ringmaster information, membership details, and site listings.

  • Welcome, Guest - - CARTOON HEAVEN Ring Manager: > > > CARTOON HEAVEN! A webring for webpages with cartoon themes

  • Strawberry Shortcake, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Care Bears and many more cute little girl's cartoon characters merchandise! 40+ Websites! Beetlejuice, Beavis & Butt-Head, Betty Boop, Disney, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Family Guy, Felix the Cat, Gumby, Looney Tunes, M.A.S.K., Nightmare Before Christmas, Pink Panther, Popeye, Powerpuff Girls, Ren & Stimpy, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Scooby-Doo, Simpsons, South Park, Taz, Thomas the Tank Engine, ThunderCats, Voltron, Wallace & Gromit, Visionaries- Visit or Jo Spongebob Squarepants, wallpaper, color pages, characters, episode guide, fonts and a lot more Cartoon, Movie & Television related Toys, Gifts & Collectibles

    Animal Tracks - Bobcat (Felis rufus or Lynx rufus)
    Bobcat's tracks and natural history, with notes about personal encounters with bobcats.

    Collectible Toys WebRing
    Collector ring for webpages containing anything to do with toys including dolls,
    action figures, beanies,...

  • Welcome, Guest - - Collectible Toys WebRing Ring Manager: - > > Our Ring members have all sorts of different toys on their pages: Barbie, Beanie Babies, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Transformers, Assorted Action Figures, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and any other toy you could think of collecting, take a tour of the ring and were sure you will find something interesting

  • Barbie Hot Wheels Beanie Babies Care Bears He-man Other Ring Stats · Created 12/31/1996 · 200 active site(s) · 1 pending site(s) last action: 07/20/2006 · 109 page views today · 101440 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 20 of 200 Search for in Sponsor Ring Site(s) Popples, Popples, Popples 1980's & 2001 Popples product list pages, Tons of toys for sale! Rainbow brite, Pound puppies, Smurfs, MLP, SSC, Care bears Toys of all kinds! Toy Archive of 1000's of toys from the 80's-90's! Transformers! Dino Riders! Battle Beasts! Gobots! Thundercats! Dinosaucers! He-Man! Dozens more! Photos and infomation of Toys, Rarities, Prototypes! Collectible Store contains 100's of toys from Transformers to Battle Beasts, Convertors to He-Man & She-Ra! Parts to figures and playsets! I carry EVERY 80's toyline

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    Baby Names Boy & Girl Names baby name
    Database of male and female baby names from different origins and languages with
    meaning and baby resources.

    Parsi baby names- Parsian Girl/Boy baby names
    List of names for Zoroastrian boy and girl child.

    Virtual Directory of over 255+ Christmas Links
    Provides links to clipart, music, Santa Claus, recipes, decorating tips, traditions,
    stories, & crafts.

  • VIRTUAL QUINCY DIRECTORY Christmas Links MERRY CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS LINKS (New Sites added on December 7, 2002 ) Shop from home at VQ Online Mall Around The World Advent Calendar Christmas Trains Clip Art Collectibles Crafts Craft Stores Coloring Pages Decorating Ideas Games & Activities Miscellaneous Music The Christmas Guitar Recipes Online Greeting Cards Santa Claus Stories & Poems Traditions Online Stores All links were last verified on November 16, 2002 - Are YOU Addicted?
    Large collection of Pokemon images. Also contains information about the anime
    series and movies.

  • July 30/06 Yes, we were down again, but not for long this time - I am trying to attempt to increase our please have patience :) I have added no less than 9 new Pokemon! 7 out of the 9 have coloring pages now as well, and some info on the other newbies has been updated

  • You can find that page on our COLORING PAGES link

  • You can check them out (and YES coloring pages too!) Feb 11/06 Well, things have been interesting lately

  • Our account was suspended due to overage in bandwidth (the amount of people visiting the site and viewing the pages)

  • But do not worry, I will not abandon the site - the fans would never hear of it! :) Jan 09/06 We have revamped our coloring pages! The first 251 Pokemon now have listed their Japanese names, their types, and evolutions(levels)


    Abundant Free Pet, Dog, Cat Stuff, Freebies and Samples! Talk To ...
    A resource exclusively dedicated to pet freebies. Frequently updated contests,
    free products, games,...

  • Popular Pages We have compiled links to many free pet freebies, programs, samples, stuff and games

  • Doggy Do Right (and Kitty Will Too) tm is offering an EFFECTIVE, complete, non force, non confrontational, training manual for FREE! Coloring pages for fun and learning- from dogs-horses cats-snakes and more

    Preschool Education Arts & Crafts: Fire Safety
    Crafts for preschool aged children. Several ideas with a fire safety theme.

    Step By Step Theme Pages
    Offers book recommendations, songs, fingerplays, and art activities for more than

  • Would you like your own web page? Step By Step Theme Pages! Hi! I hope you enjoy my theme pages!! I try to get as much information on here as fast as possible

  • I owe a lot of thanks to our fellow provider friends here on the net! Email me at if you have an idea for one of my theme pages! Step By Step Theme Curriculum September 9/10 To find many more of my themes, go to to check them out

    Pocahontas StartPage
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • Yep, they should pay me a consulting fee, at least enough to buy PhotoShop and maybe Illustrator 5 too to work on these pages

  • There will surely be knockoffs like "coloring pix" done right (unlike the ones on the Disney pages), tourist trips to Pocahontas country in Virginia; Pocahontas Villages in the world-wide Disneylands, and on and on

  • 20: now thee's 14, this page -- with a misplling I just noticed in the description -- is one of the web pages there)

    Wild Heart Ranch Horse Toys & Horse Books, Seahorse Toys ...
    Three nightlight plush horse toys. Related information.

    Mom's Break free printable crafts and projects
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  • ~ Free birthday printable invitations, iron-on transfers, scrapbooks pages, candy wrappers, a special first birthday 2006 section, theme party sets and more

  • ~ Cuts-Outs, Lay-Out Pages, Shapes, and Stencils for Scrapbooking, Memory Books, Greeting Card Decorating, and other Paper Craft projects

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    zingmagazine | issue #4 | reviews | henry darger
    E. Tage Larsen's essay.

  • In the ten years before his death, Darger wrote an autobiography, The History of My Life , a mere 10, 000 pages

  • And to their credit, Darger's work does remind me of magic marker posters which were popular in the '70s, in that his compositions are so full of pages with uniform delineation and saccharin color scheme

    Introduction to this genus with photos and facts on individual species.


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