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A program to assist 501 (c) (3) organizations to receive funds from vehicle donations.

Car Donation at Donate Car USA: Charity Vehicle Donations Program
Makes it easy to donate a vehicle to a favorite charity.

  • Avoid all the headaches of selling a used car with car donations; no expensive want ads, no taking phone calls, no showing the car repeatedly, no price haggling..

    America's Car Donation Charities Center - Nationwide Vehicle ...
    Donate a car, boat or RV to charity and receive the market value as a tax deduction.

    !used car donation | national kidney foundation | fast, free, easy ...
    Donated vehicles will help fund public education, patient and community services,
    research, professional education and organ donation programs of the National ...

  • Search > > > Kidney Cars Kidney Cars The National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Cars Program is a charitable contribution plan that enables you to turn in your used car, van, truck or even boat and very likely receive two benefits you won't get from a regular dealer trade-in (or from a holiday song)


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    Used Car Donations to the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America
    Proceeds benefit kidney and urological disease research and assistance. Campaign
    news, IRS tips, donation form and instructions, and event information provided.


  • But did you know that by participating in the Kidney & Urology Foundation’s LifeCars™ program and donating your used vehicle you can fulfill the hopes and dreams of others? Each year 70 million men, women and children are stricken with the chronic and debilitating affects of kidney and urologic disease

  • * The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 has altered the rules for the contribution of used motor vehicles, boats and planes after Dec

  • Ask questions about how the donation will be used

    Turn your used car into a Song of Love for a sick child
    Donate your car in order to help provide original personalized songs to terminally
    ill children across the country.

    American Lung Association Vehicle Donation Program
    Accepts donations of cars to support programs in asthma management and tobacco control.

  • Donate Your Car To the American Lung Association® Donate your used car or truck to the American Lung Association&reg and we'll arrange to have it picked up free of charge

  • Why donate my car? It's much easier to donate your used car than it is to sell it yourself

  • The ALA has broadened its focus to all lung diseases, and is focused on the areas of asthma and tobacco control

    “New Car Prices” “2006 Used Car Values” – NADA Pricing Guides
    NADA new car pricing, used car values, model comparisons, reviews and buying
    resources for new and used vehicles.

  • Benefits

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    Car donation tips from LifeTips to donate car to charity
    Offers advice like finding IRS approved charities, the fair market value of cars,
    steps to donating cars, searching for a charity, vehicle donation programs, ...

  • Ask what the vehicle will be used for, what specific population the charity provides services to, what is their track-record for large-scale donations, how often do they participate in

  • This information is important because you want your car donation used in the best way possible

  • They apply to all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, aircrafts and other vehicles used on streets or highways

    Vehicle Donation - Donate your car, truck, boat, RV or other ...
    Accepts donations of used cars, boats, and trucks for charity.

  • The information will only be used for the purpose of completing your vehicle donation as part of the process to donate a vehicle to charity

    Cell Phones for Soldiers
    Non-profit group that collects used cell phones and sells them to get calling
    cards for soldiers in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

  • Through generous donations and the recycling of used cell phones from drop-off sites across the country, they have already distributed thousands of calling cards to soldiers in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and elsewhere

  • All locations will be collecting used phones! Click on the logo to find a Drop Off Site at a Chanello's Pizza near you! Treat yourself to dinner while you're there! THEY NEED YOUR HELP! Please click on the flag to view 'Faces of the Fallen' Let us never forget! Kids Care Esko, MN Cares _Attention Schools, Clubs, and Organizations_ Rheems Elementary School Rheems, Pennsylvania NATIONAL PREMIER PARTNER Visit the website of Liberty Tax Service "Save money on your tax return preparation and help a soldier call home." Money saving coupon below Cell Phones For Soldiers is proud of Liberty Tax Service , a National Premier Partner

    Donate A Car to Caritas for Children
    Accepts cars to benefit the lives of children orphaned or living in orphanages
    in underdeveloped countries.

  • ** **This is the amount used for tax purposes

  • For Document Package to donate a vehicle These documents are available in Acrobat Reader ( .pdf ) format The following are links that may assist you in your tax deduction claim IRS Publication 526 'Charitable Contributions' Calculate the value of your vehicle* Tips on Contributing Used Cars to Charity Partnership to Benefit Polish Orphans Milwaukee, WI - June 1, 2001 - CARITAS for Children Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, whose mission is advocacy on behalf of tens of thousands of children in Polish Orphanages, has allied itself with Catholic Charities International Adoption Headquarters in Chicago


    Donated vehicles will help the Helen Brinson Ministries non-profit organization
    in Houston, Texas to help feed and cloth the poor.

  • Helen Brinson Ministries Houston, Texas 1- 713-991-4357 Can I get info about used car values? You can check the, and, online, for information about used car values

    Car Donation at Cars 4 Causes: Auto Donation, Donate Car ...
    Specializing in automobile donations to charities. Includes donation form and
    frequently asked questions.

    Volunteers of America | Car Donation Program
    Accepts car donations to benefit human service programs in local communities.

  • For more than 109 years, Volunteers of America’s programs have helped abused children, youth at risk, the frail elderly, the disabled, the homeless, families and many others

    Donate a car to benefit the legally blind and visually impaired.

  • Donate Car to Charity Cars for Sight - Car Donation Program Free Pick-up Nationwide! Car Donations are EASY Free Pick Up Nationwide Tax Deductible No Paperwork Hassle Avoid the Hassle of Trying to Sell a Used Car Save Money on Car Bills Timeshare Donation All Other Donations Donate Car to Cars for Sight! Your car can make a difference in a child's life! It's free and easy! Call toll-free 1-888-244-0179 Live operators - 7 days a week Car Donations are EASY! How it Works You: DONATE YOUR CAR HELP RESTORE VISION WITH YOUR GIFT We: PICK UP YOUR CAR NATIONWIDE FOR FREE HANDLE ALL THE PAPERWORK (DMV paperwork, smog, etc.) ISSUE YOU A TAX RECEIPT You Save Money: YOU AVOID PAYING TO SELL IT YOURSELF Donate Your Car - Its Free & Easy! Car Donations are EASY! Free Pick Up Nationwide - When you donate your car to our charity, we come to your home or office - running or not in most cases

  • Avoid the Hassle of Trying to Sell a Used Car - No more placing expensive ads, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments and meeting with strangers in your home, or price haggling with a dealer

    Red Cross Maryland - CPR First Aid AED Nurse Assistant Training ...
    Services include emergency assistance, blood donating, assistance to the US Armed
    Forces, tracing people who have lost touch with family members due to war, ...

    @ : : recruitABILITY : : Jobs for the disABLED. A disABILITY Job ...
    Online magazine with articles, news, chats about disabilities.

  • Simply click on the car icon above to make a charity car donation or click on the "Make a Difference" icon above to make an online donation! For information about our car charity, click now! We also accept used cars

  • Your charity car donation online will be used solely for operational costs by us

  • Your automobile to charity car donation used or new will be appreciated

  • The new or used automobile to charity along with your online donation will be used by disABLEDperson Inc

  • Both used car donation or a luxury car donation are appreciated so make a charitable car donation today

    Auto advice: car buying, auto leasing, car insurance at Edmunds
    Articles on buying, selling, financing and leasing a vehicle. Includes links to
    buyer's guide and related services.

    Donate car to charity: CDS FUNDRAISERS make it easy
    Accepts cars, trucks, rvs, or any motorized vehicle donation for charity.

  • Avoid all the headaches of selling a used car..


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