About of CANON EOS
 Canon EOS Forum
Offers advice and answers to questions on the camera line. Categories includes
bodies, lenses, and Speedlites.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) Review
Review by Bob Atkins. "It's clearly better and more versatile than similarly
priced non SLR digicams in the same price range, though it may be slightly larger ...

EOS Magazine
Online edition of the UK magazine for Canon EOS users. Offers news, event listings,
system information, and related links. Canon EOS Beginners' FAQ
Extensive FAQ containing answers to questions that novice photographers actually ask.


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Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras
Instructions on how to use Speedlite electronic flash units with Canon EOS cameras.

Canon Italia
Fotocopiatrici, stampanti, fax, strumenti multimediali, prodotti di consumo per
ufficio, microfilm, foto, video.

Essedi Shop
Vendita di PC, componenti e accessori, con spedizioni in tutta Italia. Per acquistare
è necessario registrarsi come utente.

Canon EOS FAQs
Versions 3.0 and 2.4 of the Canon EOS FAQ, with related links.


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Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel Tips and Tricks
Contains information on known firmware hacks and cheap solutions to more expensive

Introduction to Canon EOS Cameras
By Toomas Tamm, with a glossary and list of related links.

DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel
By Jeff Keller. Comparison to the EOS-10D. "For those who want top-notch photos,
robust performance, and no gimmicks".

Canon EOS Speedlites Comparison Table
Detailed comparison of all Canon-brand Speedlites which are TTL-metering compatible,
with related links.


Digital Photography Review: Canon EOS-1Ds
Comprehensive review of the 11-megapixel camera, featuring a list of features,
specifications, and example photos.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D
Contains the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well
as digital image processing techniques.

EOS Digitalへの道
キヤノンEOS Digitalシリーズユーザのための情報サイト。コラムや掲示板、

Canon UK - Errorpage (system)
Product and Dealer listings for Cannon Scanners.

Canon France
Présentation de l'entreprise, des produits de la gamme photographique et des
autres produits. Téléchargement de pilotes et informations sur les technologies ...

Canon EOS Digital Rebel (300D) Experience Report
Contains information on lens selection, basic digital manipulation, and comparison
to the Canon 1Ds.

Canon-EOS mount lens tests and reviews
By Praveen Murthy.

Canon USA, Inc.
Design and manufacture of free space optical networking equipment featuring auto
tracking and transmission speeds up to 622Mbps.


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