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  • With DVD's becoming more popular the company have decided to offer magicians some real bargains

  • Rather like Scott's recently recreated 'Devant Educated Fish' seen at The Magic Circle a few weeks ago (photo) he is now hoping to recreate some of Hartz’s forgotten miracles

  • The Gala Show, supporting the NSPCC, will feature past winners together with some of the best contestants ever to have appeared on series

  • The Cherry Orchard contains some magic and Richard Leigh was the Magical Advisor - see What's On for details

    Orcs Nest Online Roleplaying Games Shop
    Game retailer in London, England. Online ordering available.

  • A fearsome dragon heralds the arrival of the new Dungeons and Dragons Icons product line! Part of the DnD Miniatures Game port ......

  • £11.99 Released Wednesday, August 09, 2006 Miniature Ranges Now Online: We have now started to offer some of our miniature ranges for online purchase

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    The Daily Shot: What You NEED To Know About Magic Online, by ...
    Georgie Tait opines, "When you play Magic at your local card store, you're playing
    against people you know and respect. ... People in online games do things ...

  • I have something to say that you need to hear if you're thinking of playing Magic Online on a regular basis

  • If there is a way to'dupe' cards ('duping', or the duplication of items, especially those with real-world value, is a major problem in many online games) then some jackass will find it and dupe a big stack of foil Call Of The Herd, trade you one, and when the crack team from tracks down all the duped cards, your account will get banned

  • Alternatively, will wipe all accounts to get rid of the four hundred Calls of the Herd that people are trying to redeem for real life foil Calls, and you will get screwed because some other jerk was duping cards

  • If you catch them in the act, you can't punch them in the face like you would in good ol''RL', because they're actually sitting in a cybercafe somewhere in France

  • Some guy could grab your password or other information, log on to your account, trade all of your stuff to his Magic Online account, and leave you with nothing

  • I'm thinking that if rating becomes important in Magic: Online (I'm sure there might be some perks, like special online-only promotional cards for high ratings, and other perks), you can probably buy a high rating off of eBay

    Magic Rectangles
    Presents 2xn and 3xn rectangles, as well as squares of order 4,5 and 8. Generation of
    the last by knight's tour.

  • Some square solutions have the extra property that the two main diagonals also add to the magic constant; we call them diagonal magic squares

  • For some values of n it is also possible to construct pandiagonal magic squares in which the shorter diagonals are joined up in pairs to make broken diagonals each with n numbers like the main diagonals and also adding to the magic constant

  • [ Note: some writers on 'magic squares' use the term to mean diagonal magic squares, and they sometimes refer to squares that do not have the diagonals magic as 'semimagic'

  • In some cases the reverse of a numbered array is simply the same array reflected or rotated

  • There is yet another complication: some of these 133 paths are reentrant , that is the cell numbered 64 is a knight's move from the cell numbered 1, and some of these paths can be renumbered, in one or more ways, by a cyclic shift that leaves the square magic


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    Offers cards, rings, candles, dove items, mentalism, props, close-up, and stage items.

  • We published our first general catalog in 1966 and have been producing some of the most original magic in the business

    WomenGamers.Com - Because Women DO Play
    "Everyone that's played it pretty much agrees that it injects new life into the
    game, and makes it a great deal of fun to play. With that said, there are some ...

    Welcome To Louisville Magic...Louisville Magician ...
    Louisville magician MagicTom entertains at Kentucky trade shows. See a live rabbit
    do card tricks, learn magic tricks.

  • Having followed Lance Burton at the Merry Go Round and lived with Mac King there's something different about what he does to an audience

  • some funny, some not so funny, some that are really sad and then some that fall into no particular category at all

  • Take a few moments to mouse around inside our website, work up some perspiration

    We Buy and Sell Antique Magic, Vintage Magic Posters, Magicians ...
    Showcase of vintage magic ephemera, props, and auctions.

  • Benefits

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    Tribute to Doug Henning's World of Magic
    A tribute site from another magician.

  • I am sure Doug's great spirit will live on in all of us whose lives he has touched in some way

  • I put this tribute site about Doug's magic on the web some four years ago, and never has it received so many visits (thousands) as it has this week

    Trade Show Magician Corporate Magician Comedy Magician Magic Magician
    Comedy magician and illusionist for and children's shows, trade events and
    corporate presentations.

  • Contestants go through various while the audience gets involved and votes someone off from each round until we determine the

  • For the season, add some special or even to an outstanding magic show

    Observer Newspaper - Scene
    Article providing biographical information and a career overview.

  • Some of Copperfield's most memorable feats are: vanishing a Lear jet, levitating over the Grand Canyon, walking through the Great Wall of China, riding over Niagara Falls, levitating and vanishing the Orient Express, escaping from Alcatraz, escaping from an imploding building, standing inside of a tornado of fire and his signature stage effect, flying

  • He even claims to have multiple methods to perform some of his illusions so the audience will not be able to figure out the tricks

  • Teams of magicians and occupational therapists use various magic tricks to help patients regain some or all of their dexterity, coordination, special perception or cognitive processing

  • Some rumors, however, have a little more truth to them, such as the story that Copperfield's illusions were held hostage by the Russian Mafia during his tour there last year

    Roly's Magic Show
    Magic shows, discos, face painting and parties.

  • They will remember it for some time to come

  • December 8th Booked 4.45pm-5.45pm (Fleet) 14th Booked 1.15pm-2.15pm ( Birch Copse School, Tilehurst) 15th Booked till 2.15 (Birch Copse school, Tilehurst) 18th Booked 11.30am-12.30pm (Childrens House, Tilehurst) 19th Booked 2.30pm-3.30pm (Rocking Horse Newbury) Please call or email for all other dates You can contact me by phone: 0118 9456788, 07958 560991 Or Email: 1 Joint parties Some entertainers charge per child, I charge for my time


    KT Magic, Inc. - Kenna Thompson Magic - The Magic Collector - The ...
    Offers collection of apparatus, books, posters.

    James Warren -- Extraordinary magical entertainment and motivation!
    Provides customized entertainment for companies, private parties, and special
    events. Also anti-drug, anti-smoking assembly programs for schools.

  • Want to give your employees some morale boosting motivation? Promote teambuilding with James' magical keynote,

  • Looking for fun yet classy entertainment for your next party, conference, or convention? James Warren has something up his sleeve for your next special event, from to a command performance of mindreading and mentalism

    A Child's Look at Witches
    Dispels the myths surrounding ugly wart nosed witches, the pentacle and divination
    in an easy to understand language for children.

  • Some people say it's from an old English word which means "wise one"

  • Some of our Wiccan traditions..are rune casting (telling a fortune by looking at special stones just like the Vikings), making jack o lanterns ( to scare away the bad spirits just like the ancient Celtic warriors did ) and standing before a mirror and making a secret wish

  • I bet you do some of these things too! Some of the things we use are : Ceres is holding the pentacle.

  • I wear mine around my neck and sometimes I also wear a silver pentacle ring

  • Sometimes I use mine filled with colored water and just look into it and meditate

  • Sometimes I fill it with flowers and floating candles to be pretty for a holiday or sometimes if I am with some religious friends, I fill it with a drink for everyone like punch or cider.

  • Sometimes I use candles, flowers, trees or rocks to mark the circle

  • candles, pumpkins, grapes, pictures, perhaps mistletoe, pine or a decorated tree at Christmas (Yule) On mine I place special rocks called crystals or geodes because they remind me of how wonderful and special our Earth is, a piece of my Grandmother's handmade lace to remind me of where I came from, and some candles because I love the idea of Light and God

    The Amazing Kreskin Interview
    Am interview from The Little Egypt Gazette.

  • It just wouldn't be the same.] Kreskin mostly performs mentalism, but still does some magic in his shows to first warm up the audience

  • Kreskin mentioned that Fellini wanted to do Mandrake at some point, as American comic strips were banned in Fascist Italy

  • Somehow the show's producer, who is now with Fox, heard that Kreskin spent two hours a day with a deck of cards, and asked him to do something on the show

  • He introduced Eddie to some of his friends as a great card expert, which Eddie somewhat dismissed at the time, as he was more into the telepathy and horoscope pitch

  • was a somewhat clandestine organization of professionals

  • Swiss even boasted of having heckled Kreskin in some public forum, simply unforgivable

  • .' As to specific situations, he says friends will send him along some of the bad press, but, 'I don't even know who these people are.' On the Road Show To happier topics

    The Captain Beefheart Radar Station
    Focuses on the art, poetry and music of Don van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart.
    Chat room, message board, discussion list, images of over 70 of his paintings, ...

  • If you have some web space going spare that you would ike to donate, please ! A huge collection of Don's poetry and lyrics including song commentaries and interpretations from band members and fans alike

    The Magical Number Seven
    Classic 1956 paper by George A. Miller that helped spark the Cognitive Revolution.

    Nested Magic Squares
    Definition of nested squares. Generation of even- and odd-sided squares, algorithms
    and matlab function. Samples of order up to 99 are presented.

  • I'm pretty sure I could have set some options, but small enough function..

  • Results The following text files contain some magic squares in plain ascii format

  • Results The following text files contain some magic squares in plain ascii format

    Magic The Gathering Cards & Decks
    Magic The Gathering cards, Mage Knight, and RPGs.

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