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  • Search for : Top Music Links Artist Profiles: Bran Van 3000 Sponsors Bran Van 3000 Profile Sometimes Canadian music is virtually indistinguishable from the flavor made in the U.S., while at other times it seems like it could just as easily be the latest sound emanating from Poland's hit parade

  • Bran Van 3000, a Montréal-based (and largely anglophone, thank you) musical collective whose 1997 debut album Glee has already gone gold up north, fluctuates between those two sensibilities

  • Led by filmmaker/video director James Di Salvio, Bran Van 3000 have just the combination of innocence and contrivance, knowing indulgence and dumb charm to make the U.S

  • Sponsored Links: Bran Van 3000 @ CanEHdian: The key selling point here is light-hearted eclecticism, and there's plenty of it: Bran Van have their way with hip-hop and reggae, metal, and soul, and --perhaps most self-consciously--country as well as techno (try the drum & bass/country song 'Willard, ' or the trip hop & western 'Supermodel')

  • Bran Van 3000 Discussion Forum: Are you a big fan of the band and their music? Join other fans in the Bran Van 3000 message board and discuss the artists and their music

    A Form Of Roquefort: The Official Bran Van 3000 Fanlisting
    A webring for fans of the west coast band Bran Van 3000.

    DeBaser Recensioni Musicali
    Forum di recensioni musicali. Chiunque può inviare la propria o commentare quelle

    Séléction de disques récents et moins récents, accompagés de critiques dans les
    genres funk, acid jazz, hip-hop, rock indé.

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    "A solid, entertaining game that delivers a high sense of speed and adrenaline."
    Reviewed by Carlos McElfish with score [8.4] and screen shots.

  • Expect to hear everything from the played out hip-hop stylings of Scapegoat Wax to the funky grooves of the incredibly creative and underrated Bran Van 3000

    Always on the Run Lyrics
    Alternative, rock, and pop lyrics from well-known and not-so-well-known artists -
    from Air to Young Marble Giants.

    Hugo Fernbom's Canadian Page
    Links to Canadian sites containing general information, music and sports.

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    Delicious Days
    Sharing her recipes.

    Andrea Chiu, a journalist currently working in Hong Kong. Writing about media,
    music and what it's like to be a displaced Canadian in this city.

    Rock Bottom- rare vinyl records -dischi in vinile rari e nuovi
    Offre un catalogo di dischi in vinile, principalmente di pop e rock internazionale.

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    Couch Surfer- The Unofficial Bran Van 3000 Resource!!!
    Bran Van 3000 news, member photos, chat and links.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » COUCH SURFER- The Unofficial Bran Van 3000 Resource!!! October 15, 1999! -According to my 'sources', 'EP 'Electronic Pierre' Bergen from Bran Van 3000 is branching out on his own

  • If I do go, expect a full fledged review up in no time! Coming soon ...also, I got a job today, working at Provisoir in Montreal! Congratulate me on ICQ, make me feel good :) June 4 -I've learned that Bran Van 3000 will be performing in the Montreal Jazz Festival

  • Trust me, its dope, and I don't use that term for everybody! May 13 -Rumour has it that Bran Van 3000 will be touring with Prodigy this summer! Cool, eh? This could be an even bigger break! May 12 -Bran Van 3000 was recently featured in a new magazine,

  • By the way, this is my excuse for why the page isn't being updated as often as I'd like! :) April 14 -Bran Van 3000 is on tour in the U.S

  • :) April 8 - This is the unfinished version of Couch Surfer-The Unofficial Bran Van 3000 Page! In the coming weeks, a pastiche of flavourful info will appear here, depending on the rate at which I find it

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