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Boat Propellers by Piranha Propellers
Manufactures boat propellers made from high performance composites. Includes prop
specifications and testing results, installation instructions, ...

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  • Repair it, Re-pitch it, You don't have to Ditch it! THE LAST BOAT PROPELLER YOU'LL EVER NEED DISCOVER WHY! The Ultimate boat propeller for recreational boating Sterndrive Boat Propellers and Outboard Propellers for all needs and Brands including: These links help you find outboard motor information, listings, and access to our user–friendly finder to help find the right boat propeller for your needs

  • The Boat propeller Challenge

  • Finding a boat can be a chore, but s can help you make an educated propeller size choice and get the right propeller for your outboard motor or sterndrive

  • Composite propeller technology exclusively is used by Piranha

  • Composites boast tensile strengths 15% higher than cast aluminum and have vibration and impact damping properties that can actually save your drive from accidental damage

  • If the propeller isn't working right, you can arrange to exchange the blades for a different size until the boat is functioning to your satisfaction

  • Replacement Propellers

  • Piranha doesn't always have a that is an exact match for your OEM prop

    Boat propeller sales on line and boat propeller repair for ...
    Resource for propeller FAQs, prop performance tutorial, and prop anatomy information.
    Sells new and refurbished marine props.

  • Select from our warehouse of name brand boat propellers

  • The same easy and secure ordering system for props is ready for your Truck Accessories needs as well

  • Brand new and under original warranty, these boat propellers can save you a significant amount on your purchase price

  • Check out our rotating inventory of warranted preowned Boat Propellers

  • Each prop is inspected and expressly warranted for your satisfaction

  • It is a great way to reduce cost but maintain that consistent Delta Propeller Company quality

  • Take our boat propeller performance tutorial and learn the secrets to matching boat propeller design with application

  • See our page and learn how to select a boat propeller for your kind of boat, and your style of boating

  • Let us restore your boat propeller quickly and efficiently using state-of-the-art technology for machining, balancing and profiling

    Boat Propellers 1/2 Price at Len's Prop Shop
    Repairs and sales of all types of boat propellers, from 10 inch to 110 inch.
    Also supply a range of used equipment.

  • Len's Prop Shop We sell propellers from the smallest sizes to the largest , and for everything from fishing boats and ski-boats, to tugs, trawlers, ships and ocean liners with propellers 12 feet in diameter! We carry Michigan Wheel's Rapture, Apollo, Ambush, & Vortex - Powertech's Mercruiser Bravo II & Bravo III props - Acme Propellers - Volvo Penta's dou props, stainless, & aluminum - plus large diameter ocean propellers by Hi Seas Boat Propellers, Michigan Wheel, Work Horse, Kaplan, Maxima and more! We take each sale personally! Serving Boat Owners Since 1955 MasterCard, VISA & American Express Accepted Same Day Shipping! No Tax Outside of South Carolina! There are 140 million square miles of water on this planet

  • But if you want to dig some serious hole shots, snap skiers out of the water like the laws of gravity no longer apply, and attain acceleration that'll blur scenery, you're not going to do it with any ordinary prop

    Boat Propellers from Dans Discount Boat Propellers
    Aluminum and stainless steel propeller dealer. Ships nationwide.

  • Dan's Discount Boat Propellers Established in 1993 On the internet since 1998 We have become one of the largest dealers in aluminum props , stainless steel propellers and inboard boat propellers because of our deep discount prices and fast service in boat props

  • Lowest boat propeller prices in the USA Up to 60% OFF We offer too many boat propellers to list, please call us for a price quote, propeller recommendation and to place an order

  • Turning Point Propellers (see below) Order on-line or by phone

  • * * 1-800-573-5533 Mon-Fri 9-6pm EST Sat 10-3pm EST Click Here If you are not familiar with boat propellers please visit our page and our page

  • 3 Blade Stiletto Propellers 4 Blade Stiletto Props Sale Price $239.00 ($408 Retail) 3 blade High Performance stainless steel props

  • Sale Price $299.00 ($530 Retail) 4 blade High Performance stainless steel propellers

  • Apollo Boat Props Rapture Boat Propellers Sale Price $223.00 ($350 Retail) Michigan Wheel 'Ultimate' Performance 3 blade Stainless Steel propellers.Hot new boat prop

  • (Hubkits $30 extra if needed) Sale Price $179.00 ($335 Retail) Michigan Wheel Mid-Size High Performance 3 blade Stainless Steel props are fantastic speed and acceleration boat props for outboards 60 HP-140 HP (Hubkits $30 extra if needed) 3 blade Vortex Boat Props 4 blade Vortex Boat Propeller Sale price $77.95 ($115 Retail) Michigan Wheel 3 blade Aluminum Propellers are durable and affordable

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    Marine Prop-Boat Propeller Sales-Stainless, Aluminum, Bronze.
    Propellers for boats and boating needs. Offering custom made and stock propellers
    from Clearfield, Utah.

  • Boat Propeller specialists for over 30 years Welcome to Marine Prop - Boat Propeller Sales! Boat Propeller choice can be a difficult task

  • With so many choices on the market these days, Marine Prop is committed to getting the right boat propeller for your boat and boating needs...the first time

  • We sell the boat propellers that we have found to be the best value, for performance, in the boat propeller industry

  • Every boat owner has different needs, just as every propeller has its characteristics

  • We can help with your propeller choice! Boat Propeller Professionals! Starting in the boat propeller business in 1974, Marine Prop has had over 30 years of hands-on experience in boating and boat propellers

  • It did not take long to figure out that not all boat propellers are created equal, and not all boats have the right propeller installed when they are sold

  • Things like propeller diameter and propeller pitch are the easily answered questions

  • But what about cupping? What about rake? How much blade surface and diameter do I need? Should my propeller be ventilated? Stainless steel boat propeller or aluminum? Three, four or five blades? Each answer is dependent on the use of the boat

    Turning Point Propellers, Inc. :: Marine Aluminum and Stainless ...
    Manufacture high performance aluminum and stainless steel propellers. Order online.

  • They tested our aluminum propellers versus their own propellers

  • Compact Series 20 - 35 hp w/ 3' gearcase Rascal aluminum boat propellers improve the overall performance of your small horsepower engine

  • Specially designed propeller blades maximize your top speed, acceleration, and grip on the water – no more blowouts caused by excess ventilation! These are the best aluminum boat props available for your small horsepower motor! Mid-Range & High Performance Series 40 - 300 hp w/ 4-1/4' & 4-3/4' gearcases Incorporating the newest and efficient design features based from high-performance stainless steel propellers, Hustler aluminum boat propellers run away from competition

  • There's a Hustler propeller perfect for almost any boating application

  • Upgrade your propeller with a high performance Hustler prop today! High Performance Series 40 - 300 hp w/ 4-1/4 & 4-3/4' gearcases Express stainless steel boat propellers define what a true high performance stainless prop should be

  • Express gives maximum overall performance you demand from a stainless steel propeller – Fast top end, quick acceleration and great holding ability

    Propeller Warehouse
    Offers free shipping in the United States. We sell and repair just about any boat
    prop in use.

    Propco Marine Propellers and Boat Propeller Manufacturer
    The manufacture and sale of 2, 3 and 4 blade aluminum and stainless steel marine
    propellers for all boats and motors. Online catalog and prices.

  • Manufacturer and the Sale of Aluminum and Stainless Steel marine boat propellers for all boats and motors

  • Marine Propeller Manufacturer PROPCO Marine Propellers Boat Propeller Manufacturer We Ship Anywhere In The World | Slingshot HouseBoat Propellers The Future Of Propeller Technology Is Peter Dean PROPCO Marine Propellers P.O

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    PowerTech Stainless Steel Propellers, Marine Propellers Boat ...
    Offering marine and boat propellers. Includes online catalog with photos.

  • PowerTech Stainless Steel Propellers Photos Pricing Online Catalog marine propellers, Boat propellers, Counter-rotating propellers, left hand propellers, bass boat propellers Welcome to Power Tech! Marine Propellers The largest selection of stainless steel propellers available on the internet

  • For Technical Support and Sales: 8101 Kingston Road Shreveport, LA 71108 318-688-1970 FAX:318-686-7082 International 01-318-688-1970 (voice) 01-318-686-7082 (FAX) | Graphics and text © 2001 PowerTech! Marine Propellers

    Propeller Sales Propeller Repair Propellers by Barnacle Boulter ...
    Offers sales and reconditioning, prop shafting and engine alignment services,
    and diving underwater vessel maintenance. Provides prices for reconditioning, ...

  • Barnacle Boulter's Diving & Propeller, Inc

  • 4227 Exchange St Little River, SC 29566 Phone: (843) 399-6552 Fax: (843) 399-6553 Propeller Special Of The Month ALL STAINLESS STEEL PROPELLERS 20% OFF LIST SPECIAL V-6 OMC & MERCURY STAINLESS STEEL PROPS FOR $289.00 ***SPECIAL*** Compare our reconditioning prices around the country, even with shipping we will beat or match other propshop repair pricing

  • CALL NOW! (843) 399-6552 4227 Exchange St Little River, SC 29566 Propeller Sales & More! Propeller Sales & Service

  • CALL US FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEED! Contact Us By Calling: (843)399-6552 | ©2004 Barnacle Boulter's Diving & Propeller, Inc

    Adventure Marine - Outboard Motor Bracket | Outboard Motor ...
    Manufacturer of marine accessories and safety equipment.

  • Save Your Boat Prop and Your Money

  • Our Propeller Safety Guards include all mounting hardware

  • Buy Now - As Low As $59.00 (fit 7 - 17" propellers) Installs in Minutes! Shield your prop from rocks & debris, eliminate cavitation, Land more fish..

    Johnny's Boat Propeller - Boat Propeller Sales & MRI Repair Analysis
    Repair, reconditioning, repitching, and rehubbing for power and sail boats.
    Authorized distributor for Michigan Wheel, Federal, and HyTorq.

  • Johnny's Propeller Services has been serving the boating industry since 1959

  • Our staff brings over 43 years of expertise in the sales and reconditioning of propellers

  • We know how to quickly identify the propellers that offer the best value for performance - for every boat - every client - every time


    outboard boat props mercury, omc props, Yamaha props , Honda ...
    Sells new and used marine propellers and jack plates. Offers propeller repair
    services. Refurbished propeller list online with prices. Located in Fort Smith, ...

  • | Port City Propeller service is a family owned and operated business since 1977

  • Providing fast and dependable high quality aluminum, brass, and stainless steel prop repair and sales to our customers’ satisfactions

  • Port City offers a wide range of used propellers and OMC props, Quicksilver props, Powertech propellers, turbo props, Volvo props, Solas propellers, Michigan Wheel props, and fine boat props

  • Port City also carries outboard , boating accessories, attaching hardware and hard to find boat propellers

  • We are a factory authorized MMPC Propeller, OMC, and Volvo Penta authorized propeller dealer

  • If you want your prop repaired or modified for more RPMS or top end, we can help! Have an Enjoyable and safe boating season!!!!! Thanks, 'From the Crew' Port City Propeller Service 2011 North 6th Fort Smith, AR 72904 © Copyright 2003 Port City Propeller | Call Toll Free: 1-888-660-4152

    Shop on line for boat props and accessories and prop repair.
    Sells sterndrive, inboard, and outboard propellers.

  • Shop our large selection on line of boat props or boat propellers and repair

  • Inboard, Outboard and Sterndrive © 2002-2006 Propellers Online -- All Rights Reserved

    O and M Propeller Service
    Provides full scale marine propeller services in the Port of New York. Servicing the
    marine business from outboards to diesel tugboats.

    Intercoastal Prop of Gulf Shores Alabama - boat, marine, props ...
    Marine propeller repair and modification.

  • | marine propeller repairs | propeller sales | boat prop repair | boat props | Intercoastal Prop is using Prop Scan, a state of the art propeller inspection system

  • Prop Scan enables propellers to be remanufactured or modified to very high levels of accuracy

  • Today's boats require efficient propellers that perform

    Boat Setup
    Information source for optimizing the performance of your boat. Includes articles
    and technical information on boats, engines, and props.

  • Site Last updated: 05/13/06 Visit The When you think of setup , the first thing that comes to mind is getting the right prop, jackplate/engine height and doing all the other tweaks to optimize the performance of your boat

  • Available ONLY at BoatSetup Articles Author Rowdy Rowdy (How to read your serial number) Staff John/IL Update: 02/25/05 (Pics and descriptions only) Rowdy Rowdy John/IL Update: 02/25/05 Bill Grannis : Answers to basic setup and testing questions Last updated: 03/02/03 ™ : Dynamometer Data from Racetech Marine Last updated: 07/26/01 Recommended Reading or Information : Title Author Sam Baker Rico Silvera Rico Silvera Ken Cook Sam Baker S& Rich Boger Ken Cook Ken Cook Tech Info: (downloadable calculator) Other Info: Engine, Boat, Performance and other Manufacturers Visit our friends on the web: We plan "hard data" testing on various hull/engine/prop/jackplate combinations and will make that info available as well

    Propulsion Engineering-Inboard Marine Propellers, boat props ...
    Inboard marine propeller sales and repairs. We use Prop Scan technology to increase
    the performance of boat propellers. Located Chicago, IL.

  • | Marine propellers | Boat props | Prop Repair & Sales | Inboard Propellers| Propulsion Engineering in Chicago Illinois is using Prop Scan, A state of the art propeller inspection system

  • Prop Scan enables propellers to be remanufactured or modified to very high levels of accuracy

  • Today's boats require efficient propellers that perform

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  • | Marine propellers | Boat props | Prop Repairs & Sales | Inboard Propellers|

    Proper Pitch Marine Propeller, sales and service, marine boat ...
    Sales, repairs and service of propellers and shafts. Price list for new shafts
    and for reconditioning.

  • Proper Pitch Marine Propeller, sales and service, marine boat propellers, shafting and drive train sales and reconditioning services, Selbyville, Delaware, Mid Atlantic USA Shafting - Sales and Straightening Propellers - Sales and Reconditioning Couplings Struts Rudders Cutlass Bearings Fabricating 19 Dixon St

  • ~ Selbyville Industrial Park PO Box 314, Selbyville, Delaware 19975 PHONE: (302 ) 436-5442 TOLL FREE : (800 ) 238-1462 FAX: (302 ) 436-6306 Proper Pitch is a marine propeller and drive train facility, Specialized in the sales and reconditioning of propellers and shafting

  • Proper Pitch performs a wide variety of services at very competitive prices with quick turn around times

    Ahoy Boat Propellers For Sale at Best Prices, bronze propeller ...
    Builders of truckable pushboats, truckable tugboats, self-propelled barges, deck
    barges, spud barges, and towboats. Located in Marrero, Louisiana.

  • 504-367-5710 phone 504-367-5733 fax boat propellers Boat Propellers | ~ Ahoy Marine is proud to introduce a new choice in Boat Propellers I f it's speed you need.....

  • is the prop for you! is your best choice! Bronze Ni-br-al Stainless Steel | Ahoy Marine Copyright 2003-04 Ahoy Marine 2614 Oak Dr


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