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Bird Sounds Digitally Recorded
Wav files of various North American birds.

  • On these pages are the sounds of North American birds (Costa Rican birds have their own page, below) - not just bird calls or bird songs, but all the sounds birds make, such as wing sounds and bill rattles

  • One of my ongoing trials is what to call the sounds birds make

  • Flickers have a 'Klear' call, Great Blue Herons 'Gronk'

  • If you have a name for some bird's sound, share it with me - some day I'll write a bird call thesaurus! Most files are in Windows WAV format, and all have been edited for file size and clarity

  • MPeg 3 (MP3) files are compressed files which will downlaod faster than regular WAV files and play perfectly! Typically MP3 files average 8-10% the size of the same WAV file

    Corvidae Calls
    Sound files and description of the calls of the birds in the Corvidae family.

  • The raucous call of the crow is familiar to everyone who has spent any time in their vicinity

  • In addition to their harsh calls and occassional jaded shrieks, most corvids have a repertoire of chirps, rattles, and other odd noises which are less frequently associated with them

  • The following calls are those more regularly associated with the corvidae family..

  • Raven: Description: This raven (Corvus corax) call was recorded when the bird was being harassed by a pair of Phainopeplas

  • Source: Sounds courtesy of and copyrighted to, 2001 Raven: Description: A couple quick calls by Corvus corax Source: From Australian Raven: Description: the very distinctive call of the Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides) - 2 or 3 strong caws, trailing off to a mournful sigh

  • It is not a raven's call as I had erroniously listed it previously - but I've seen it listed as a raven every time I've come across the wav file on the Internet, or on Encarta

  • Kevin McGowan who pointed out that Encarta mislabelled the calls.) Crow: Description: Several crows calling (probably Corvus brachyrhynchos)

  • Source: 's songlist Crow: Description: Stattaco series of crow calls

    Bird Song Ear Training Guide CD: Songs of birds and birding with ...
    An audio CD on call identification, with a quiz format and mnemonics.

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    Old Bird, Inc.
    Information about the Flight Calls of Migratory Birds (Eastern North American
    Landbirds) CD-ROM and the Dickcissel night flight call monitoring project.

  • Old Bird is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to facilitating acoustic monitoring of avian night flight calls

  • One is the development and distribution of information and tools for advancing the method and utility of monitoring night flight calls of migrating birds

  • The second is the establishment and maintenance of networks of acoustic monitoring stations for gathering and distributing night flight call data for environmental education and understanding

  • Evans and Michael O'Brien A CD-Rom reference guide to the flight calls of 211 landbirds in eastern North America

  • Moderated discussion on topics related to avian night flight call identification and monitoring

  • info: BIRD CALL

    Photo by

    North Carolina Bird Photos
    Gallery mostly of rare or unusual birds taken using the digiscoping technique by
    Will Cook. Includes several first state records.

  • Zim (2001) The main positive features of the venerable Golden Guide are the maps that include migration routes and the sonograms of calls - these are not found in the other field guides

  • Lawson (2002) Highly recommended introduction to identifying 85 species of birds by their songs and calls

  • Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern Region (Audio CD) by Lang Elliot (1997) Comprehensive resource for bird calls and songs

  • May be too comprehensive for a beginner, but indispensible if you would like to be able to identify any bird call you hear

    Welcome to the Boreal Songbird Initiative
    Dedicated to educating birdwatchers and naturalists about the importance of the
    boreal forest of North America to migratory birds.

  • to listen to the White- throated Sparrow's call

    WhatBird | identify birds | bird identification guide | north america
    A step-by-step parametric search engine for identifying birds in North America.
    Site includes illustrations, calls, and links.

  • Click to go to species page and listen to call sound

  • LINKS , & ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ NEW GAME - BIRD PRIVATE EYE LEARN BIRD CALLS AND HAVE FUN You scroll through a highly detailed visual world and hear the birds -- but they are invisible at first

    Birding - Getting Started
    Provides basic advice on identification, equipment, clubs, surveys and projects.
    By Birds Australia.

  • Benefits

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    Vivek Tiwari: Birds and Birding in India
    Checklist, book list, trip reports, and links.

  • Vivek Tiwari: Birds and Birding in India Birds and birding in India Indian birds (specifically for India) -From the World Conservation Monitoring Centre

  • (New) -Collection of informal aids to remembering bird calls/songs

  • First, books specifically for Sri Lanka and for Nepal

  • Books specifically for Sri Lanka : 1

  • Ranasinghe, Douglas, 'A Guide to Birdwatching in Sri Lanka', Colombo:1977 Books specifically for Nepal : 1

  • A large single volume called the 'Compact Handbook'

    Rainforest Sounds: Kid Explorers
    Features the sounds of nature including birds, the environment, amphibians,
    reptiles, and mammals.

    SP McGreevy's ground-based ELF-VLF recordings, 1991 - 1998
    Earth's natural electromagnetic radio transmissions.

  • This is a presentation of Earth's natural radio emissions that occur in the extremely-low-frequency to very-low-frequency (ELF-VLF) radio spectrum--specifically, at AUDIO frequencies between approximately 100 to 10, 000 cycles-per second (0.1 - 10 kHz)

  • McGreevy Natural Radio Audio Files Listing: Whitemud River region, Northwestern Alberta, Canada 13 August 2000 - Near Solar-Maximum Recording Expedition to Alberta Canada Spectacular STEREO recording of a phenomenon called 'hooks' recorded on 13 August 2000 at approx

  • Also a nice segment of echoing (whistler-mode) chorus trains., 51 sec., 562268 bytes 23 August 1996 at 2228 UTC - Spectacular 'nose-whistler' along with hissband and triggered upward-rising emissions similar in sound to bird calls

  • Very loud hissband with strange upwardly wavering tone emissions of extreme purity--sort of like a tropical bird call! Taped by S.P

  • McGreevy, using McGreevy version of Mideke RS-3 modified for hand-held use with 1 meter whip antenna.(Also called 'Periodic Emissions')

    Game calls from Murry Burnham - deer calls, bird calls, elk calls ...
    Offering mouth blown calls and cassette tapes to call coyotes, deer, and turkey.

  • Murry Burnham Game Calls - Predator Calls - Close Range Calls - Dual Reed Calls - Bird Calls - Deer Calls - Coyote Calls - Elk Calls - Hunting Supplies - Cassette Callers - CD Callers - Animal urine scents Murry Burnham Game Calls P.O

  • Box 1018 Marble Falls, Texas 78654 830.693.3112 Murry Burnham Murry and Hunter found there was a need for a call that had a new sound that would be easy to use and be even more effective than other calls

  • After several years of development and design the call is now ready and good enough to carry the Burnham name

  • Murry says, "These are the best calls to come along in 40 years." Murry's son, a life-long hunter and predator caller, has developed a new, patented, long range dual reed predator call

  • With two reeds, side-by-side, the call has more resonance, is louder and "makes more sound", than the single reed calls

  • These new calls give predator callers the edge they need to attract call shy and educated varmints


    The Muse of Lytha Studios
    Offers pictures and stories.

  • Freeko has turned into a really really sweet pet - he sings all day long - he 'rings the phone' (he has our phone ringer down!), he makes human sneezing sounds, immitates our audobon society bird call, and says 'Thank you for calling'

    Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film.

  • The wonderfully-acted, absorbing and human film was popular at the box-office and critically successful too

  • But the film also called for faith in traditional American values of patriotism and faith in the people, and provided an educational lesson in how bills are passed through Congress

  • 'Nosey' (Charles Lane), a rat-faced news reporter and political informant callously phones in the latest news near a hospital deathbed of a western state senator's unexpected death: Senator Samuel Foley - dead, yeah, yeah, died a minute ago - here at St

  • Senior Senator Joseph Harrison Paine (Claude Rains) calls long-distance for Governor Hubert 'Happy' Hopper (Guy Kibbee) and relays the news

  • Hopper calls party Boss/media magnate Jim Taylor (Edward Arnold), to receive instructions on the choice of a successor (Hopper reveals in his conversation that his strings are pulled by the ruthless Taylor - he is Taylor's yes-man)

  • Taylor has politically schemed to enrich his real estate holdings and profits with a scandalously crooked pork barrel bill that would skim real estate funds from the public purse

  • They suggest the popular head of the state's Boy Rangers, Jefferson Smith (an 'Everyman' name, played by James Stewart), who is heroically responsible for single-handedly putting out a terrific forest fire around Sweetwater: 'the biggest expert we got, wild game, animals...and right now, he's the greatest hero we ever had

    Dodo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article explains how they all died, and use in popular culture.

  • The Mauritius Dodo ( Raphus cucullatus , called Didus ineptus by ), more commonly just dodo , was a metre-high (approximately equal to 3.28 feet) of the island of

  • However, the Dutch are known to have called the bird the 'walgvogel' ('terrible bird') in reference to its taste

  • Yet another possibility, as author David Quammen has noted in his book 'Song of the Dodo', 'that 'dodo' was an approximation of the bird's own call, a two-note pigeony sound like 'doo-doo'.' [] Dodos and culture Main article: of The Dodo rampant appears on the of

    Game Calls,Coyote Calls,Turkey Calls,Elk Calls ...
    A website with hunting tips, a tip of the week, hunter safety and ethics, hunting
    and fishing forums, wild game recipes and ballistics.

  • "Big Game or Small, We've Got Your Call"™ | >> Our Products Game Calls : Instuctional: Hunting Related: Camping/Tents: Fishing: More Products: Interactive Features Information At Game, Our Customers Are Always The #1 Priority...

  • Also, astoundingly, Dead Down Wind products can prevent and terminate exhaust, gas, smoke & all other contaminant odors! Trumpeting for Moose Jerry Peterson - Woods Wise Game Calls I was bear hunting with my good friend and outfitter Alex Burnst out of Thunder Bay, Ontario back in the early 1990s

  • I reached into my coat and withdrew my Bear Talker call and produced several long low moans of a sow bear in heat

  • Current Moon Phase In the Media Gamecalls.Net selected as "Killer Web Site" by national radio talk show host Kim Komando

  • Tell a friend about Gamecalls.Net Your Name Friend's Name Friend's E-Mail © Copyright 1999 - 2006

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    Plush animals and dolls, figurines, women and men's accessories, jewelry, and
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  • Click the picture or link to visit our wonderful collection of the Audubon Collection of Stuffed Birds with Real Bird Calls

  • Made by Wild Republic, each Stuffed Bird has an actual recording of it's bird call activated by squeezing the bird

  • Call our Order Desk at (707) 328-0177

    Pediatric Neurology - Blue Bird Circle Clinic - Texas Children's ...
    Attached to the Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, USA. Includes details of
    specialist clinics for children with Rett Syndrome, epilepsy, sleep disorders and ...

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    Recent messages from the bird discussion list for Iowa.

  • I hope to hear from you! Please reply to me off-line at jrclark AT or call me at 515-223-5047 and let me know what time you prefer

  • ----- Birding channel recommendation for FRS/GMRS radio use: Primary selection; channel 5/0, alternate selection; channel 6/0 You are currently subscribed to ia-bird as: jsiler AT SERVER1.BIRDINGONTHE.NET To unsubscribe send a blank email to leave-ia-bird-7956T AT From: Jason Paulios <jpaulios AT> Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 12:24:53 -0500 (GMT-05:00) Hi all, Followed up on Jim and James's (that's kinda fun to say) sightings from yesterday at Hawkeye Wildlife Area (specifically accessed from the Half-Moon Ave parking area

    Magnificent birding in Botswana & Zimbabwe
    Detailed trip report with photographs and bird list.

  • One bird calls with a whistle while the other one answers with a rattling sound

  • The bird who whistles' whole throat expands with the effort of the call

  • The sad but beautiful calls (kur-r-r-r-r-r-r) of the African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens/Casmerodius albus) greeted us every morning at sunrise and as well as saying goodnight at sunset

  • They literally then called some African Fish Eagles that swooped down in front of our Mokoros to retrieve the fish

  • Their call is a deep hooting "hoom-hoom-hoom" at 2 second intervals

  • Blue Waxbills always have an urgent, busy call note and the birds around the campsite were quite tame

  • On one game viewing excursion at Third Bridge my attention was drawn to the shrill piping calls ("tlee-teeooo) of several Longtailed Shrikes [ Picture on the left: A couple of Longtailed Shrikes close to Mokushumu pans in Moremi Game Reserve] sitting at the top of a bush

  • Two ladies in our camp was alerted to their presence by their repeated high-pitched calls of purr purr piu piu piu piu which rises in volume which sounds somewhat like a Cape Turtle dove


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